Hong Kong: Li Ka-shing yacht & Jackie Chan House

Short Note: I'll let it be, let it be.

Woke up early the next morning to explore more of Hong Kong.

hong kong

Cam whore on the bus.

posing on bus
without flash

cam whore on bus
with flash

We went to see the monument - golden tulip that was given to Hong Kong by Chinese Government when they were returned to Mainland China.

golden tulip monument

That's what happened when you book a tour and follow it. You're being brought to places like this with ONE thing to see freaking early in the morning just to be left there for an hour and have nothing to do but take photos at that darn thing.

No choice but to oblige.

golden tulip

Then we were brought to the jetty to see some rich people's yachts, and how they live their luxurious envious-by-many lives.

row boat
Boat that was bringing us out

at the jetty
So Colddddd, dang i hate winter

cold winter in hong kong

Our boat was prettily decorated with Tang Longs. Makes you feel like you're in a Chinese country huh.

tang long

We saw a huge ass floating restaurant that was so said to be so damn high class that those people who walked in have gold bars flying out of their pants.

far view jumbo floating restaurant

Ok, I so totally made that up.

But it was said to be really expensive.

posing with jump floating restaurant
Wind what are you doing to my hair

Then there were the rich men's yachts!


Er... this is a fishing boat I think.

Rich men's yachts!

rich men's yachts

There were some yachts that were so fancy that it looked like the back of your really expensive dream house, where a bicycle and a plant situate.

fancy yacht

The entire highlight of the tour was to check out Li Ka Shing's yacht!
Yes the very famous billionaire.

li ka shing yacht

He is the richest person of Chinese descent in the world and the sixteenth richest man in the world with an estimated wealth of US$16.2 billion on 13 February 2009.

Honestly, the yacht didn't look that big. I would have expected a much bigger yacht from someone like that.

li ka shing yacht 2

Or maybe this is just one of his many many yachts.

And who knows what goes on in that little (ok not so little) yacht of his. Don't judge a book by its cover, or a yacht's content of its size.

For all we know he might have a pool inside!

After that we went to Qian Shui Wan where I prayed hard for my fortune. One more month to go, dang I don't want to waste a good panty la!

qian sui wan

There was a temple sort area near the end of the beach where you find many tourists come here to pray. (or was sent here to pray)

I recognized some of the gods that were displayed here.

fu lu shou

I heard he's a Fu Lu Shou. But no idea what role he played in the god realm.

laughing buddha

Laughing Buddha! too distinctive.

laughter god

Laughing Buddha with a shiny tummy.

laughing buddha give children

Laughing Buddha with a lot of kids. If you want to get pregnant, touch this statue and pray.

*stay far far away*

guan yin niang niang

Guan Yin Niang Niang without her lotus stand.

yue lao god

Yue Lao - a god of love, helps people connect strings of love.

Chinese believes that love is destined by god. And a red string of fate that connects two people's pinkies was what brought couples together, this string is controlled and tied by Yue Lao.

To pray for love, pray to this god.

And there's a saying that if you were to stand one side of the statue while another (stranger or someone you know) stand on other side, you two are bound to be together.

yue lao

Oh shit! Did my dad (left) stand on the platform next to the statue with another guy?!!!

F*Ck! I am not getting a stepfather!!!!

And then there's the longevity god.

longevity god

Not that he's very long, just that he controls the long lifespan of human, or maybe because he's very old. After all, all gods are immortals.

He has a bridge here where you can walk over the bridge to extend your lifespan.

longevity bridge

Each time you walk over it, you will increase your life by 3 days.

So keep on walking sista!!!

(I know, wtf right?)

Among the bridge and many other interesting superstitious stuff, I found the golden catfish to be most fun.

throwing coins

Basically what you do is, and like most Chinese would to anything that has a hole or water in it, you throw a coin that you have into the mouth of the Catfish for luck.

throwing coin

If you're able to aim for the mouth, then your wish will come true.

coin flying

I managed to catch a shot of a flying coin entering the mouth.

coin in dragon mouth

Can you see the coin?

Then suddenly, my tour guide turned around and started pointing somewhere in the distant and said: "Over there, you will see Jackie Chan's house".

Everyone whirled around instantly to stare at a bunch of expensive looking houses on a cliff off Qian Shui Wan.

At first, I didn't see anything. But then, there in the distant, a saw a pointy roof with an antenna poking out from the arch.

Jacky chan's house in hong kong

Jackie Chan's house!!!

jacky chan house in qian shui wan

Woo hoo!!! I saw Jackie Chan's house.

The only other time I was so close to his house on the cliff was watching the movie "Gorgeous", cast with Shu Qi.

Then again, god know if that was even that house, Jackie owns so many houses around the world that even elephants can't remember all of them.

But the most awesome house he has is this hide-away secret house in Hong Kong.


Did he just bought the entire building down?


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  1. goodness, Jackie chan seems to be a reall pack rat. Amount of stuff ke kept in his house is amazing!
    He will have a problem when he need to move house one day :-)

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  10. I think he has a lot of houses, so many you wouldn't know where he lives. and that's the point. :)

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