Save Crush!

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Warning: Cuteness overdose at the end

Does this image bother you?

turtle eating plastic

What about this image?


This one?


I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want my kids in the next generation to think that turtles look like this.

tmnt_sea turtles

Therefore I am encouraging everyone out there to save crush!

crush talking

The Sea Turtle outlived the dinosaurs and is one of the rare few animals to have a life span longer than humans. Like Crush in Finding Nemo, a green turtle can live up to 150 years.

Some of you might think that turtles are ugly sea beasts. But they are in fact such magnificent creatures.

Hawksbill turtle – critically endangered

Green Turtle - endangered

Another amazing turtle to highlight is the leatherback turtle.

It is the largest turtle among all living sea turtles growing up to 6 feet long (longest recorded leatherback was 10 feet long from the tip of it’s beak to the tip of it’s tail and 8 feet wide) and weighing between 200 – 900kg. From such a tiny baby,


They can extend up to… well, you’ll never live long enough to see its full extent.



No wonder it’s known as the world’s fourth largest reptile right behind crocodiles.

But sadly, the critically endangered leatherback turtles may go locally extinct in Rantau Abang, Terengganu. Recently, only a few have returned to nest there. Other species have declined by more than 60% since they were first recorded to nest decades ago.


The horrific part is that in Malaysia, you still can buy turtle eggs to eat and find fisherman using mesh fishnet bigger than 10 inch of size which can cause turtles to get caught and drown.

WWF-Malaysia needs more funds to help protect the nesting places of these beautiful animals as well as to enhance the enforcement of legislation against turtle egg sale and consumption.


Here’s how you can help.

SMS WWF <space> your full name <space> Email and send to 39398. Each SMS donates RM3. Or go to website to donate.

DO NOT eat endangered species. E.g. turtles eggs, tiger meat, medicines made of rhino horns.

DO NOT litter into the sea, leatherback feeds on jellyfishes and can easily mistake plastic bags for one.

Learn more about our turtles at

Save crush, I mean.. the sea turtles, or we will never live to the day to see scenes like this.

Leatherback-Turtles-baby talking_nicolekiss


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  1. U wrote it nicely to encourage people to help out in the conservation effort of sea turtles...So nice of you...

    Eh...I sent a few sms oledi lor... (^_^)Y

  2. What is the kid holding? Turtles' eggs? Thanks for these info and awareness.

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  4. this girl totally have awareness.. to turtle.. and also to... human........

  5. windwalker26/2/08 8:06 PM

    Great post to save endangered species of turtle! Keep up the good work, Nicole!

  6. well yes! keep it up~ save crush!

  7. Yeah...i definitely don't want to see these such magnificent animals go extinct. They are so beautiful...anyway, way to go for trying to get people aware of this situation.

    Add oil...supporting you all the way.

  8. jacky: thanks!

    julian: yea they're turtle eggs sold in terengganu

    der: i want to see the leatherbacks with my own eyes while i'm alive.

    windwalker: donate donate~ :D

    couthiewoods: yay!

    jeremy: indeed, it'll be sad if they do.

  9. what u have said it true. but i like to add something. We always feel sad and we agree that we should not do this but do we really try to stop it . No we don't I am sorry to say we are good speakers but not that good in action.If each and everyone of us do what ever we can to prevent it. The world will change so guys.
    lets be the change what we want the world to be.

    and Nicole yet again its a god job. ;)

  10. oh god i love crush :D

    anyway, i'm residing in singapore so i can't sms to that number, but is there any other way i can help in this conservation program too?

  11. I'll donate once I top up my credit. Thanks for bringing this topic up anyway.

  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, but selling those eggs isn't that illegal?!

  13. Thank you for writing about our endangered turtles! Unfortunately, there are so many ignorant people that are unaware of these type of issues. In addition, we have so many poor (or greedy) people that don't have the same perspective as you and I do. Every little effort counts in trying to save these endangered species.

    I hate to be a pessimist but it does seems like a dire effort.

  14. i've snorkeled on top of a couple of green sea turtles in sipadan island. they are gorgeous!

    u've done a very good job promoting the campaign. these days, people visit blogs more often than sites like wwf's. u're a great blogger, unlike a lot who just blog about themselves.


