Yu Garden (or Yu Yuan), Shanghai

Following my previous trip to The Bund, I headed south along the Huangpu river to further my exploration around Shanghai on foot.

me walking with voonping behind

This is me walking with Voon Ping following closely behind, he's a friend of a friend who was my ex Master coursemate and also best friend to a family friend of mine (have I confused you yet?); he came all the way from Zhan Jia Gang (2 hours from Shanghai) for a tour in Shanghai and we met up.

Such is the small world, it's creepy sometimes.

On the way, we walked through this old street of Shanghai, called Shanghai Old Street (like duh!)

shanghai old street

Here you find shop houses on both sides of the road, and a tiny road which many food stalls that leads to more residential flats.

luk luk

The houses here are even more runned down then the ones I saw at Tai Kang road.

run down house in shanghai old road

At a glance of it, I couldn't quite get how they can actually still stand, on the second floor!!

What's worse, it's next to this mesh of wired and cabled lamp post.

meshed up lamp post

Talk about safety. -.-

Below this lamp post was where I had my crayfish (I still want to call them mini lobsters, cause they're so cute).

beautiful crayfish
Pretty (red) aren't they?

It's sinfully unhealthy though.

How they cook these was to put them through hot used and reused cooking oil over and over again (whenever it gets cold, they'll just deep fry them again, it' horrible).

deep frying crayfish in oil

But mind you, it's really delicious.

me and crayfish
"Hey, you look good"

We decided to take away some and have a feast in Starbucks. :D

playing with crayfish
Playing with food

And amazingly, even my weak stomach (I had six food poisoning in the past two years in Malaysia from Roti canai and Kuey Tiao) can handle it with ease, so it should be clean enough.

Just don't think about it. (Nicolekiss' rule of thumb to Eating Around The World guide)

biting crayfish in starbucks

Anyway, as we ventured further. We finally arrived at the infamous Yu Garden (Yu4 Yuan2).

yu yuan

A classical garden located in Anren Jie, built in 1577 by Ming Dynasty government officer named Pan Yunduan for his parents. In 1760, rich merchants bought Yu Yuan Garden and spent more than 20 years reconstructing the buildings. Severely damaged during the Opium war, it was restored in 1956 and opened to public in 1961.

starbucks in yu yuan (garden)
Can you spot the starbucks?

When I saw the place, I thought it was mighty impressive. It's like a small confined city of its own, with its own houses inside a little great wall. It'll take you through several buildings and arches before you can actually arrive at the small central garden itself.

Must be some pretty rich merchants.

me riding a dragon
Some random dragon statue in front of a restaurant

I managed to grab myself some pretty decent snacks here.

soup paos and straws

Soup in a bun (pao) with a straw.

soup pao with a straw

Careful, it's hot. Don't sipped too fast, because I did. T_T

sipping soup pao

me drinking soup pao in shanghai
This photo makes me look like a goth.

And and and... I got found some smelly tofu!!!

smelly tofu

Being adventurous, despite being full, I want to try everything they have there which I have never tried before in my life.

smelly tofu with sauce
with sauce

In spite of its taste, looks and price (ok, maybe not really price). In this case, it's smell.

smelly smelly tofu


It didn't taste that bad, it fact, the pungent smell wasn't as bad as I had imagined it to be. Maybe it wasn't the really bad (or good) ones, and the taste of smelly tofu was said to be really good, melts in your mouth and heavenly flavour, a heavy constrast to its odour.

Well, at least that's on item off my to-try list.

Here, you find Shanghai's BEST xiao long pao (mini soup in pork dumpings).

nan xiang

Highly recommended everywhere, by everyone, on every guidebook, it's said to be worldly known. Name precedes its taste, I decided to investigate Nan Xiang ManTou Restaurant of its infamous Xiao Long Pao.

xiao long pao first step
First you divide the dough

From the window, you can have a clear view of the chefs preparing for these soup dumplings. Each doing one task, at a speed so fast it puts me to shame.

xiao long pao second step
Then you put the flesh paste in

xiao long pao third step
Finally you wrap them up

Unfortunately, in order to have a taste of the xiao long pao in this restaurant, even just to take away, you have to endure a ridiculous long queue that could last for hours (reminds me JCo donuts in Malaysia) any time of the day, any day of the week.

