Cascade Brewery, Tasmania

After Port Arthur trip, we returned to Hobart to rest.

Since we picked up our rental car rather late in the day (1-2pm), it meant that we wouldn't need to return the car till the same date the next day.

Hence Dixon decided to take me out a ride out to Mount Wellington, the highest peak in Tasmania.

mount wellington in the distance
Spotting Mt Wellington in the distance.

BUT being a beer buff himself, Dixon wouldn't rest till he brought me to a local brewery on the way called the Cascade Brewery.

cascade brewery


I've been to many wineries, but only a rare few times to breweries.

The last time I went there was years ago visiting the Guinness factory in Ireland (my first solo backpack in Europe back in 2004) and another local unknown brewery in Scotland.


So we parked across the road and walked over.

The first thing that struck me about the Brewery's bar and restaurant was their structure.

cascade brewery beautiful exterior

The bar was facing a beautiful luscious greenery with transparent glass walls.

It's connected to the restaurant where a British-style white building stood.

beatiful building of cascade brewery

Very classy and posh for a Brewery's cafe/restaurant.

dining setting in cascade brewery

They even have a splendid garden which I took a stroll in. How could one resist?

garden in cascade brewery

It would have been nicer if it was summer and the flowers were blooming.

me and flower patch

Then again it was spring so it wasn't that bad. Seeing that you could catch a whiff of Lavender on the grounds.

posing with flowers

Here are a few more pics around the garden.

me and statue

cascade brewery description


Spotted a fat cat taking its morning stroll amidst all these.

fat cat

After enough strolling and photo sessions, we jollily walked back to the bar to order some drinks.

cheers with beer

Of course it had nothing to do with the cute bartender at the bar.

beer pipes at the bar


looking elsewhere

I ordered a tasting plate that consisted of all the beer varieties of Cascade's to start the day off.

beer tasting set

posing with beer tasting set

Like since when we ever need a time or reason to drink eh? :p

drinking cascade pale ale

There were two options when ordering a tasting plate, one was the arranged plate, where they place the beer from light to strong from left to right (or right to left whichever side you're sitting at).

different types of beers

With this they would give you a list of the beer listings in accordance to the arrangement of the beers. So you know which type of beer you are drinking.

beer types

The other selection was the random tasting plate.

Where they would, as you'd have guessed, place the beers in random orders, and if you were a loyal drinker and could name each and every name of the beer you drink out correctly, you would win a prize!

Sounds fun, but it was my first time drinking Cascade so I wouldn't want to take the risk.

But here's a video of me drinking and evaluating each and every type on the tasting plate.

One hour went by, and after finishing all the beers on the table (it was time to continue on our journey to Mt Wellington), I only have one thing to say...

drunk look



4 kissed Nicole

  1. this's such a nice experience @_* how i wish i could taste tat.

    only experienced in tasting wine......

  2. If u join the factory tour, you could actually get 3 free glasses of beer of ur choice...

  3. I am a beer lover.
    What happened to the unfinished beer after tasting?

  4. Did u go Lauceston aka Launnie in Tasmania? Should go hiking at the Wineglass bay. It's beautiful~