Shenzhen: Window of the World - 世界之窗

I've always thought Shenzhen to be boring and unattractive.

Reading from Lonely Planet, it described the port town to be one of three most developed and biggest cities on mainland China (after Shanghai and Guangzhou), mainly due to the influence of it's neighbour first world Hong Kong.

Having been to Shanghai and Guangzhou, I was determined to cross over to Shenzhen from Hong Kong to judge this city myself.

hello kitty in Hong Kong train station
big Hello Kitty in the train station on the HK side

hello kitty lottery box
big Hello Kitty lottery roller

Knowing that there are one man to every six women ratio of the population here, it's not difficult to deduce the fact that Shenzhen is really a town of mistresses, assumely kept by Hong Kong male residents.

Other than its plain development, Shenzhen, to be honest, doesn't really have anything to offer other than sex and pubs.

But to create a few attraction to cater to the large tourists influx every year, there are a few places worth visiting here.

One of it would be Window of the World.

window of the world

tourists at window of the world
look at all the mistresses and their children tourists.

A very... very impressive theme park that has around 130 reproductions of the world's most famous tourist attractions, including seven wonders of the world.

The entrance itself it a reproduction of The Louvre (Museum) in Paris.

window of the world lourve glass structure

From the entrance you can clearly see a "miniature" size of the actual Eiffel Tower in Paris.

eiffle tower

Window of the World is the perfect example to showcase the best of trait of China -
that Chinese can "copy" almost anything.

gate of china
We are Chinese! Muahaha! We copy ourselves too!

Even at the entrance, it displayed different sculptures that represented different parts of the world:

different statues from around the world

India, Rome (Italy), Greece, Egypt, etc.

There's also some that showed the aboriginal origins culture.

weird mother statue

Which was... erm... rather... interesting. cough*saggingboobs*cough

posing with roman statues

Chinese shouting: "Hmph! Take that world! See how we copy the entire world down! All 130 of them! Even your damn Eiffel tower and Venus de Milo!"

Among all the statues, I thought the Hindu Goddess statue was impressive. The carvings skill, the impersonation, the posture, how it represented all the right godly features.

indian goddess

From whichever angle.

indian goddess toosh

Very... Impressive.

It does makes me wonder, and anticipate how China see us Malaysia as...

eiffle tower and globe in windows of the world

You know, how important and impressive Malaysia culture and architectures are to the world through the Chinese's eyes.

Only to realize, after looking at this photo for a few minutes,

eiffle tower and globe

we've kinda been overlooked in their global perspectives.

no malaysia globe

"Where the F*ck is Malaysia?!"


16 kissed Nicole

  1. Lucky, S'wak is in there.

  2. Haha! That was absolute brilliant! :)

  3. OH dear M'sia is not in the map. How come? Go back to school n learn Geography.

  4. Sounds like its the same travel agent we used a few years ago, same itinerary! its amazing that after a few years Shenzhen still looks great.

  5. Brilliant post nic. I like the way you said it "mistress and their children". Hahaha...

  6. mayb they only put d countries that they managed 2 copy stuff from on tat globe. msia would b d twin tower n mayb its 2 awesome n hard 2 copy tat they failed, so pretend no msia around. heheh. *beams*

  7. That reminds me of when the EU statisticians left Wales off a map of Europe:

  8. Haha... My parents been to Window of the World and the shots there were quite nice...

    I think China people don't know about Malaysia... Then, where the heck we came from? From the rock?!?

  9. LOL. I get that all the time. When I said I'm from Malaysia no one knows where is it. But they know where's Thailand and Singapore. WTF?

  10. I admit Chinese is at best emulating other nation's feat. That's why she is now just behind the US.

  11. Phiew! Sarawak is still there but cacat wan the shape. Hahaha!

  12. India shape also weird wan

  13. lol. Good one.

  14. haha! good post! so funny! will be going to shen zhen but on our own not tour. ur post gave a glimpse of windows of the world might want to visit there. Thx!

  15. singapore also missing!!