I decided to skip it because first, it was getting late; second, shallow as it may be, it didn't look that good at all from what I have observed. I mean, the skin of the dumplings looked like they were too thick, too quickly done, which has put me off in queuing an hour for a 5 yuan serving.

Walking off, I decided to catch a cab to head back to XinTianDi (near where I stayed, a very happening place) to buy some movie tickets and dinner with VoonPing.

When I saw this.

shanghai tuk tuk

It was wiggling on the road, just letting off two of its passengers, so adorable!! OMG. It looks totally like those tuk-tuks in Thailand. (I shall refer to them as Shanghai tuk-tuk from here) I hailed it down and haggled a price before hopping anxiously on with Voon Ping to experience the olden days of travelling in Shanghai.

me in shanghai moto trishaw

It was really fun. I love the ride, instead of seeing everything facefront, you are looking at Shanghai, on the road through the back end. A total different sight to offer.

I managed to take a photo with my Shanghainese tuk tuk driver before heading into XinTianDi for dinner.

V pose with tuk tuk uncle

Uncle so cute even posed with me.


71 kissed Nicole

  1. How come no photos of the magnificent Yu Garden itself ? Also, there are so many stalls selling cute handicrafts within the compound. Also no picture of those ?

  2. so fun 2 see u travellin over thr.:)

  3. Nice. My wife is actually from Shanghai and can't wait to go back over there and Marathon "eating". BTW, I still hate the "stinky tofu"!!!

  4. Hmm.... interesting. Makes me want to go there to. You know, the photos of you playing with your mini lobster remind me of little mermaid and Sebastian (see this image http://www.epguides.com/LittleMermaid/cast.jpg)

  5. Nicole,

    You are HOT !

  6. Hey gal looking lovely in the photos.Well just wanted to let you know since you love seafood I would want to recommend you to take a combination of Hep A and typhoid vaccine for your protection.Very concern for you ya since you are travelling all the time!God Bless!


  7. nicole, I don't know which direction you want to head in blogging, but if you want to be a travel writer, your postings in this format and style is just so shallow. I hope u will take this criticism constructively. Sigh, sad reading your posts, but it's good for a laugh in the name of vanity.

  8. do u know tat the crayfish in shanghai is reared ion sewarage water? fyi

  9. haha that uncle is showing a different sign!

  10. abosolutely agreed with anonymous, on your rather uninspiring travelogue. It seems that your blogging is getting rather boring and stale. Looks can only get you that far, the rest is pure hardwork, talent, creativity and experience. I don't see you having any of these traits yet. Good luck in your endeavour, but seriously you need to have substance in whatever you do and i dont think blogging is gonna give you that. No pun intended, but sorry.

  11. Wah.. I wonder if there's any smelly tofu in M'sia. Hmm...

    Xiao lung bao sounds delicious *droollsss*

  12. wow you looks pretty on close up pics :-)

  13. OMG! I haven't had crayfish since I was in Australia. It's delicious!

  14. did u missed the stall selling mutton satay? huge chunk costs 5 yuan a stick. super delicious

  15. from the picture alone, i can see that shanghai is an amazing place.. must go there one day.. thanks

    neber tasted chow taufoo before lei..

  16. I kinda agree with David and was expecting more information on China culture instead of what you eat or your pictures...I can't see Yu garden's beauty through those pictures. You have alot fans who adore you, so I guess pretty face does sell and probably your fans will flame me for even criticising, but honestly I can't buy what you write.

