How to Light a Fireplace

lighted fireplace

When I was in Melbourne, I bunked over at Lachy's and his very very very hot mix Indian girlfriend. They stayed in this very olden English cottage style house in the urban area.

It's so old that there's no central heating system in the house, in fact, seeing that it was winter, every night I have to sleep with a metal heater that operated on gas (or oil, yea like I can tell the difference).

But what I like about this house was that it was very traditional and ancient, and back in the days, people keep themselves warm through the most basic way.

dry fireplace

Yes, the fireplace. In the living room. Or the common area if you must.

When I first saw the fireplace, I got so excited and started shouting

"OMG OMG you have a fireplace! OMG you so must light this up for me. Teach me how to light a fireplace, show me show me show me!"

So Lachy went to his backyard where we found a whole stock of dry woods and logs and twigs lying around on the grass.

collecting logs from backyard

He started choosing, selecting, analysing, discarding, and chucking them into a box.

choosing logs

So I asked Lachy: "Hey, why are you choosing? Can't you just get any log you want? What about that big one."

Without turning his back to look at me, Lachy replied: "No, you have to look for the dry ones, and the ones that are easily lighted, you only need one or two big logs, then you need to fill the rest (in the fireplace) with twigs".

Me: "Ohh....."

poking around

So this is five steps to How to light a fireplace according to Lachy.

1. Place two or three big logs in the fireplace, then cover it with smaller branches, dry twigs and stuff it with lots of old newspaper.

putting newspaper on dry logs

2. Light it.

lighting the fireplace

Light the paper, not the big fat impossible-to-light log la.

3. Blow


Usually the fireplace blower will do the trick for you. But for a traditional fireplace such as this, you have to work your lungs like you mean it.

I was looking at Lachy working his lungs out like an full tank engine on lubrication for a good 10 minutes before the fire decided to get even with him. So keep on blowing till your face is rushed with blood.

4. Poke around

lachy having a last poke

Give it a few final pokes so the fire and fully cover the log before settling back in your comfortable lounge of sofa and pillows.

It will take half an hour or more to turn the big logs into coal, which then the fire will keep on burning for hours on end.

gorgeous fire

5. Enjoy

lending heat

On a cold winter, nothing, I mean seriously nothing, beats a good warm laze by the fireplace. Such fuzzy feeling, brrr.

taking heat from fireplace

Now all you need is a good rug,

getting warm by the fire

and Coco.

pulling doggy face

Meet Coco. He She was so warm and cute, I simply adored him her.

me and doggy

Now that's what I called a comfortable evening on a cold winter night.


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  1. ooh yea, warm and nice!

  2. ehhh.. why no very very very hot mix indian girlfriend picture ah ?

  3. I was told that Coco's a "her". No? XD

  4. But the fireplace in the house where i'm staying is sealed up.. so i guess no trying to light up the hole anymore...

  5. coco is cute

  6. You can save yourself all that blowing if you have a page of a large, broadsheet newspaper: hold it over the top part of the fireplace and the chimney should draw air through the gap at the bottom and through the fire.

  7. what kinda dog does Lachy have?
    its looking lovely

  8. I have never seen a fireplace before, nor do I know how to lit it. Must be a wonderful experience for you!