Seafood in Hobart

The next day me and Dixon caught up for some seafood in Hobart.

Everyone's been nagging me to eat the seafood in Tasmania. How the fresh oysters are so damn good it taste like candy.

So I did the inevitable.

fresh oysters

The verdict?
So yummy I can die!

juicy oyster

It's not as big as I hoped for, but it's definitely fresh and sweet enough for me to wallop half a dozen!

me and oysters

Dixon and I indulged in wine and luxurious fresh seafood of Tasman that day.
Over the glorious late afternoon very blue sky.

white wine pair with seafood


calamari close up

I had some Caesar salad as starter.

caesar salad

Look at how big that calamari ring was on my plate.

dixon and seafood

Cheers everyone.


To the seafood in Tasmania.


10 kissed Nicole

  1. Omg that is 1 huge calamari ring. I wonder if we can get that size in Malaysia :P

  2. thanks for da feast! *burp* :D

  3. so, this is the man you slept with and then he bought you osyter, wine and calamari?

  4. @Kelly: WTF?

    Eh...oyster suppose to be slim and small if you want to eat raw. Those big ones are for cooking, especially to bake with cheese. The chef from El Bulli told me that only slim and small ones are good to be eaten raw.

  5. kelly, apparently every single comment u leave in my blog has something to do with seducing men expecting something in return. I do wonder what sort of woman you are.

  6. This Kelly sounds more like a man to me.

  7. Delicious food, and nice photo

  8. Yummy... try this food now

  9. When it comes to oysters...size matters not. I was taught by the maitre d in a Canadian restaurant that the best oysters tend to have deep cups (dammit this sounds suggestive!) with a slightly fruity taste. Kusshis and Kunamotos are the best of the breed in this respect!