  17. you totally made the right choice not queueing for the nanxiangxiaolongbao. din tai fung's much better!

  18. Nicole, did you notice that that uncle actually put up a "fuck you" sign. That is rude.

  19. Nicole, you look nothing like a goth in that photo.

    Jam, the sign that said 'uncle' is making is more a 'UP YOURS' than 'F*CK YOU'.

    Lewis, that comment is just creepy.

    All - this is Nicole's blog and she can pretty much post any photo and write whatever she feels like.

    If you wanted more information on Chinese culture, I recommend Wikipedia.

    If you wanted more photos of Shanghai, I recommend Flickr.

    Take this blog for what it is - light reading with photos of the author to look at!

  20. Hey Nicole...

    do u know Ipoh has Stinky tau fu???? I personally think here is more smelly compare to Shanghai, Particular the one u ate... cause i also ate before...

    Do call me when u are in Ipoh... k???

  21. Well, what can I say, people simply can't accept constructive criticism. Oh well,I guess this is really it. This is the reality. Pretty faces and big boobs overpower brains.

  22. did you return the soup bun with straw plastic tray to get back 1 yuan deposit! =P

  23. lol. yeah, cleffairy, I cannot believe there r actually soldiers making a 'defense' for her. note the inverted comas. Personally, i hoped for more insights, more thoughts and more understanding of the places, events and offers of each destination, but what i recently realized of my repeated returns to this blog are actually for this blog's 'jokes' and 'the bloggers antics' and 'depth' in her posts. hehehe... sometimes it's really quite good to take a break from reading all this serious readings..say....times or newsweek or national geographic, and switch to some.....say, 'massage parlours flyers'....and have a good laugh at their language as well as their SORT OF info cramped into that A5 paper.

    BTW, also, another constructive criticism, why don't you comment? It seems like you are not too courteous with your readers. Well, of course, if you choose to, u can ignore people who give u 'constructive ideas', but at least...do reply to your...comrades. I really pity them.

  24. its true..all i read from the comments are virtually praises, diva worshipping and the blogger herself can't even be bothered to strike some sort of dual communication between her so called fans. nic, i would rather admire your indepth substance than your shallow purring face and superficial blogging.

  25. Nic,

    Thanks for the fun & refreshingly candid perpective u bring to your travel blog. I'm sure your readers keep coming back for a reason. So don't fix what's not broken. Blog true.

  26. i think the best thing for her to improve this blog is for Nicto post some naked pics of herself!

  27. HArlo, cleffairy, aiyah, please dont be rude ok? "Pretty faces and big boobs overpower brains"??????? What r u trying to imply?? There is or there is none?

    OkOK, she indeed possesses the latter, due to her highly frequent mentions of 'master programes' here and there....she really got brains, otherwise, it wont take her to places.

  28. Those Xiao Long Paus in Yu Garden are realy yummy !! I miss it so much..makes me wanna go back to Shanghai again!!

  29. Can someone please tell me what these abbreviations stand for, if at all there's any meaning:


    Now coming back to Nic's blog here and the write-up in The Star on Saturday, I find one BIG difference: the depth and style of language is totally different. My guess is that Nic's write-up is heavily edited in The Star whereas the substance and the English language used is best described as shallow !! No offence meant but that's the bare fact.

    Some bloggers' comments here are rather childish, if not outright rude, abusive and vulgar. Using the FUCK word to show off their little bird's brain, if any, without any respect to themselves and to others who visit this blog for some light reading.

    Nic, if I were you, I rather send in my CV to Lonely Planet for a job than writing this travelogue of yours when I can obtain more precise information from Lonely Planet and other more professionally written travel guide books available in the market.

    A warm blooded critic

  30. BTW- By the way
    lol- Laughing out loud
    FYI- For your information

    I'm not sure if you were trying to be sarcastic or wanted to show how prim and proper you are.

    F.U.C.K- do you need to put a meaning to this word too? Can you honestly say that you do not use it at all?

