First Photo Taken with Kiss Camera

Short note: flying to Bali today. Bali bali bali bali.

So yes, I bet you guys are wondering what great achievement I have done so far with my great Canon 500D, also affectionately known as the Kiss Camera.

It was a fun session, spontaneous? yes. humourous? yes yes. disgusting? err.... probably.

It was my attempt to make my own Hong Kong French Toast,

which was, eh hem....

an utter failure. T_T

disgusting french toast

A reader of mine once commented that the most revolting thing can be best shown with the best quality of photo, which also means, a good camera, and make the most revolting thing, looks even more, err... revolting?

failed hk french toast

Sick, I know. I'm a sick person. Deal with it.

Agree with me though, that sometimes the best photos are the ones that can show the most repulsive side of things.

peanut butter goo

I dare you to eat that!



8 kissed Nicole

  1. Hahaha, what an amazing achievement you have there! So I take it it didn't taste that great either then, huh? :P

  2. Practice makes perfect toast :P

  3. Now tell me which one are am I suppose to assess . The pict or the food? Very frank >>Food: 4/10 Pict: 7.5/10

  4. haha..its funny but with time ur cooking skills will improve!

  5. Can eat, don waste~~ Hahaha~~~ (^_^)v

  6. seems delicious! quite nice photos and clear...take more for sharing ya!

  7. Come! Pile 'em in my mouth! I love burned toast!

    As mentioned above, practice makes perfect! Recall your mistakes or things to avoid when you make a toast! Have fun ya~

  8. I still remember this sucky thing... heheheh