60 mins Day Dreamer

I like to look at Google Earth, and pin point a random place as I scroll it around.

Then imagine myself sitting on the next flight to that random place on earth.

Sometimes I'll fly to Barcelona, Spain, the only western Europe country I have yet to visit; or Brazil, the only country in South America that doesn't speak Spanish.

There are times I'll scout around the globe looking for uncharted islands, or very places that are unknown to many, like the Chatham Islands off the southern ocean of New Zealand; or Papeete in the French Polynesia, or odd places with names that I can't even spell even with the help of a dictionary, like Tabuaeran.

I like to zoom in on places like Nepal, and imagine myself climbing the Himalayas, crossing the border into India, or from Blangadesh, meeting up travelers from other regions, going on boat/train/car rides with people I hardly know and newly met.

I'll look at those photos taken by photographers and saved down on Google Earth Map, where you usually can click and find out how beautiful a place is.


A harbour town in Croatia

I like to zoom in to the "world" and check out the beaches of a particular I'm dreaming to visit.

And then by the end of the hour, I'll normally shut off Google Earth feeling a bit more satisfied and hungry for adventure, thinking that it'll probably take my another 10 years before I have the chance to visit this or that place I'm fantasizing.

What the heck. It was a good cure to a hungry soul. A hungry eager soul of mine.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. i love google earth, too! i love seeing maps =)

  2. Google Earth: One of the best time wasters ever!!

  3. Usually I use Google Earth to locate my friends in overseas... Plus, I used it to plan my holiday like my Hat Yai holiday last few months!

    Definately coming handy if it's in my mobile... & FREE! *Not all morning you will have free breakfast* (in cantonese) babe~ ><

  4. Yes, Google Earth. Going to use it anytime soon before my next trip to Europe.

  5. Probably it's time for you to visit Europe :-)

    I had never been to croatia. However, I recommend you to visit greece, you can see very similar scenery there (minus the greenery as greece is very dry and hot).
    p.s : I have some greece pic on my blog :-)

  6. I like to do the same thing with Google Earth but not to your extreme la, haha!

  7. You should visit Barcelona someday. It's just so fabulous! ;)

  8. hi nicole, just wanted to say your travel pieces are inspiring! And we're going for tubing in Laos after reading about it here... so keep it coming!