I Toblerone U

Valentines is around the corner. Have you gotten your honey something sweet?


Something literally sweet perhaps?

taking out tobleron from book

Whenever I get bored of reading a book at night.

bored from reading

And stars start to appear around you, dragging you into dreamland.

starry reading

I have always like to have a bit of a sneak munch.

toblerone in book

Sometimes when I get really bored at night working on my laptop.

bored to death

Other times I just don’t know what to write anymore at 2am in the morning.

dying look

What wakes me up is a good bar of chocolate.

spottong toblerone on laptop

My blog ain’t called Nicole Chocoa Heaven for nothing. It’s no secrets that I love chocolates. Chocolate not only makes me happy,

estastic toblerone look

It keeps me awake.

eating toblerone in front of pc

Allowing me to work on my paper throughout the nights.

It’s true that chocolates have always been the long standing tradition of gifts to those you care; they represent the gift of love.


However in this modern materialistic world, buying presents is no easy chore. It requires hard thinking, deep consideration and fierce debates (for some) with your wallet. Chocolates alone aren’t enough anymore.

So let I Toblerone U help you.

laptop screen

Toblerone came up with a brilliant idea to solve most of our problems in the wallet sector.

shopping in toblerone site

Because of tight budget during recession, I’m sending my sweetheart a list of dream gifts he would have loved to bits, virtually.

nicolekiss message

And a huge box of Toblerone. :D
For real.

shining triangle box

Oh yea, for those who buy this box of Toblerone will receive a unique code on a card found inside the box.


There you will find a unique code which you can use to enter a contest that will entitle you to win real gifts of what you’ve designed.

entering unique code

Not just Malaysians, Singaporeans also can play.


See, if you win this, then all your virtual gifts for your darling become real gifts, just like how you designed it! Now tell me a better reason not to buy Toblerone this Valentines.

toblerone in my hand

Of course, it would be wise if you keep the box close.

nibbling on toblerone

Baby, sorry I couldn’t resist!

eating tobleron

But don’t worry k, at least you’ll still have your virtual colognes to smell right?

I Toblerone U baby!”


10 kissed Nicole

  1. lol no wonder laaa haha. I'd want a big Hershey's kiss though :P

  2. LOL...This is like chocolate commerial by Nicole...But cute & nice anyway....You'd venture into TV ads or something :-)

  3. do you think i should get chocolates for my bf?? i'm kinda confused whether guys would apprciate that

  4. haha, toblerone is alwiz yummy, used to luv em while growing up, looks like will head out and get it soon, chocoholic here as well :)

  5. haha, tat's u in ur pyjamas? look quite hot tho :P

  6. ah toblerone, one thing that even I can't get enough of, i prefer the white one though

    P/s: lol Dell XPS M1530! just like mine! it's a great buy :D

  7. hii...yerr so niceee to get toblerone on valentiness...i love tobleronee!=)

  8. hey... I read the book that u were reading and I LOVED IT..
    Hope u do too.

    I been trying to find the post about the photo editing one. Can u please email me the link?

    thank you

  9. This entry reminds me that I still have one Toblerone in my room. My Christmas pressie from a friend :D

  10. I got one Toblerone with fruits at home. My cousin bought it for me when she came to KL from HK.