Kids today...

White Furry Poncho. Check.

Cute Japanese style side bangs. Check.

High Pony Tail. Check.

Stockings. Check.

Boots. Check.

Dress. Check.

cute baby chinese girl


Kids today dress up nicer than I did when I was 17.

WTF man.


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Oh i sooo know what you mean!! I'm 20 and the stupid 13 year olds dress better than me!

  2. utterly cool outfit, i mean, i don't even know what's boots when i'm still child..

  3. yupp, all thanks to their modern parents. sometimes im so speechless when the kids' shoes are more expensive then mine!! Jesus! with the size of them!!

  4. hey hey.. u should dedicate a page or something like this to the poor Michael Jackson

    bye Micheal
    stay in peace

  5. Hi, Nicole, you're so lucky to get to travel so much. I used to go Bangkok once a month for work but not anymore. BUT, pls. watch out for H1N1.

    Vincent Hailam Lang

  6. hahhaa... well nic, not ALL children are very fashionably dressed, you need to look at mine :P

  7. They are much updated than us... Indeed~

  8. So adorable.. really know how to dress up!