    Sorry ya, but if one wants another to respect them, they ought to earn it. Respect do not come easy, and that goes to everyone, even VVIPs and politicians are not excluded.

    To answer Daryl's Teo musing, I'd say, I come back for sheer ignorance to what's going on in Malaysia that never failed to amuse me. This blog offer me a good snicker, and it's fun to see how shallow some commentary are. Most are reduced to 'goddess' worshiping, I must say.

    While others in Malaysia have to worry about the raising cost of living as well as other numerous social and political issue, the diva herself places no concern over it. While she's influential enough to make a difference in the poor, the disabled and disadvantage, she's more prone to be showing off the means of luxury that has been bestowed upon her.

    To jonathan chong, wikipedia does not necessarily offers truth and facts over certain matters, and it does not write a pov in the eye of a writer, nor in a way of experience. And flickr is a photo blogsphere, what difference does it make with blogger these days? It only contains more professional looking pictures instead of an amateurish ones.

    Why she never bother to reply to her readers or her 'fans' over her is beyond my comprehension, as to me, it's common courtesy to reply to your readers as to make them feel that they are not doing one-sided conversation. She might be too busy doing something else or too busy enjoying life to even bother, but even a busy activist, Marina Mahathir and Tun Dr. M replied to their readers at an amazing frequency, considering how busy and influential they are. And they are busy trying to make a difference in other people's life, no less.

  31. I still prefer smelly tofu from HK.

  32. I didn't know that they have crawfish in Shanghai.. ^^ But it's great to see them there.

    And no, I won't try the smelly tofu from anyway, but I'd use it as a weapon to keep annoying people away from me. But if still wanna stick with me, that must take a love lurrvv to do so, then I'll let them stick around.

  33. Wa... the skirt look like my grandma skirt.

  34. Nicole, you always travel alone or with stranger, you don't scare you might get rape?

  35. Please dun eat the MINI LOBSTER / CRAYFISH. I had receive an email on this mini lobster.

    "These mini crustaceans are literally the garbage cleaners in the sewage treatment plants.

    The "dirtier" the water, the fatter these mini lobsters become.

    Their lungs are full of worms and their flesh saturated with oisonous

    Unscrupulous merchants somehow found a way to get these marketed to eateries."

    Is better to play safe then be sorry.

  36. sugardaddy22/7/08 6:44 PM

    oh no.. don't say my baby is shallow, she is taking master course now. Nicole, tell them you are a master student!@

  37. I see that all sorts of expectations are made on Nicole. She's expected to address social ills and right political wrongs to some. To others she's expected to be a literary genius churning out masterpieces. And to a few she's the object of their lascivious baser intents! And she's also expected to be a walking talking Lonely Planet! Has anyone ever thought that she's just having fun doing what she does best and that there might be other platforms like sex blogs, social political blogs, travel sites etc. etc. to address all your other wants. O do grow up people.

  38. I daresay you expected something from her too, Daryl? Since you brought it up, I wonder what she does best? Maybe you know her, so care to enlighten us?

    Sugardaddy, what kind of master? o.O

  39. What she does best is blogging from her own perspective; her own experience. Isn't that what a blog is? What do i expect of her? I expect her to keep blogging. Hate to see a blogger who has finally arrived at where she is give up on account of a few sour detractors. She is probably the first blogger who started out as one & is given a column in mainstream media. Usually it's the other way round. So it's no mean achievement! Get it? We'd have to look beyond our little cocoon to see the bigger pic. Keep up the great job Nic!

  40. haha a storm in a teacup!

  41. Daryl, I daresay, she wun stop blogging anytime soon. As you say, she's experienced... EXPERIENCED, that I will have to agree beyond reasonable doubt.

    But since you expected a blogger who wun stop blogging, den Nicole is nothing in comparison to Raja Petra.

