My New Toy - Kiss Digital X3

Also known here in Malaysia as the Canon 500D.

brand new canon 500D in box

Ha ha! Finally I have my very own DSLR!

Now feel jealous non-big-ass-camera-owners!


Unboxing something new always feels like you're stripping for the very first time in front of your boyfriend.

No wait, or was it the other around?

canon 500D with lens kit

It was after I got it that I realised 500D was also known as the Kiss Digital X3 in other countries like Japan.

A KISS Camera!!!

500D without lens

This camera was designed for me! OMG! It's fate!

500D front view without lens

It's so cute and small for an SLR and it's utterly gorgeous.

canon 500D

Oh.. what's so special about this camera? Ho Ho Ho...

I'm going to shock you.

It can take video!

Yes! 500D is the second of EOS cameras to shoot movies (after EOS 5D Mark II in September 2008)! One nifty little breakthrough.
1080p HD video recording at 20fps, take that!!

But with that quality, I can shoot what? 7 seconds of video? -.-

500D back view

Let's worry about that later. I'm just begining to play with the camera, fixing my own lens kit that comes with the box up and shooting this and that and everything that moves.

18-55mm canon lens

Fiddling around the settings and stuff is harder than I thought. Then again it took me months of practice to perfect my use of Canon Ixus 860. So I guess it's all patient and consistent usage.

500D front view

500D side view

500D top view

What I love about the camera is that it's so small that it's light to be carried around.

Look how small it is next to me baby's 50D.

500D and 50D

Clear Travel Photography here we come!!

Wallpaper lovers! Be prepared to be flooded by insanely beautiful flawless clear scenic photos!!!

"let's get this party started, eh heh..... let's get this party started oh hoh...." *music droning out*


27 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow! Nice toy you have there!!!

  2. like father and son....50D and 500D

  3. Nice camera! How much was it?

  4. niceeeeee~ i am going to get that camera too soon~

    Cant wait d....

  5. Really beautiful!
    You'll have to teach me how to use that too, I've never owned a DSLR before.

  6. 500D!!!!! Canon JUST HAD 2 come up wif d video function 1 model after mine. DARN U CANON!!!!

  7. seriously is an affortable + feature rich camera compare to other brand that in the same ranges

  8. hohoho alot harder to camwhore lol

  9. go take pig pic lor ...

  10. watch out for 'error 99'. canon slr is so fond of this error, even brand new.

  11. Congrats on your new DSLR!
    Welcome to the REBEL side!

    Hope to see more nice pics from ur travel photos etc.

  12. New n better camera means much more quality pictures to admire.

  13. it is also called the Rebel T1 (if i'm not mistaken)! woohoo canon! :D i have the model before it, 450D/rebel xsi/kiss x2 (wtf why does it have so many names). its awesome :)

  14. Nice... :p Tell us the EXIF info of your pictures... :p

    Ball ball

  15. wow, congrats, can't wait to see it in action :-)

  16. Hah! I'm correct! Nice DSLR and hopefully to get nice and breath-taking wallpapers soon... By the way, is the Apple Mac yours? ><

  17. Selling your old baby ???????

  18. I got the same camera a month ago, very happy apart from a one off card reading error, it's cheaper to buy in Singapore by the way ;)

    HD video at 20fps is a bit of a waste, its too jumpy to be any good, even at 720i its a bit slow.

  19. Made China or Thailand ek?

  20. I have a D90 but I am still jealous of your 500D... my video lower resolution than yours... but a friend of mine did not like the sound that the shutter of the Canon 500D makes... it feels like the camera has asthma... hahaha

  21. Cool... I like..

    It's about time eh... :)
    well... take care you...

  22. if you are a beginner P mode is very helpful. it can take photos on most situations. however basic zone (portrait, landscape, macro, sport etc) is a preset that you quickly can explore if you want to achieve certain specific photography needs. but don't stay there too long. your ultimate is to move to creative zone ie AV (aperture value), TV (time value) & the ultimate Manual mode.

  23. welcome to the world of digital slr photography!

  24. omg how nice!
    how much is it? i feel like upgrading from 350D though! :(

  25. good choice for a beginner.

  26. somehow if u have freetime to look at fish at sungai pahang river

    just your fan
    muhammad iqbal