How to Pray for Money

This is Chai Shen Ye (Chinese God of Fortune/Wealth).

god of money - cai shen ye

Located in Qian Shui Wan - a famous beach side spot where a lot of the illegal immigrants from mainland China used to swim into Hong Kong back in the 90's.

To pray for better fortune, aka money, from the God of Fortune, the Hong-kees (local term for Hong Kong residents) believe in a specific way of praying.

This is how you pray for money by Nicolekiss, inspired by Hong-kees.

1. You will need money.

singaporean money

The stronger currency the better. I used a 50 Singaporean dollar located in my purse, a note left there after a Singapore trip.

2. Rub God of Fortune

Next, you place the dollar note on the godly statue.

Starting from the head.

rub cai shen ye
Ignore the oversized jacket. I was friggin cold, borrowed it from brother.

Or if you're short like my mom, you would need to tip toe.

mom rubs head of god of money
model: mom

Then you rub the arm/sleeve

mom rubs god of money arm

Finally you move down south,

rub god of money

and rub the leg (I know what you are thinking you dirty minded minx).

If you're superstitious and desperate enough for money, you can always rub the gold bar next to it, provided there is one.

rub money onto statue

3. Put in pocket

Finally, you take the dollar note (SGD 50 in my case) and put it in your back pocket.

put money in pocket

Side pocket if the first choice is out of the question.

Boo hoo for you if you don't have any pockets.

4. Jump

Then you jump, twice.


This act is to imaginatively secure the money in your pocket.

5. Keep in your wallet

Take the dollar note out of your pocket, and keep it in your wallet/purse for half a year.

That's 6 months.

You are not allowed to remove that money from your wallet/purse. For whatever reason, even if you are robbed and all money taken from you, the "magic" will disappear.

And THAT is how you pray for money, Chinese style!

Whether it works, god knows.

Let's see if I'll suddenly get rich two months later.

50 dollar note in purse
*Photo taken today*

Else I'll go back to HK and put a panty on the statue's head.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. Sure boh? Why Touch N Go? Should use Octopus mah. LOL.

  2. When you DO go back 2 HK 2 put d panty, which i'm quite sure you will, DO put a panty with the words "RUB ME" written across it. =)

    Sorry, I don't believe in those kinda superstition. No offense to you.

  3. Nice wallet... Take care of the money... ^_^

  4. Ha ha, same wallet as my wife..

  5. How about rubbing yourself on the statue... Sure rich immediately! ><

  6. like are u for real? its really bs u know that right? right?

  7. can i rub my FD account book on it? 6 month aint long for FD. LOL~

  8. Just sell off your Guess wallet. You'll be richer, slightly! ;p

  9. you just want to show off your guess wallet, no? you're ugly. get a life.