Graduation in University of South Australia, Adelaide

When we talked about graduation, there are always flowers.


There are funny friends.

jessie and her lilies

There's fake certification (if you're a master in this case)

fake certificate

There's sunshine and shades.

top view

And... there's graduation hat.

pout with graduation hat

God I couldn't begin to tell you, how LONELY it was to not have my parents and love one there with me during my second, and probably last, graduation in my life.

In fact, let me tell you how it all happened.

I flew in, alone T_T, to Melbourne via AirAsia (I'm a cheapo, but that's all going to change, right Honey?), was supposed to spend a week there but found out the dates of my graduation ceremony few months too late so in the end I have to make a flight to Adelaide asap.

Spent like two days to settle down in Adelaide, met up with new friends, some not-so-new friends (I wouldn't call it old friends, since we only met like twice or thrice at most), and then it was graduation day.

I put on my pink who-says-bimbo-can't-be-master-graduate outfit, which was also a jumper designed by my designer friend Wendy, and a H&M pink mini-skirt (nope guys, it's not a hot pants) and was at the graduation hall entrance at 9am.

in queue at graduation registration

And since I'm traveling, I have limited wardrobe. So to make it a bit more formalized, I had black stockings and white heels on to match with my suit.

white heels and black stockings

Now rental for the suit was ridiculously expensive, and I can only have it for half a day! (was it almost AUD90?)

And no wonder most professors looked fat, the suit was huge!

smiling in graduation hall

I looked like an eagle in this one.

graduation suit back view

v sign

Ready to be Master Nicole.

nicolekiss in graduation suit

Jessie and Lizzie came to lend their support, and company.

lizzie and jessie

me and jessie
Jessie in all black. For a moment I thought she was going for mourning. -.-

Everyone, I want to introduce to you, Miss Martina.

She's the brain and works behind handling us foreign Master graduates around the world, the one who listened and tolerated all our endless excuses of deferring submission of assignments, subjects, semesters, our never ending cries and complaints.

She's the woman!

me and martina

I was nicknamed "Trouble Maker Nicole" under her.

Soon it was time to enter the hall.

I passed my camera to Lizzie and Jessie to capture my 15 seconds fame on stage.

ceremony stage view from atop

Which they handled PERFECTLY.

walking on stage

There you see me walking.

And there you see me walking off.

walking on stage 2

Like WTF?!!!
Where's the amazing photo of me receiving my certificate?!

Damn those compact digitals.

Never fear, thank heavens I have a video recording of my graduation walk on stage.

Click to see the video to see my make a fool out of myself.

Well, at least I have a nice shot of those colorful professors.

"It's not their limelight?! It's mine!"

It's actually not that boring come to think of it.

There was one scene where a Indian looking baldy bearded man in his 50's went on stage to collect his Bachelor certificate.

Now we're all thinking, wow, that's a different sight, especially it's not common to be at that age to be taking your degree (not that I'm against it, it's just uncommon),

then suddenly someone from the audience (now imagine that the whole hall was meant to be really quiet, no whisper, nothing), a girl, called out "THAT'S MY DAD!!"

Haha!!! That guy got the biggest applaud of all time!!!

He was walking, shyly and proudly at the same time, and every single professor smiled at him, and nearly the whole hall cheered for him.

ceremony seating
I know I'm somewhere in the first row, somewhere...

After that, it was all snoozy land. ZzzzZzZZzz...

The following will be a series of photos taken after the graduation ceremony.

malaysian girls

All the Malaysian Master Graduates.

group photo with postgraduates

My two final thesis professors.

my professors

hat throwing

I had the lilies and graduation teddies from Jessie and her bf (thank you!), and from Brian.

teddy and lilies

sunlight on my hair

group photo with friends
from left: Lizzie, Bryan, Me, Jessie, Jessie's bf.

Thanks guys for being there for me. You have no idea how much it meant to me.

What cheered me even more, was the next day I received a bouquet of roses all the way from Malaysia (who had someone in Adelaide to hand deliver it to me).

graduation roses

me sitting with my graduation roses

Thank you baby.

me and rose

They're lovely. ^^

Next, I'm going to teach you how to take your own graduation studio photo (indoor & outdoor).

graduation photo_frontal view lying on grass

Screw those $199/299 photo package at your graduation!


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Walau eh... AUD90 for hire you already complain. Come to Tas lah. Gown AUD100, hood AUD90, Cap AUD40. Expensive like hell. Somemore hood and cap compulsory for purchase.

  2. it's called a mortarboard. not a graduation hat

  3. Very nice graduation and congrats on your Master... pHD ahead? ^^

  4. the last pic is the nicest one!!

  5. U got Master in wat?? U paid RM35K for your Master in wat actually??
    My guess is that u did via distance learning mode, otherwise RM35K isn't enough to cover living expenses.

    Local Masters cost must cheaper and are just as good if not better than Aussies? Difference is only in the brand name, bottom line is wat you want 2 do with that piece of parchment paper.........It isn't a passport to securing a respectable job right away and neither is it as of right to getting employed unless you wanna be an entrepreneur.....or an Internet marketer (like wat u r doing (bloggin with embedded adv links on the as per click!!)

  6. hey nicole, congrats on ur graduation! i dont know how u do it with the constant travelling and what nots! I really have to learn from you about completing the thesis man! So what master did you do? coursework or by research?

  7. No need to ask Nicole questions, she will not tell. She can't tell many questions.. for example, she doesn't work, where does she get the money to go travel". She always ignore our questions. thats one of the reason her blog doesn't win any awards, attend any grand event and her reader is lesser and lesser.

  8. Congratulations on your graduation!

  9. Your blog seems to be getting less and less traffic.......
    Always the same bunch of characters filling up spaces here and there, with shallow thoughts put in words...

    You know Malaysia has a pop of 26.5 million. So what's your rating in terms of traffic flow!!

  10. Poison here and there, common give this girl a break. She deserved to be where she is right now. Her traveling stories have been helpful and who gives a d*mn about where she got the money from or what can her Masters bring? You probably jealous that she's having fun while you're sitting at your work place and stress up. Looking forward for your next traveling story Nicole. Where to this time? India? hehe

  11. Common there are no poison here and there and I would like to "rephrase" it to truth here and there. Probably no one would be jealous of Nicole going around the world its just some normal things where everyone can do that. Well of course we dont give a d*mn on how she got the money but, if she gets her money sleeping with anonymous, then I think readers should have their rights to choose not to read her blogs as it insults our intelligent. If you dont think that way, probably, your analytical judgment is out.