My Trailer is Out!

Short note: I'm on Kosmo yesterday! See the online article here. Ok, someone needs to translate this for me.

Right, Raya's over and my trailer of Project Alpha is out!!!

Chop chop and get back online to check me outttttt!

Go to Nuffnang site to follow me for the rest of the week, one episode for everyday, seven in total.

Love the song they're playing in the background! Awesomeness!

I can't wait to watch the rest!

Will be glued to the net this coming week!


14 kissed Nicole

  1. Ohmygoshh, awesomeeee. Ahha, yeah that song's sounds so good. AHAH. Makes you sound very adventurous. :O


    Congrats on the Best Travel Blog nomination as well. :)

  2. Wow, you really look lovely in the Kosmo photo. Betul betul ada gaya, like pro only :)

  3. You don't understand BM ke Nicole? Why do you need someone to translate the Kosmo! article for you? What's the SPM cert for then?

  4. Oh Shut up Anonymous, as if you are all that great. Stop all the stupid bullocks you ungrateful piece of shit.

  5. hi,

    i don't understand y ppl gave negative comments, if they don't like it don't read it la

    loved ur blog, took my mind off my hectic day, keep ur cool!!! can't wait for the rest of the video =) i think i'll see it next week so i could view the whole thing instead of waiting everyday =)

  6. wei, why so paiseh when asked about your bf?? lol

  7. I can't wait for your episodes!

  8. hi nicole.

    i've been waiting for your episodes in project alpha. now that it's out, i'm afraid to watch it.

    you see, i have this problem about snakes. i have this serious phobia about snakes and i previously saw you posting up photo of a snake on your post about the shooting of project alpha. so i'm just wondering if there will be any snakes on the video? if there is, which episode? i may just skip it.

    can you (or any kind readers out) there tell me? thanks in advance.

  9. I'll stick to your vids like superglue... Can't wait la...

    For those who want to give negative comments, just keep the damn words yourself. There's no pride to show such words and nobody will care about it. Don't like it, just get lost!

    Way to go, Nicole! ^^

  10. Hey,

    i read abt ur blog from Kosmo, and it simply guide me to read it more ...

  11. watched both episodes... can't wait for the next 5.. ;)