My Lolita Craze

Earlier this year I went into a Lolita Craze.

Outfit 1: Lolita Waitress

waitress lolita

Probably from all those anime influence since young and a recent trigger after staying in Bangkok, a Lolita crazed city.

I managed to lay my hands on some really fancy outfits and headdress there and when I moved back to KL, decided to try some of them out in public.

orange background waitress lolita

I wore this lacy black and white waitress lolita outfit in Gardens one day. (Oh yes I did and I dare ;) )

Highlights of outfit: white lacy umbrella, even lacier black and white headdress

Next day I decided to try something simpler,

Outfit 2: Highschool Kitty Cat

posing in new zealand natural

I got a few friends to play dress up with me too.

daryl and his cool shirt

They're guys. Oh yes.

Daryl wore this Morocco style outfit which I thought was smashing. Given the fact that we were watching James Bond that evening in Signature Gardens.

cat casey

Casey stole my cat ears to fancy up his outfit as he was a tad bit under-dressed.

Love my tartans designed cat ears.

side pose

Highlights of outfit: school girl mini skirt, tartan ears, white heels.

I wore it to eat my New Zealand Natural ice creams.

cheeky smile

Following few days, I dated Josh out, one of my close friends, for a drink in the same place again.


Outfit 3: Not So Innocent Bunny

white bunny

As you can see, I wore the same top as it was one of my favourite tops to go with mini skirts.

I bought it in H&M London, too bad they don't have H&M here.

Highlights of outfit: Lacy mini skirt, white lacy choker, and white furry ears.

Josh loves to camwhore. And he loves to dress up. The most expensive thing on this outfit will probably be his specs.

cam whoring josh

Cost over a thousand. -.-

Somehow I felt that we looked pretty matched up here.

me and josh

And equally silly.

quirky faces of me and josh

white bunny cam whore

There was a bazaar earlier this year held in Old Klang Road which I participated. I decided to bring my Nicolekiss Boutique to public for the first time.

Outfit 4: Cosplay High School Cat Girl

cat nicole

Very similiar to outfit 2 only this time I went all the way with the complete Japanese high school uniform.

To make the whole high school girl look more realistic. I decided to tie my hair into two ponytails.

cat girl posing at bazaar

After putting on my tartan ears, I looked completely like a cat girl lolita.

lolita cat girl me

But this time, I was not alone. I recruited a comrade with me.

my cat ear

Meet Lolita Cat Girl Christine.

christine's cat ears

She's a uber cute Indonesian friend of mine.

adorable christine

cute lolita christine

Together with our complementing shoes and stockings/socks, we shocked the crowd that day.

4 feet

While manning our boutique booth at the bazaar.

cute purple cat girl

We even went to Sunway later that way for a little bit of window shopping.
Mind you, we got a lot of stares.

lolita cam whore in car

lolita girl winks
*wink* am I your dream come true? *omg puke*

Highlights of outfit: comparable comrade with matching foot-wear

Now the most impressive collection I have, however, is this full-on Lolita dress which I bought at a rather high price.

Imported from Japan and only one piece available when I spotted it.

Outfit 5: Pink Lolita

profile pic of pink lolita girl
standing shot

sitting lolita
sitting shot

Complete with exaggerated pink lacy ribbon headdress, white stockings and lolita shoes.

white stockings pink lolita shoes

cute lolita pink shoes

lolita cam whore
ribbon headdress

Here are some more shots.

lolita and christmas tree

v pose pink lolita

one finger pose pink lolita

pink lolita and tea sets

Shots with friends.

josh and pink lolita

josh and me

lolita and richard
Richard from TAT

pink lolita

Highlights of the outfit: Pink ribbon headdress, lolita shoes, color contacts, and well, the dress itself. ;)

And that marks the final piece for today's Nicolekiss Lolita Craze.

lolita posing with flowers

Till then everyone, muaks and ciao.

kissing lolita

Don't wet yourself in your dreams. ;) *don't puke either* :p


19 kissed Nicole

  1. nicole. hahahaha!!! is that me??? hahahahahaah!!! gosh. thats memorable girl!! :P btw ill be in kl till 12th this month, lets do lunch or dinner, whichever u prefer! btw i'll message u my temporary number in facebook! missss u!

  2. the pink lolita is awesome!!

  3. Wow.. I never knew I was following a cosplay blog..

  4. i adore all your lolita outfits, the 2nd outfit made you look like a small cute little gal, but i don't think i have the guts to wear them out with friends. the last outfit is totally grand-like. and its pink.awesome

  5. i like ur look..super fantastic

  6. i think the red is alright. not the last one la :S it makes you look 3 times bigger than you actually are. i think something more sleek and sexy would be nice as opposed to something cute and kawaiish

  7. i dont like the last one, sorry.. makes u look a little heavy.. sorry! :x the rest look fab tho.

  8. Nicolita U R fantastic !!!!!

  9. wow... so daring to wear those at garden?

  10. LOL..except LOL i am completely speechless...this is a good one!

  11. You look gorgeous.. ;)
    By the way, you look best in second outfit..

  12. Out of Topic:
    I can't help but notice the flooring in your first photo. Are those wood-like tiles or laminated wood?
    Back to Topic:
    you look cute in those outfits!


  13. Nice costume... I like the Japanese HIgh School Girl... Wish I can see one of these in UTAR! ^^

  14. Gosh, wonder if you join the local lolis out on a stroll? ^^

  15. I love Lolitas! Yummy! lol

  16. Pink is not really your color

  17. This blog is great. Thank you for posting it. I myself am a fan of lolita fashion and cosplay.
    You look very kawaii in these clothes.


    (P.S. - The last one was my favorite.)

  18. It's great that you're interested in lolita, but none of these outfits are actually lolita except maybe the last one... :)

  19. I agree with the previous anonymous about it not really being lolita, except I think the first one is closer to lolita than the last one, ahah. Those two are borderline lolita but the middle ones really aren't at all. :S
    This might help you: I really hope you do get into lolita though, I have many outfits myself.