Do You Have Social Responsibility?

I first learnt about Corporate Social Responsibility, aka CSR, in my Master course while going through my Public Relation subject. Not in my degree as my Bachelor was Software Engineering (yea, who would have thought, or guessed).


A responsibility to the public, environment and community from an organization after it has earned its cents in the society? How odd. I thought.

And yes, so did many. But whatever the reason, I think CSR is a great act toward and in the public’s best interest, regardless of reasons (Even though some have argued that such act is window dressing for some companies).

Wiki states that “CSR is the deliberate inclusion of public interest into corporate decision-making, and the honoring of a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.”

I brought the subject of CSR up in this entry was because of this recent CSR campaign of Digi – Love to Save.

love to save micro site

A micro site created to raise RM150,000 in 30 days.

How it works is that you go to the site and register.
Choose your charity group you wish to help,

group category

it can be SPCA – would certainly help considering the recent case of the abandoned dogs in Pulau Ketam

National Kidney Foundation (NKF) – having gone through my ordeal of bad case of kidney infection earlier this year, I realized that it’s not funny to have a defected kidney. It hurts and it costs a lot.

or even Malaysian Council for Child Welfare – with all the child abuse cases reported on newspaper these days, it’s major worry for the children’s right in our country. Let’s hope something can be done to improve the situation.

Then just click. And with each click, DiGi will donate RM5 to your charity of choice.
Yep, it will be DiGi’s money, not your money. All you need to do is click.
But to avoid spam or click abuse, each registration allows one click for one charity.

It might not be a lot for one person, but since it’s not your money anyway, the most you can do is to refer as many people as you can to come in and donate.

It’s the easiest way to raise money, while raising awareness at the same time (If you are the highest donors (with the most references and clicks collected), your name will appear on the site).

The thing with most corporations CSR is that you don’t get to decide what they do. They can be planting trees for the trees for the African forests, or giving rice to Balinese immigrants, or cleaning the waste for Nile River. But it’s not a public’s decision. In fact, it’s not your decisions. You don’t get to call the shots!

nature category

But now you can. And I can.

You know what I’ve always wanted to do for charity? More than human, I wanted people to understand more of the nature and environment we’re living in.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is also the easiest to be taken for granted.

I found this on the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) page.

malaysia nature society tioman

It comforts me to know that there are organizations out there are doing their best to help save our marine environments. I was in Tioman diving there earlier this year, and I can say, there’s nothing much left for divers to see.

What I saw paled in comparison to all the amazing tales I’ve heard about the place from divers who have probably dived there eons ago.

As a diver, it’s so sad to see our beautiful ocean gets polluted and marines destroyed to oblivion because of ignorance and carelessness of human race.

It’s even more depressing that I have to fly so far away (instead of a drive away) just to experience and see sea creatures as beautiful as these,

sea slugs

Corals as lively as these.

coral and shrimp

Sea as clear as this,

underwater world in bunaken

Or an island as virgin as this,

evening view

You might say that: “well, there are still beautiful dive spots and un-polluted sea out there right? So it’s still ok.”

Unfortunately, no. In fact, I wish it was that case.

Last I heard, there are less than a handful of these critters in Malaysia now.


Two left (which have been missing thus far) according to WWF Maaysia.

In we don’t do something about it, soon you won’t see much of these amazing creatures anymore.

Sea Turtles 3 (m)
You might be getting bored of me talking about this creature, but I won’t rest till my voice is heard!

Hence, I created a group on and have done my deed of clicking RM5 away to MNS.

Creating a group

I name it: Nicolekiss Turtles Support, or in the site -> Nicolekiss@MNS!

nicolekiss group
Click on my group k? Let’s save some turtles!

And I am going to share it with everyone on my facebook updates.

facebook update

Just copy the link (as shown in the photo) and paste it under Link, click Attach and select your favourite badge.

facebook attach and share

Also, I am going to put this Love Badge on my blog side panel for this whole month just to show my support to this campaign! For the love for charity! *roar*

right click on love badge
Right click on image in the site and save. Then paste it in your blog, facebook, msn, etc.

Like so.

love badge on nicolekiss blog

There, I’ve done my deeds. Now’s your turn. :D

Call all your friends, support my group.

love to save picture perfect

Let’s create a better diving place world.


9 kissed Nicole

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  2. y there's no such adv at DG site?

  3. hiii, i love your Diving pictures...i want to get a diving license too...huhu

  4. supported SPCA already... under Poochville... its still a good cause right?

  5. hey..check out reefcheck malaysia..and what they have done. this is one of their previous projects

    but they are also doing a new project with kids called Rainforest to Reef on why its important to look after the eco-system

  6. hey may i know which master course r u taking?full time or part time?

  7. This nicole really "dasyhat"...some more bachelor in software engineering, multi-talented etc etc ..."terrifying"...But thumbs up to promote CSR esp the diving sites !!

  8. Hi Nicole,

    I love your blog - nothing wrong with just blogging about travel. But i would love to know about your personal style - travel-wise - beauty stuff and what you wear on the plane - tips/suggestions etc.

    Keep positive - i wish I could do what you're doing!