Snowboarding in Canberra, Australia


My bones are broken and my butt are full of bruises. I can't feel my legs and my arms have problem moving to a 90 degree position.


I couldn't stop smiling.

Canberra must be the best paradise of all the heavens I have found in Australia so far!!! Why?! Because here you find the MOST amazing ski mountain!!

5am, last Saturday. I woke up and put on my hired jacket and trousers which my cousin was so kind to treat me to,

me in snow cap and jacket
that snow cap, was lost in the snow somewhere later that day T_T

and took my board and boots and chucked them into the black four wheel Mazda of which my cousin bought two weeks ago.

Ahh.. the smell of fresh car.

And off we went with my two adorable nephews to the alps.

je yen and je han
They are so cute in their little red matching winter jackets >_< (hugs and kisses all over their face)

Three hours later, I saw it.

road to thredbo

It was in the distance, but after such a long drive, I was estatic to even see the tiny magnificent rise and fall of the mountain from such a distance.

road to thredbo 2
Eh... gone d? Behind the trees?

After another half an hour, it came to me in full view. And I couldn't help but to be awed. It was a grand sight, and the photo doesn't do it any justice. I need a wide angle lens SLR.

mt kosciuszko

Mount Kosciuszko (pronounced as "Ko-zi-os-ko").

With a height of 2228 metres above sea level is the highest mountain in Australia. There are two main ski resorts here: Thredbo and Perisher Blue.

And the highest peak is located at Thredbo. Which is of course, where I will be doing my virgin snowboarding. *squeal like a little girl*

me and snowboard

And ladies and gentlemen, this..



gorgeous sunny mountain of thredbo

A one day ski lift pass would cost around AUD 97, first timer lesson an additional AUD 4, second timer and above will be an additional AUD 38. Ski or snowboard hire can be easily around AUD 60-80 for two days, so expect to take out AUD200 for a day's trip.

Not a cheap activity.

Since it was a Saturday, there were many skiers around, skiers of all ages. And I meant of ALL ages.

baby skier

Guys, these are called the Milo kids (yea... hard sell isn't it?). They have been trained to ski since they were in their mother's womb.

What? Don't believe me?! I mean, Jesus Christ, some of these kids are like what? Three years old?

milo kids preparing to ski

And they can ski better than most adults I've known! And without pole sticks!

milo kids in a row

Down the hill they followed their instructors leading in front.

milo ducklings

In my opinon, they look like ducklings following their mom.

milo kids following the instructor


Even the boarder kids are good at what they do.

kids snowboarding
Ceh... like pro only.

Unlike this dude

fallen down

muahaha! wait, I shouldn't laugh, that could be me in a bit. =_=

tween skiing

This is my cousin, Tween, in her skii. She's a doctor. A Gynecologist to be exact, aka she looks at pussy all day.

Don't you wish you were her. Get paid to look at pussies all day long :p

*run away from Tween*

And this...


is Brett.

My instructor. *sheepish grin*

Brett took out Mark, to teach us the ways of a snowboarder. It was so cute in a way, I couldn't stop laughing.

little mark

Like a grown man playing with dollies. :p

brett playing with mark

Btw, underneath those goggles, Brett has the most amazing blue eyes with the longest lashes. Thank god for those goggles, else there will an avalanche of ladies down those slopes.

Now first thing you learn about snowboarding is... no .. not playing with dollies... omg.. are u sick? oh sorry Brett, I wasn't talking about you :p.

The first thing you have to know is if you are a natural, or a goofy.

No, I am not calling you goofy. Basically one prefers to slide with his left foot in front, goes natural, and vice versa for goofy.

me doing natural

And I was a natural.

The mountain is a very sunny place, because it is so much closer to the sun, you CAN get sun burnt pretty easily, so remember to put on your sun screen lotion

me with my jacket off

and a good pair of shades, else you will blind yourself with the light refraction from the snow.
You can use ski goggle if you prefer, but I find it more cool to just use sunglass (and cheaper too!).

instructor and class

As I sat down on the cold icy snow like a good student attending the first timer class, my instructor gave talk as to what a snowboarder should or should not do and what were the things we should be learning in a bit.

me chilling out with snowboard on snow

This is me with my snowboard strapped on, ready to roll! (pun intended, yea, like roll down the hill -.-)

This is me attempting a toe slide. aka sliding backwards.

me doing the back slide

My back's not straight, eye should be focusing in front, not the ground!! Fail!!!

