Millionaire to Brokeback Nicolekiss

Random photo:

my old hair

Been kinda missing my old hair lately.

But finding a lot of new and interesting hairstyle to do with my new do. Perfect timing to get my curler and creativity out. ;)

Did a fantastic do a week ago that made me looked almost like a Japanese girl, lack of petite frame gave me away. Sigh.

Three days ago I was a millionaire.

thick pile of money

Most people would be when they visit Bali.

Here's a photo of my thick pile of Rupiah, too thick to stuff into my Guess purse.

holding up my money

It's funny how some readers think Guess purse is worth showing off.

"ooo.. look. Nicole is flashing her Guess purse which I so carefully observed and scrutinized on her blog. She thinks she is so rich and all showing off her purse? I hate her for showing off a purse. Stop showing off your purse bitch!"

The comments made me laughed so hard I rolled on the floor.

Elo... Guess is worth showing off? You must've been outta your mind. It's not Juicy Couture or LV or Gucci ok? It's just freaking Guess. Everyone can own one.

Oh wait. You can't? Too bad for you then.

Landed in the land that has never been ruled before yesterday.

standing in bangkok airport
standing in Suvanabhumi Airport - Bangkok with my too-lazy-to-wear-fancy-pansy-on-plane outfit.

Got broke today.

platinum mall

After spending 5 hours shopping in Pratunam.
Shit, Bangkok is dangerous.

Just spent RM40 (400 baht) to go online from hotel room. Ouch.

What to do when you travel to a country where there's no free wifi in Starbucks.



15 kissed Nicole

  1. I've got my Guess purse for AUD 10. Believe me or not? I think I told you before. It's from Bridge Road Melbourne

  2. Guess or NO Guess is not important, the important thing is >> IT MUST BE LOADED.

  3. I'm sorry to say but you look horrible with your bangs. Please, for Buddha's sake, keep your bangs long.

    I'm sure you already knew it, hence there are lack of photo in your entries lately.

  4. Cool! I can relater. Just came back from Bali last week! =D

  5. hahaha....even a guess purse make someone annoyed! I wonder what will happen if u flash ur lv,fendi,gucci?
    anyway if that was me I would say "I got money, who cares!" that was what i said when i went inside a 5 star hotel bar with a t-shirt & short and slippers!! hahahaha i don't give a shit...I live my own life! who cares!

  6. yes, she looks horrible.. and i found her blog entries are getting worse and i feel bored already after the 1-2 entries.

  7. wei, how much is it to change for a million rupiah today?

    i did that too, b4 my bali trip. but that was like 4 or 5 years ago, and it was RM300-400 then...

  8. I think vietnam dong is worse :-)

  9. Nicole, i think ur one of the sweetest looking girl i've seen in ages!

    btw, i've always thought that labels like LV/Gucci are SO overrated. plus, the only ones who wears them here in Aus are aunties or auntie wannabes from Taiwan/HK. Haha. No offence to anyone owning one. Just not my cup of tea :)

    Keep blogging Nic. Cheers!

  10. Lots of money, huh? ...I mean Rupiah~ Ha ha ha! Keep blogging!

  11. Nothing to rave about! I agree that a Guess purse is nothing to show off. I have a Gucci wallet too but that is a pirated one I bought years ago in China, haha!

  12. you didnt call me while you're in bkk =.=''

  13. hey blog more about bkk. would like to know more!

  14. should dress up more for trips! dont be lazy! taking picture with slacking fashion is a crime! :P

    if i get to travel like you, i'll surely bring a big-as* luggage for a 3 days trip! and sho a lot too! :D