Hong Kong Trip with Family: Mango Pudding

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Family family family family.

I was really excited to be going on a trip with my whole family for the first time in.. in.. forever! God knows how long.

self cam whore in panda hotel
Smiley face that can't be wiped off

It's almost like it's in a distant non existent past when my parents pulled me around the airports, lugging my luggage while I cried everywhere (I was a cry baby), not knowing the price of anything at all because I never needed to worry about paying.

Not that me and my brother let them pay for everything at our age now, but for the first time, it felt nice to have a whole family going away for once.

For once, I got to camwhore with my mom!

small eye mommy

I realised she's a funny camwhorer.

I complaint that her eyes were always so small when I took photos of her.

So she attempted huge watery puppy dog eyes on my second attempt to snap a photo of us.

big eye mommy

Haha, my mom's so cute.

We didn't just camwhore in the room, we camwhored everywhere!

mong kok me and mom

What to do when you have a daughter as a blogger.
Pity them.

Mom going solo.

mong kok and mom

Candid shot of big brother.

mongkok and brother

Solo shot of dad.

dad and mongkok

Great! Now the whole family has a Hong Kong-underground-famous-street-name staple shot.

On with Hong Kong.

My journey started off with an angpow, to celebrate the grand festival of Chinese New Year.

ang pow

Given by the very nice stewardess on the plane to Hong Kong.

hk stewardress

I arrived in winter cold Hong Kong around noon. Just enough time for us to check into the hotel and look around town.

My hotel was a cute hotel called Panda Hotel,

panda hotel

located in Tsuen Wan, Kowloon.


We walked around Kowloon that afternoon and spotted a few things I wanted.

coach bag

blackberry bold hong kong price

But alas, I didn't get any of them. Sigh.

While having our free and easy time, I smelt something from afar.

I was ectastic and made a beeline toward the source of that foul smell.

selling smelly tofu

Smelly tofu!!! Where else than to eat it in Hong Kong. I have had it in Shanghai, but wasn't sure if it was the authentic one so I've always to try it in Hong Kong - the said place to have smelly tofu.

eating smelly tofu

The taste...well....

It didn't taste bad. But seriously, what's the fuss about smelly tofu anyway? It almost tasted just like any tofu after you've bitten the thing.

Well, maybe a bit tangy, a bit... erm... fermented? Like how wines are perhaps. It's not sweet but smelly like durian, so yea, maybe I'm just not a tofu person.

Later we took the train to Tsim Sha Tsui and walked around town till we came to this shop.

hui lau shan

Hui Lau Shan - the dessert restaurant!!!!!

I was looking for the name of this shop all over the internet hoping some decent blogger will blog about the name of the restaurant and not just the infamous mango pudding itself, but to no avail. :(

But thank god I've tried this dessert two years ago when I went to HK on business trip, and it has been on my mind ever since that day. HENCE, I knew what it looked like and could still roughly remembered how it tasted like!

hong kong famous mango pudding

me and mango pudding

famous hong kong mango pudding

eating mango pudding

But this time, with family along, I tried more than one flavour. hehehehe...

me and hong kong mango puddings

So I am going to do you all a favour, and myself one too, by repeating the name of the restaurant.

Hui Lau Shan. Get it?

Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan Hui Lau Shan.

Now another famous thing you HAVE to try and get from Hong Kong is in form of a pastry puff. I'm sure you've heard of the wife's cookies.

I wanna share with you the BEST wife cookies/cakes in the whole of Hong Kong.

wing wah wife cookies

Wing Wah's wife cake.

Now this is something you can't get it anywhere else (other than US, Canada and maybe some place in Mainland China where they've branched out). A fresh out of the oven Wing Wah's wife cake from Wing Wah's kitchen.

wing wah

Head to any of the branches in Hong Kong before 2pm, earlier the better, and asked to buy a freshly baked Wife Cakes.

wong kok street
Mongkok street. There's one in Mongkok

The first time I took a bite of the hot fresh wife cakes, I tell you, never have I fell in love with the simplicity of a pastry before in my entire life.

It's just so different from the packed wife cakes.

That night, we ended in some restaurant that served Shanghai noodles.

All the best dan dan noodles in the world could be found here, located somewhere in Mongkok.

peeking through mince pork dan dan noodle

mince pork hong kong dan dan noodle

Super love this mince pork dan dan noodle. Awesomeness!

mince pork dan dan noodle

dan dan noodle
spicy one ok only la~

After food, we finally head over to nui yan gai (canto) / nv ren jie (mandarin) / women street (english) for some shopping!!!

woman street

You know, I've always thought the street would be bigger.
Based on how famous those hong kong drama series has publicized it.

Felt just like a small bazaar street in Bangkok though. Selling all sorts of cheap goods and fakes.

Oh well, let's call it a night shall we?

nu ren jie

"Toodles, I'm off shopping!"

Note: this was back in Chinese New Year k? I'm using present tense to make it sound more realistic :p


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