My Valentine’s Day

Valentines this year was simple for me. Unique, if not.

Last Saturday I was at Sunway Pyramid witnessing the greatest love ever professed.

nice hair day

O btw, nice or not my hair. I curled it myself. I bought a new curler from Singapore. Super nice one, I can curl my entire head of hair in like ten minutes.


cool hair

Super shiny under the sunlight right?

Anyway, let’s get back to my story. When I first learnt about Berry and Lemon, I actually thought they were a very cute couple online professing their love for each other.

What I didn’t know was that they were literally a cute couple!

dancing fruit couple

Finding out that these two bloggers were really two fruits, I couldn’t help but to ROFL. It’s like…awe….

Basically the whole story was that Berry wanted to present to Lemon the biggest purple hearts ever filled with Ribena bottle caps as his way of showing his love for Lemon.

ribena caps
Imagine how much Ribena has been drunk here.

They went on road shows, flyers, posters, ads, even appeared on TV just to gather these caps.

berry needs help

Oh btw, Belinda Chee was pretty hot in real life.

hot belinda chee

She’s the emcee for the event and she was in yellow! :D

Hey I was in yellow too. What a coincidence.

lemon and berry bench

I even got free Ribena with Lemon to drink.

ribena press kit

I first tasted the Ribena with Lemon in Singapore over Christmas last year, and instantly I fell in love with the drink.

kissing ribena lemon

It was delicious! The sweetness was just right, didn’t know the lemon taste will complement the drink so much, everything was in perfect consistency.

I even got a few bottles back home and my mom has been at the bottles every day. Lol. My mom’s so cute.

The saga was over in a jiff when more caps were collected on the spot and poof… we had a gigantic purple heart.

happy couple

So I then grabbed my creampuff to camwhore around the place,

me on ribena bench

We even had a go at the dance machine with a little Indian boy, who was better than creampuff. :p

playing dancing machine

Where were too many people waiting in line to take photos with the famous fruit couple, as you can see behind the big TV screen on the photo above, so I decided that these cardboards would have to do make do with my camwhore session.

blow face on lemon

me and berry

v sign with berry

yo yo

I also met a few people there too. Like Mehlin and Timothy.

group photo

Timothy has lost so much weight and became quite buff, he looked completely different from the first time I saw him. Hehe.. guess love do change a person. ;)

We then went to watch a family friendly comedy movie “New in Town”, acted by Renee Zellweger.

OneSheet (Page 1)
OMG she has lost SO MUCH WEIGHT! She was SO SO SO HOT in the movie.

Anyway, we were given one bottle of Ribena with Lemon and some food each as we entered the cinema. And guess who we met there?!

It was Lemon!!!

me and lemon

Berry was there too, but I like lemon more cause we’re the same color. Haha!

The movie was pretty pleasant, especially if you’re a Renee fan, though most of the movie I was just plainly and crazily admiring her killer heels and killers legs.

We ended the day with a late afternoon dine out at Marmalade in Bangsar after the movie.

yummy avocado salad

And I found a fascinating use with my new gold bangle.

playing with my bangle


11 kissed Nicole

  1. hye nicole!
    i've been following your blog quite long. very enjoyable to read your where-bouts. love to read more.

    pssst: you're gorgeous lah!

  2. and you look good with curls~

  3. lols.....your curls are beautiful....hehe! If only my hair is long enough for curling. I i do curl my hair now, it would look like grandma's hair! lol!

  4. what curler are u using? it looks awesome!!!

  5. I think the lemon like u more , follow u to cinema i suspect ;)

    Btw u look nice there

  6. hey,

    earn money again ar...

  7. the curls look good but not really a nice place to spend valentine's day.I dont know if lemon looks prettier than you :)

  8. hihi ur curls are gorgeous! can i know which brand/model is it?

  9. oh luv the new hair ;)

  10. which one is your bf???

  11. As usual, you look hot when you are natural.

    Happy Chinese New Year greetings to you wherever you may be.