What are you doding?

As usual I was d0ing my normal routine of chatting and blogging at the same time.

On one side, I was blogging about my Hong Kong trip. On another window I was chatting with my best friend Gerald. I wanted to type: "What are you doing?", but because I was typing fast, I ended typing this.

Nicole said:
what u doding there/

10 mins later, Gerald replied to my msn window.

Gerald says:
what u doding there/ ==>>>http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=doding

I frowned and wondered what he was up to. So I clicked on the link and it was linked to this page.


Nicole says:
why wud anyone google a typo

Gerald says:
I am bored

I got some really weird friends sometimes.

To all my readers,

"How are you doding today?"


8 kissed Nicole

  1. lol... we're doding(slapping...u 'know' la) great! :D

  2. Wahkakakakka.... and I am so innocent (;-p) go and click the link..which apparently was already clearly written underneath.. @_@

  3. tat's funny... thanks for d new verb. LOL!!!

  4. Thanks girl, u r helping me to build up my vocab.

  5. LOL~ gotta get ma self one of this urban dict written by snoop dogg, you feelin' me?

  6. i love the definitions given on urban dictionary, they are totally hilarious and many of them have sexual descriptions that we never ever know.

    well, today i went to the post office to post a father's day card to my dad

  7. Haha don't you mean "to all my MALE readers"? :P