Foosball Fight with Jojo Struys

Last week I was invited to participate at a roadshow event held by Adidas to promote their new line of deodorant product Adidas Action 3.

action 3 soccer pose 2

All the cast for Season 1 of Project Alpha were there.

group photo with jojo

Including Casey who has been pushed to the second season but who was shy to take group photo with all the first season bloggers. Awe…

casey and me

I saw Red Mummy in her amazing makeup (again) and her usual red outfit. It prompted me to ask,

Me: Do you always wear red? Almost every single time I see you in red.

Redmummy: No, only when I attend events. *cheeky smile*

me and red mummy
Still ever so glamorous in her anti-H1N1 mask.

Me: You know, I don’t think I’ll recognize you if one day you started wearing yellow or green.

We started the event off with a foosball competition between the bloggers.


I saw my name on the board along with Audrey’s.

me and audrey
She’s always so adorable. How does she do it?!

We were split into four teams, 7 bloggers and 1 Jojo Struys.

My teammate?
Beautiful Nara the Malay gossip blogger! (God I don’t think I actually remember his real name :p )
The only straight guy that I know who knows who Wonder Girls are.

me and beautiful nara

He’s also the first Malay blogger that I’ve come to know quite personally as a friend.
He’s damn funny!

And from experience *wink wink*, his girlfriend is more a man than he is in few ways. :p

beautiful nara and gf
Be faithful to your girlfriend Miss Nara. *la la la*

My rivalry?

Jojo Struys and Kennysia. O.O The powerful duo.

kenny jojo beautiful and me playing foosball

The competition got so intense we were practically screaming at every missing kick.

First it was Jo-Ken (short for Jojo and Kenny) 1, Na-Nic (I’ll let you figure this one out) 0.

Then it became 1-1

By now Na-Nic team was incredibly stressed!

me and beautiful nara playing foosball

Beautiful was so tensed he swapped places with me to guard the goal.

sam me beautifulnara foosball
Sam, from Adidas, was the referee of the game.

We managed to catch up our left out two points and was at 4-4 par with Jo-Ken.

At this point, even Jojo was fretting out every second the ball was rolling on the table.

panick jojo
Jojo: “AHHHH!!! No no NO!!!”
(ball rolling toward Jo-Ken’s goal)

In the end…



kenny and jojo winning
*Sob sob*

Didn’t matter, we were given RM100 voucher each to shop till our heart drop (or till the we hit the voucher limit) at the event. :D
Woo hoo!

RM100 voucher

Best things in life are free. Or free things are always the best. Or something like that.

We dived into the female section and grabbed all ladies product: shower gel, anti-perspirant spray, deodorant roller, etc.

shower gel

I especially love the white-capped Pro Clear series.

me and roller deodorant

They smell like lychee. Mmmm

And they’re below RM14 each. The roller I remember was only RM7++. SO CHEAP! Considering they’re Adidas products. :D

After 20 minutes, I made my way to the counter will a glowing smug on my face. He he he, nothing beats the satisfaction after a satisfying purchase.

my shopping items

Guess I will be smelling SWEEEEET till the end of the year, or next year. Lol

That’s not all, I also stuck around to play a bit at the lucky draw game, which David from Nuffnang highly encouraged.

me and david wong
David’s such a sweetheart. He’s always so helpful in everything. Hardworking too.

So with instruction, I hit the button and wished badly for Number 5.

But it landed on number 3, a purple bag which I didn’t really want. :(
I was aiming for the Adidas ladies perfume (Number 5).

So, I, er, hit the button again.


Then I got it!


winning number 5

I grabbed Sam (Adidas guy) to take a photo with me.

sam and I

Oh look, 1 and 5 were lighted.

Did that mean I win two prizes? :D :D *wink wink nudge nudge*

Anyway, I went home that day a happier girl. Yeah~

camwhore with action 3

New backpack, new perfume, new shower gel, new anti-perspirant spray, new deodorant.

hugging backpack

I think I could sleep soundly tonight.

dreaming of adidas action 3

Go on, get your own Adidas Action 3.


12 kissed Nicole

  1. you know the Wonder Girls? 8D

  2. Envy you la, Nicole! ><
    Got free Adidas stuffs and can sell them since you took so many... :P
    Anyway, blog ahead!

  3. it's nazuwan the name.
    nice knowing u and casey

  4. I'm green with envy! Wish i could do what i love for a living like u do

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    and Nicole, you look so gorgeous..

    and hor.. Why I cannot find "KUCHING" in Adidas Store Finder's page? :(

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