    Anyway, if you're her true fan, instead of arguing with us who gives constructive critism, shouldn't you go and ask how her mom is doin?

    You say, storm in the teacup... I'd say, making mountain out of molehill. But then again, you're right, again. LOL. Nicole is making a storm in her own teacup through her writings.

  42. cleffairy,

    I see that u're a master of splitting semantics! Let me dissect & take your fallacious contentions apart. I'm almost speechless but i'll humor u:

    1. I never said she was experienced the way u tried to twist it. I meant 'blogging from her experience' if u read right. And it was a figure of speech that she would stop blogging, what i alluded to was your bitter comments which might prove an impediment. And 'beyond a reasonable doubt' my dear is a legal term, one which u so loosely and carelessly flaunt. No murder has been committed as yet or the elements therein proved B.A.R.D.

    2.RP and Nic are 2 very different creatures or bloggers of different ilks & makeups, with different fanbases and different slants for their blogs, so wherein is the comparison? Think u might be clouding the issue here intentionally.

    3. I wish her well but it's not my place to intrude into her personal life. To do so would be a disrespect. Hope u'd extend the same courtesies & not sensationalise the issue.

    4. I think she's very brave to put herself out there & allow us into her world as she sees it. I respect that. Much less those who hide behind anonymity or would not put a 'face' to their 2 minutes claim to fame.

    Warm regards,

  43. sugardaddy24/7/08 7:48 AM

    oh yes.... Nicole's mama had operation few months ago.. Nicole, listen to sugardaddy advice, travel is travel, don't forget your ma ma at home eh... She need care. If you need money, let me know eh.

  44. Clef, can't believe you visited here and even wasted your time to argue with ba por and ham kar leng here! Get outta here, woman, this place is not for a gal like you. Tis plc is 4 ppl who praises da b.i.t.c.h and wait their turn to lick er pussy!Luv ur post on ur friend miscarray.hope she do well now.

  45. nice travel pics you have. I love travel too, i just came back from Wulumuqi. Pls feel free to visit my pics. Thanks!


  46. there was an e-mail doing around saying those mini lobsters are really really unhealthy... should cut that down...

  47. clef, this world's strange. there is juz somehow some people who would try to defend something as if it was perfect. v were juz giving some pointers, but they thought we were intruding. and of all these, nicolekizz is still hiding inside, daren't give us her thoughts. i always thought that when someone cannot engage in a good and deep conversation, he/she is plain shallow. so, i DOUBT if any serious/more intresting writing is from her.

    nicole, i still visit yr site, but for MY, not ONE reason, but MY reason. MY reason for this site is for some laugh at vanity and to learn what is shallow and what is not, what is plain bland which i should not do or practise in this society and world. MY reason to learn how not to be so ignorant at things when I backpack and I should backpack with a clear conscience and a responsible attitude. MY reason to learn how not to apply what u wear in relation to what i design/practise everyday(which does not bland with the 'environ'and not in sync with the world around us). My reason to compare how far v (me and u) differ in terms of backpacking and defining the term of a traveller.(i hv been to far far more secluded and exotic places than u, many times without outside funds)

    nicole, i(+some of us) meant well, altho our comments echo our 'geram' on what u post...hehehehe. i think blogging is easy, u create a topic, u write and give your thoughts about it, dont go out of TAJUK. U have a "MASTER" desgree, u should know, unless it's a pseudo degree available everywhere nowadays.

    in some ways, i think u hv a lot to learn from clef. i like her thoughts and i like how she put things together altho, her post r a bit too long sometimes(heard that cleff??? hehehe)

  48. Some of these jokers here are hardly coherent or intelligble. Shows a serious lack of breeding and culture. It's always easy to take another person's work apart & be a critic. Bloody bunch of leeches emoing here! Some of these idiots can't even put a proper sentence together & they say it's constructive. Makes me wanna puke! Get a life u idiots! At least she's out doing her thing, while u throwbacks pick up the scraps! Hahahaha!

