The Great Ocean Road Roadtrip

To be in Melbourne, or Victoria state per se, is to go on a ride down The Great Ocean Road (talk about creativity of a name).

the great ocean road sign

The 243km stretch of road was built to commemorate those who were killed in the World World I, also acting as a project to solve employments issue to the returning Australian soldiers from the war.

It's one of the greatest scenic drives along the most beautiful coastlines in Australia. They even have a website set up for it.

In other term, if you have not done The Great Ocean Road Roadtrip when you're here, for f*ck sake you come to Victoria!

We met up with Graham in Southern Melbourne, a random couchsurfer I met online who volunteered to take us out for a roadtrip down The Great Ocean Road.

graham in his car
Graham, a happy go lucky retiree, we should all live like him. Contented with life. :D

Then we were off driving toward the South in his new second hand Toyota.

heading south

with Tee Hiong and Henry at the back (two of my new found friends in Melbourne).

henry and tee hiong

And me with me about-to-go-missing cap and Stuart's jumper.

camwhore in graham's car

In the car we cracked our Cadburry bars and joked and talked (most talked about Graham's life) and more than half an hour later, we saw the coast.

winding road ahead
Winding road ahead

The road along the coastline was beautiful, with many winding roads,

winding road

up and down the cliffs, small bridges to cross,

bridge ahead

and sometimes, pretty houses to look at.

unique house
fairly unique house

Made you wish you could buy a house and live here.

Soon it started to drizzle a bit.


When we arrived at our first look out point, the rain has stopped, and though cloudy, the view of the coasts was nonetheless magnificent!

first stop

We took a group photo with the Big Hill rock sign with a 3D map of the Great Ocean Road on it.

first group photo at great ocean road

group photo at great ocean road

Further up the road, we had few more stops and the view of the Southern coast just got prettier and prettier, despite the foggy and cloudy weather.

foggy ocean

such gorgeous beauty of nature

first look out point

beautiful scenery at great ocean road

cloudy great ocean road

doing the run

It's so pretty I even took the liberty to create a series of Wallpapers of the Great Ocean Road so you can download here to use.

cloudy great ocean road_wallpaper
Click here for wallpaper size.

great ocean road wallpaper
Click here for wallpaper size.

Here are some wide screen wallpapers for those of you like me.

great ocean road wallpaper_wide2
Click here for wide_wallpaper size.

great ocean road wallpaper_wide
Click here for wide_wallpaper size.

You know, one day I should create a series of Nicolekiss scenic wallpaper around the globe. What'dya think?

The last two wallpapers I took was at the last look out point before the hitting Apolly Bay (was it the first city or second city?). The journey, with stops, took us four hours from Melbourne city.

great lookout point at great ocean road

graham and me
Graham stealing my limelight

dragon ball pose at great ocean road
Me and Tee Hiong doing the Dragonball combine!

We stopped by Apollo Bay for some quick lunch before hitting back.

apollo bay

I would have wanted to go forward till we hit the infamous Twelve Apostles but it was already mid-afternoon and Graham, at his age, was tired and needs much rest, so we reluctantly headed back to Melbourne.

But not before we cam-whored around for a bit.

colorful fountain in apollo bay

wtf pose

tee hiong and his pole

Don't ask me what I was doing, I didn't want to go back. So have to stall some time. :(((

between pole

lying on bench in apollo bay
La la la, don't want to go back, la la la

pole hugger

I'm a pole hugger wtf?


11 kissed Nicole

  1. The great ocean has been kissed

  2. Good. Another nice wall paper that I can use.

  3. awesome!! really admire ur courage traveling alone and getting to make new friends along the way !!!

  4. the house on top of the mountain is really unique but at the same time looks fragile and wobbly... are there anyone staying there at the mo??worry for them

  5. nicolee please join this job

    please i am really hoping you can go in this job, suits you 100%

  6. Nic i like the way u twirl & whirl in front of the camera. Ever considered being in a movie? U're a natural! It's about time a blogger transits into the celluloid screen! Perhaps a local remake of the Korean Full House or My Wife is a Gangster! Haha

  7. any plans to return to melbourne again?

  8. totally agree on the wallpaper thing...ur shots are 'powder'ful!!

  9. I had been studying in Melbourne for 1 year before and I didn't pay a visit to the Great Ocean Road! That's one of my most regrettable thing in life. Anyway, you should really have gone to the 12 Apostles.

  10. Glad u enjoyed melbourne! I'm currently working here, but of course, I sometimes miss dear 'ol Singapore and its quirks. And you MUST visit the Twelve Apostles when you get a chance, because they'll eventually disappear from natural erosion. Just had one that bit the dust quite recently. Ow.

  11. OMG! I absolutely adore those photos! DAMN! Haha....What camera is it? Cannon DSLR?