Ooooo... gawa!

Few weeks ago I was invited to have dinner with Ogawa in Pavilion. Initially I thought it was going to be a few, probably 20 (max) bloggers attending. Free dinner. Why not eh?

Little did I know, 60 bloggers turned up and I was flabbergasted to the amount of invitees. Great, now so many people have to see me in my ragged clothes and Bali sandals wtf.

nicolekiss and her new hairdo
Thank god I just dyed and cut my hair.

But I can always count on someone to dress down a notch and make me feel better.

social butterfly simon seow

Thanks Simon~! *blink blink*

(skip dinner scene)
(Actually I forgot to take photos here. Hehe.)

But eh hem, dinner was good. And soon the fun part began.

We were ushered to visit Ogawa outlet located on the 6th floor of Pavilion to enjoy some FREE massages.

me sitting on smartmate

This is the Smart Mate.

me and redmummy enjoying our chair

And it’s sooo comfortable!

another view from the top

Remember how massage chairs a few years back (when it first started) cost?

I remembered seeing one at a relative’s place costing over RM20-30k just for a typical standard massage chair with no extra functionality whatsoever.

Ogawa is selling Smart Mate at a promotional rate of RM4,699 now!!! (Retail: RM9,398)

Like Oh My God. Imagine the DIFFERENCE of those two price tags! I can put a down payment on a house with the cost difference!

It’s SO BLOODY CHEAP! (honestly, maybe I’ve been out of touch, but I honestly didn’t know that massage chairs are getting so cheap nowadays! Or is it really just Ogawa doing their insane price slash?!)

redmummy red lv for sale
Saw Redmummy’s red LV next to the discount tag. Thought the scene was hilarious!
Redmummy, can I buy the LV bag off you? 70% plssss…

Good news to all readers, there’s some online vouchers you’ll be able to print out from Nuffnang blog entry that entitles you to some great discounted prices on Ogawa products. I’ve checked them out, they’re totally affordable.

I also have to remind you about the Mega Raya promotion lurking nearby. With sales up to 50% and shopping vouchers giveaway up to RM10,000 AND a chance to go shopping with Aznil!

You know, this guy?

ogawa sales

Hint: You’ll probably find him extremely familiar for 5 consecutive seasons of Akademi Fantasia.

Anyway, I wanted to try the Smart Aire next, which I heard was heavenly.

But Rojaks got way ahead of me.

rojaks and his massage

Apparently he’s doing a yoga pose called zero gravity that Smart Aire is famous for.
The first Zero Gravity Massage Chair (in Malaysia?).

I had to wait so long because he just refused to get up from the chair.
Just look at how syok his face was.

roaks with vege in teeth

“Er… Rojaks, I think there some vege stuck on your teeth.”

So while waiting, I went to play some games on the Ogawa Gaming Massage Chair (what better combination).

gaming chair

sitting on gaming chair

Seriously, I sucked at games.

me cyling on gaming chair

I couldn’t even cycle on a straight line. T_T

Finally it was my turn.

remote control for chair
Oh look, mini remote control.

Smart Aire was unmistakably more comfortable, retailing at RM13,999 (I heard from the sales man that promotion rate is going at RM8.7k if I’m not mistaken).

I felt like I was clasped in a capsule. Just like a baby.

like sitting in a capsule

Inspired by NASA’s space shuttle seats, the seats maneuver itself into a position that helps to remove the pressure on the spine to near zero. Good for those with a slip disc. ;)

on smartaire

When the sales man helped me to reach Zero Gravity position, it didn’t feel that bad at all. In fact, it was really relaxing.

zero gravity position
Ooo.. I can see my feet!

No wonder it took Rojaks forever to get up!
I almost wanted to sleep on it.

But what got me up was something the sales man said to me.

Something that he’s going to show me.

Something remarkable.

Something even more amazing than Smart Aire.

ogawa fujiiryoki luxurious massage chair

Behold, this will be my luxurious piece to my new home in a very near future.

Two rollers instead of four.

This expensive chair retails at RM27,999!!!

me sitting in 27k massage chair

Oh la la!!

And I don’t have to ask why?!

Just look at how orgasmic Simon’s face look.

simon orgasm look

"Simon, are you having a seizure with all the comfort?"


10 kissed Nicole

  1. Oh my god, Exorcist 4!!! You're welcome my dear Nicole and the vege in the teeth is da bomb lol.

  2. OMG!!! you found my supper!!! (the vege stuck on my teeth) wai u no tell me gehhhh?

  3. HAHAHAHAHA rofl at simon aka Exorcist 4!

  4. its cool ! my mom just bought one too :P

  5. Simon is experiencing orgasm in seventh heaven while Rojak's decayed tooth needs urgent extraction!

    No such thing as a free lunch or dinner! The catch is u hv to advertise and promote their products for them lah.....

  6. the chair looks kinda look like an alien chair to me with the white pad on top on the chair... does seems to look like a baby capsule from the side view...too bad i cant afford it...

  7. yeeeeeeeee......rojaks teeth super disgusting lor...

  8. I've been reading many other bloggers write about this event too.
    Looks like a nice one here.

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