But after numerous falls and uncountable slips, I decided to take a break. -.-

"Parking" my board at the "parking bay", I went in to River Reek Cafe for a snack.

snowboard and skii rest
Can you spot my board?

After a drink and some fries, I was out to queue for the lift up the slopes. Dare devil me, muahaha!

me waiting in line for liftt

I took a video of me taking the lift up the slope.

I think I meant to say "gunbarrel". Pardon my many fumbles, I was too cold and too excited.

Soon (as in more falls and tumbling around later), I was boarding smoothly like a pro!

me snowboarding

Okay, by pro I mean, I can board straight down, moving left and right. That's about it. :p

Woo hoo!!! OMG... the wind in your hair, the speed, the capability to glide like the wind, it's exhilirating!!! I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this feeling is!!!

I was instantly hooked! More than diving, and mind you I love diving a lot, more than anything else in the world, I think.. curse my soul, that.. I have just found another hobby.

Another expensive hobby. SHIT!

First it was travel, then it was diving, then it was wine, now it's snowboarding.

Something's terribly wrong with me, I should stop discovering new expensive hobby, this is killing my pocket. -.-

Oh, and you know. At the end of the day,

me doing the groovy

I realised that I'm a goofy boarder. -.-

ps// I loved it so much, despite my pain and soreness, I went back to Thredbo three days later. -.-


21 kissed Nicole

  1. Nice pictures, but yeah, I think you are a rich little girl...

  2. I wonder whats next. Bungy jumping?

  3. Picked up The Aussie Accent now??? Happy Holiday!!!! :)


  4. Wow AUD97 for chair lift ticket! That's expensive! I think skiing is the best sport in the world. The last I skied was like 15 years ago. Till today, I sometime still dream of skiing, rushing down the slope, crisp wind in the face, doing the zig zags and the 'show off' breaking stop. Then I wake up in my Malaysian bed feeling disappointed. Mount Buller/Falls Creek I miss you!

  5. yeah, skiing is a pretty straight forward sport cos if u cant turn, its go straight forward and u ll be hoping to see a tree b4 the cliff, haha... enjoy urself

    hold on to a tree if u cant stop, cos thats what i did in canada

  6. Whoa, Nicole do ski boarding?! Congratulations! You look like a pro!

    You are addicted to expensive hobby......memang rich girl:) hehee

    I like the pictures...very nice, clear and sharp contrast. I like the one with your jacket off.....very nice shot. It looks like a postcard!

  7. lol, told'ya. It's addictive. Like, really addictive.

  8. Willar: Don't u remember her screams on Youtube the last time she went flying fox? Better not intro her to bungy jump or I'm worried we might go deaf soon... :p

    *whailing like a kid* bring me... BRING ME...!!!

  9. oh, it looked like fun!!!

  10. I wanna snowboard too... But immensely afraid of sunburnt... On 2nd thoughts now.

  11. darn it.
    Cant wait for my turn to snowboard.Breakin bones ei?its alright,no pain no gain.Coz i know you definitely had loads of fun back there.haha.

  12. Hehey, that was the place I snowboard last month.
    Did u try to donuts at the donut shop in ur pic? Those donuts are good! I'd say they are comparable to the best donut shops in msia

  13. come to North America, in particular... Whistler, BC. That mountain will break you in two, and make you want to come back for more

  14. Have fun n laughter "Snowboard Princess"

  15. Very COOL hobby!

  16. Should be an exciting activity to try. I went to Mt. Buller a couple of years back but had not tried snowboarding. ~sigh~

  17. Haa... I love skiing too! Went to Falls Creek n it's snowing as well =) I can understand your love for the sport.

  18. Whoa, what a exquisitely beautiful Mt. Kosciuszko!! You look pretty cool in your skiing board! Wish I could have a chance to ski boarding one day~ ^^

  19. How I wish I could go skiiing! Nice photos. Have fun, Nicole!

  20. Gday people... I am new here but I can't wait to begin having/getting several great conversations along with you all! I just thought i would introduce myself to you all so hi there!

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