  49. Dark Knight25/7/08 8:44 PM

    I agree with u dude! This monkeys claim they're being constructive but they're just trying leech off Nic's traffic. Trying to create mayhem here bunch of losers. they don't know what's constructive if their life depended on it!!

  50. yalor everytime come in tis few buggers go on & on negative only as if they perfect to criticise ppl. If they don't like still come back for what? Better they fly kite maybe lightning will strike! Don't understand this ppl that fairy oso taruh all the way only from her early post dunno why? maybe jeles!

  51. Malaysian attitude. Only want to hear good/praise words. Can't accept criticize :P
    hm.... Nicole, Daddy loves your blog so muchhhhh. :) Keep on the good work eh. :)

  52. Better than some counterpart think it's their right to criticise only. When they in turn get criticised, they say ppl cannot accept criticisms. Pot calling kettle black!

  53. To Nicole,

    No offense, but I think that a good travelogue show have detail information about the destination and also should have pictures that readers expected to see such as those famous spots that people always talk about.

    From what I can see here, it looks more like your modeling picture blog where it only show about you, you and you.

    I don't see much research has been done and I also don't see much detail introduction of the destination you visited.

    As a writer for The Star, you should know this well. Since this is a travelogue, it should looks more like a travelogue, not a modeling picture page as an article.


    To Daryl Teo,

    I'm not sure what is the main reason you defend her even though she didn't request you to do so, she is not even defending herself and she did not reply to her commenters which she should.

    And also, blog is not actually a diary. If you read the wikipedia, you will know what is blog/web log means.

    Since this is a travelogue, it can not be categorize as a personal blog. It is an informational blog.

    To Dark Knight,

    As a professional blogger, the article must be constructive. Since Nicole is considered as a professional blogger by most of the people, her post have to be constructive, not just simply writing a few short paragraph and fill it up with her "modeling" picture. Correct information and detail research have to be included in the article.

    About stealing traffics, what for getting traffics from a place where those readers do not even know how to appreciate better articles? For me, I wouldn't want those "monkeys" who just know how to insult without looking at the facts to come to my place.

    By the way, you are also evolve from a monkey, don't you remember? Study science, dude!

  54. Dark Knight27/7/08 4:31 PM


    A blog or travelogue if u would have it is still essentially a journal of one's own travels, Wikipedia as a source reference is not irrefutable as it is not validated by any known body.

    And there are no hard and fast rules on how a blog is to be written. It depends on how the blogger's style & how she wants to present her views or the audience he/ she might be targetting. And Nicole has done very well to attract a huge following whatever your puny misgivings might have been. Do not compel your own convictions or standards on another person's blog. U would not enjoy it likewise.

    As for daryl's comments i think he is just rebutting cleffairy's comments directed at him, so i think his statements are well qualified and his opinions sound.

    As for Nic keeping silent, i don't see any reason why she has to answer every attack levelled at her by commenters. Her job is to blog first and foremost. Not pander to every whim and fancy of nitwits.

    As for Nic being a professional blogger her fiduciary relationship is only with her advertisers. How she writes her blog is her own creative privilege.

    As for evolving from monkeys, some throwbacks like yourself never got past the Beijing man, neanderthal man and Perak man. So don't start insulting the homo sapien readership here.

    Sorry but i have a date with some villains now. Gotham out!

  55. I agree with dark Knight. At least someone is giving the other view to this clef constantly berating & put downs. Went into her blog once & had enough, too self immersed for me. shudder.

  56. nicolfansaredumbdumb27/7/08 8:41 PM

    I go to Clef's blog too. I tink you're too dumb to understand msian politic that's y u sed her blog is self-immersed, u can't understand wud she sed, anonymus...you must be another pussy licker. wakakaka...was it creamy? cummon, share with da rest of us...dun b greedy!

