Nicolekiss Spoof Rihanna – Umbrella

Rihanna, the uber hot girl with ever changing hairstyle.


rihanna short hairstyles

rihanna long hairstyles


rihanna contrast hairstyles

From super cute bob to long straight and wavy to ultra bob, Rihanna’s hair is as versatile and inconsistent as Britney’s body weight.

But her staple image is still the infamous fashion astounding statement asymmetrical black bob.


But what she is famous for was her omg-tight-ass body that most girls would give two arms, two legs and their credit cards for.


Good news to all die-hard fans out there. Her majesty Rihanna is going to hold a concert in Kuala Lumpur on February 13th. Yes, you get to see Rihanna the "Good Girl Gone Bad" tour LIVE in Malaysia!

MeTV is throwing a contest
that might send you to meet Rihanna in person.

Heres how…

The catch is to create a video (creative as you can be) that shows how much of a Rihanna fan you are, aka make your own Rihanna short MTV clip.

And you need to upload your Rihanna mania video via mobile to MeTV…and the best video will win)

Methods of submission:

1. Record your best Rihanna mania video.
2. Send video via MMS to 26388 with RIHANNA typed in your message or subject box.

What’s more, it’s not just a meet. You get to…
Greet and send her off at KLIA.
Get VVIP pass to her concert.
Get invited to her concert post party.

And finally, get to talk and mingle with Rihanna!!!

This is my entry and ticket to see her in person! Rihanna, I LOVE YOU!

This is the original version. I’ve already truncated mine to enter the contest.
You should not exceed 300kb for your submission video. (that’s like 15 seconds of low quality video screenings ?)

While to watch, rate & download videos on MeTV from your mobile:

Step 1 : Log on to (from your mobile)
Step 2 : go to Fun Stuff and select MeTV,
Step 3 : click on Rihanna category.
Step 4 : Watch, rate (my video) or download any of the listed video.

Fear not, there are many tickets to be won! Let’s go welcome Rihanna guys! Don’t miss out! However, expiry is on 8th February, so chop chop, send in your video now!

One Grand Winner who gets the VVIP ticket to Rihanna LIVE in Kuala Lumpur, meet Rihanna, interview and talk to her, plus exclusive invites to Rihanna concert post party
And 15 consolation prizes with a pair of tickets to the concert each, each ticket worths RM198.

And winners of the above categories get to greet and send off Rihanna at KLIA!!!

Rihanna I lup you so much until my sister even cut her hair like yours!

rihanna and my hairstyle

Nice or not?

Say nice.


36 kissed Nicole

  1. ur sister is much prettier than u :)

  2. very nice...
    she's pretty

  3. wow~ i like ur latest look~!

  4. Hey, think that haircut really suits you! great choice.

  5. eh, ape pasal xde lip-syncing in ur video geh?

  6. LOL.. I think thats cuteeeeee! I like it... I smile.. I laugh.. Good job.. NICE..

  7. u look so so pretty with make up, so long never see u with make up liao, big difference la. n i like your short hair

  8. nice.. did u reli cut ur hair short? it looks good on you. :)

  9. Nice video done ...Might just be your "ticket" to more TV / video commercials in future??,...Who knows..

  10. You're gorgeous. Hope you will win to see Rihanna in person. Best of luck. Cheers.

    P/S love your haircut.

  11. What can I say. You're so pretty and dance well, of course.

  12. Beautiful babe....gorgeous as ever, what more to say got a good haircut, flattering makeup and that oh so sexy dance moves...

  13. haha wow you and your sister look so alike, people commenting even mistook you for her!

    anyway since you asked: nice. very nice =P

  14. i love rihanna with long curly hair..she looks so sexy and hot in it... u look different from your sis...just like my sis and i

  15. very nice...if you didn't mention your sister, i would've thought it was you in the video, you both look so alike

  16. she reli look like u
    i even thought u had an hair cut!!!!!
    she is pretty

  17. yr sis is very beautiful..

  18. nicole, you have sister? i always follow your blog, you never mention that you have sister, you only have a bro, if i am not wrong. i love ur short hair, it looks nice on you.

  19. way way hot!

  20. Nicole it is you right?? U were got sis one, i thought u only have 1 brother by reading your blogs..

    Btw, yea u look really nice :)

  21. Steven Teoh7/2/09 10:58 AM

    Nicole is a bit fat on this video (as compared to Rihanna of course)
    :X ........ pls dun beat me up!

  22. Great but need to do something about the eyebags. Rest more girl.

  23. You look great with this hairstyle :)

  24. grr ur hot in that vid!

  25. I can't imagine how would she look all covered-up in her coming concert...
    Poor Rihanna.

  26. Wah nicole, looking hawt ler!
    What made you go for that drastic change? But hawt lor!!

  27. It's Nicole herself acting and she is wearing a short bob wig. Isn't that she obvious? LOL.. Anyway, it' indeed nice. Take care.

  28. little worm9/2/09 9:27 AM

    u look gorgeous in Bob look!more sweet and young.^^try to hv a cut.

  29. shorter hair looks nicer le

  30. Her concert is now possibly gonna be cancelled. She got beaten up badly by Chris Brown :( Such a shame.

  31. yah.. tat's too bad.. Rihanna might b comin :(

  32. the concert is postponed by the organizer. it's may have something to do with chris 'fist at rihanna face' brown case's. :(

  33. Wait. Is that you?
    If yes, then I should shout...
    "NICOLE! You're HOTTTTT!!!"

    And I like the new haircut!

  34. Where you got that wig boss?

  35. Rhianna sucks azz! No talent fool who's racking millions cuz she's hot.