Best Massage in Thailand

What stereotypes do you have of Thailand?

young monks

Young monks running around the street?

duck food

Good food with beautiful deco?

chaopraya river night view 3

Lots of temples?

Or perhaps, a good traditional Thai massage?

Down Chomsin road (Soi Hua Hin 55) in Hua Hin, you will find this delicately furnished centre named Nicha.

nicha hua hin

Where to date gave me my best massage throughout my travels in Thailand, in terms of price and quality.

Now as far as I've come to understand about Hua Hin was that it's a town of expensive and luxurious relaxation. It's famous not only for its beach resorts, but also for its amazing spa experience.

So where else to look for your best massage other than here.

nicha coconut welcome drink

Upon arrival, we were given a coconut each as welcome drinks. Plus points for hospitality.

sitting in nicha

A massage menu would be given to you to place your order.

massage menu

Typically, I went for a full-on 2 hour Traditional Thai Massage. At the price of RM50, it was really reasonable for such a modernly furnished centre.

nicha massage price list

If I ever have the chance again, I might try the Sauna Anti Cellulite Massage, hehe.

Uncle David from the group prefered to split his 2 hours into one hour of Thai Massage and the next for a nice Foot Massage. Smart.

david getting a foot spa

If you've ever tried a thai massage in Thailand, I bet you agree that most of your typical massages includes full body pressing and bending like this.

At the end of the session, the masseur will sit you up and attempt to swing your upper body like this.

When I first moved to Thailand, I thought that was all in Thai Massage.

Well, until I came to Nicha.

In the 2 hours I was treated in the centre, I was bent in flabbergasting positions I never knew I was capable of achieving.

First I was bent in such way,

Then I was bent in such way,

hey that looks like my pants.

And then I was pulled in such position,

And this position,

And was pressed like this.

I know it seems like her legs was on my, eh hem.. but it wasn't ok

And finally, like this.

I'm beginning to feel like "bak chang" (wrapped dumpling).

But strangely, as painful as it appeared to be, it was actually very very relaxing. Her pressure wasn't too strong nor soft, but just nice when placed on my skin.

It was amazingly soothing.

And definitely consisted of the best techniques in a massage I've ever had.

getting my massage in nicha

Best two hours of my life.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Ohh la la~ That's pampering and soothing...

  2. its looks like a painful-process... but i know that its the soothing and the relaxing of bones and muscle in this type of massage... and the food in your 2nd pic looks really delish..

  3. i love massage, it's so soothing and relaxing... but i have not tried thai massage before, will sure try it one day...

  4. Any other good recommendation in BKK town?

  5. Massage is my all time favorite especially the Thai traditional massage. Unfortunately, this traditional healing art has always been associated with the oldest business in this world..., making massage parlor not a nice place to go in the eyes of locals.