  57. nicolfansaredumbdumb27/7/08 8:50 PM

    If commentin in msian politic is self immerse, den i dunno what da bitchy nicole herself is tokkin bout



    Too dum to understand?Dude, go back to school!

  58. hey nicolfanwhateveryouare....to evoke such strong language from 2 words, you must have a vested interest in her blog if u are not her. Just my personal view, i have been in there and her half baked views are rubbish. And stop spamming nicole's blog with her links u dumbass. your likes belong in clef's extreme blog not here you EFFERvescent brainless twit.

  59. I think Nicole keep silent because she can not understand what are you guys talking about.

  60. Nic's PR Man27/7/08 10:37 PM

    i think Nicole is keeping a silent vigil as should a lady of her fine breeding. Tut tut!

  61. To Anonymous(the one who comment about cleff's blog),

    are you sure that you visited her blog?
    anyone who read any of the articles there can see there is nothing she write is about herself. all of them is social issues and politics.

    please do really click the link and read b4 u say u read that blog.

  62. yeah that cos u & her are in cohorts so stop blowing your own trumpet little boy.

  63. Sorry, but I am not garfield and I don't know him. So unless you want to get sued for defamation, I suggest you stop claiming that i am garfield. I'm not responsible for whatever he say over here. You'd notice if you click his link and mine. I know nothing about err...PC and open source. I definitely do not write techies stuff. Couldn't write a single thing about them to save my life.

    One more thing, buster, I won't step low as to use a few identity at the same time, I'd use my own, unlike some certain people over here. Kindly leave your IC or passport number so that I can sue you for defamation if you wish to continue saying that garfield and I are the same person.

  64. Oooh we're sooo scared. haha. can't take as good as u give then get the hell outta here buster! looks like someone is getting hot under her collar when she gets her own dose of shit. Jangan makan cili kalau tak tahan pedas as they say. btw half the criticisms u levelled at nic is defamatory in nature, go ask a lawyer u lame brain.

  65. QC don't blame her, she doesn't understand what 'in cohorts' mean obviously.

  66. Peacekeeper28/7/08 10:17 PM

    OK DUDES we get the point. Let's get over it & move on already. Think we are going to upset Nicole if u keep this up. So live & let's live.

  67. To Anonymous,

    looks like u thought everyone to post msg use openID is the same person,

    i only can tell u that u r stupid. if u did read cleff's comments properly, u will find that her english is a lot better than most of us here.

    To QC,
    didn't u know that in malaysia, defamation on the internet can build up a case? u see that Raja Petra lar, he talk a bit also kena already.

  68. Garfield,

    It just shows how shallow your understanding of things around u. When does good english has anything to do with quality of thoughts? Even a parrot can parody good english if taught. Like u a bird brain speaks some english too.

    That's RP's case with strong political undertones. Stop comparing you fool. Yours would be thrown out of court for being frivolous and a waste of valuable court time. Talking to u just confirms the fact that u're an idiot. So stop punishing & kicking yourself. lol.

  69. To QC,

    u should study about malaysia cyber law b4 u reply. malaysia cyber law do includes the part where mention about defamation. not only politic related, any thing that defame can build up a case.

  70. Garfield,

    U fine idiot. This is a comment forum any statements made, were made in direct retaliation to your earlier comments, meaning its source. Therefore it is fair comment. Suggest that u consult a proper lawyer before u make a donkey of the law. Your understanding of issues is so shallow it's mind boggling! Don't participate in open debate if u're going jump at your own shadow, fool. hahahaha.

  71. Nicole,

    I am a big fan of your blog, and nice to see someone with your extensive travelling willing to chare your journey on the blog.

    We are bunch of Malaysians working in Zhangjiagang that includes Voon Ping from your picture. Hahahaha.

    He told me that he will be going to Shanghai, on the day that he meets you, but did not mention that he was going to find you!

    If not, sure i ask him to get me an autograph! Hahaha!

    Cheers and enjoy!