  15. i dont trust donations in malaysia, there is no assurance to whether the intended person gets the fund. however, i fully support educating ppl....increase the awareness of ppl.

    there is this small town near gurun that thrives in exotic meat business.

  16. Hey Sheon....haven't seen you post for a while. Where have you been???

  17. good one!! i really hope people will stop eating endangered species..killing elephants for ivory..killing sharks for their fins!!!


    *reload phone to SMS*

  18. its really kind of you Nicole to post up the dangers that the sea turtles are facing. i am currently studying marine science myself and yes, we do need more people like you to reach out to the people out there and create such awareness.
    i hope you people will do your part..even if you cannot donate much, the least you could do is not to consume turtle eggs.

  19. Hi...been reading your blog for a while now and was touched by the Save the Turtle post you got here today. And, the sadness deepened when I saw this news:,22049,23284553-5005941,00.html

    Apparently, this 40 year old turtle had choked on plastic bags...Please....stop killing the turtles....And stop littering the sea. Please don't put your convenience into the life of innocent sea animals...

  20. Not much people are aware of that Universiti Terengganu Malaysia actaully have a research and rehabilitate program on-going.

    More details here

    They always take volunteers to help out each season.

    I haven't been there myself, but my colleagues had been there. Good exposure for those who are not aware of conservation of marine life.

  21. nice 1... In sarawak, you can find the turtles eggs in the opening market also... shame shame...

  22. Wherever there is a human, there is a pollution..

  23. YUM YUM...

  24. anon: :) as you are aware, my project is picking up steam....and election is beckoning....busy with work and writing and reading up political issues... :)

  25. Good.. good.. *CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP ~oh those are claps from the seals that I recruit to build the extention of my house. Very very good workers. Highly recommended! And they support your awareness blog also (they can't type coz no fingers)

  26. nafi: as someone has said below, every little effort counts

    devinahs: u can go to the website, there's more info on how u can help :)

    abby r: thanks

    julian: yes it is

    anon: read nafi's

    tjy: wow.. i wanted to do that too!! i'm going there next month

    sheon: well... sometimes i think 30% of the donation reaches is better than none. though it isn't right.

    huei: haha..

    gypsy: o wow.. are u a student somewhere?

    fyil12: omg.. that turtle was so beautiful T_T

    axiao: really? wow.. thanks for sharing

    anon: yes... sad

    anon: pathetic humans

    anon: -.-

    balqiz: haha.. u are so cute

  27. is this a sincere post? or are you getting paid to do it? i kinda had the impresion from your travelling that you eat any kind of animals includng turtle

  28. Boom! Cuteness explosion...

    I like the conservationist in you... keep it up Nic!

  29. Penang also have turtles but I don't know what type. They disappeared for a number of years but as you may have read in the papers last year, I think USM and the fisheries department have succesfully got them to come back. They nest at Pantai Kerachut and I think Muka Head also. They're not as big as leather backs a turtle is a turtle.

    They used to sell turtles and their eggs illegally outside the markets all over Penang. But it's not so common anymore as the authorities are swift to act (because mat salleh complain).

  30. With regards to my previous comment, I meant to say 'but a turtle is still a turtle'.

  31. judd: o really? what makes u say that? I do have these things against eating endangered species.

    sisuahlai: oysters!!

    des: oh really? i didn't know that.

  32. yes!!!! you are definitely right!!
    will you bring shopping bag and refuse the use plastic bags?????
    c'mon, c'mon, let's do it together~~~!!!!!

  33. Sea turtles can mistake clear-color plastic bags for jellyfish. The turtles die because the plastic bags eventually fill up their stomachs and they starve to death. Stop requesting plastic bags from stores, please.

  34. Aww..this is such a touching post!
    I totally agree! Would be sending SMSes to WWF after I finish typing this comment. =)
    Save crush!!


    Here the banner! Insert it on ur blog nicole! HAHAHA! And one more thing, ,Melaka at pengkalan balak got Turtle Hatchery!

  36. It's really great of you to do something for the animals and generate more awareness. I read about the sad and inhumane case of Joy, the dog, today. I just cannot comprehend the need for absurd acts like that.