The Chocolate Hunt in Melbourne

Short Note: so everyone has heard that Rihanna's concert has been postponed till further noticed because she was beaten up by her boyfriend. Poor soul.

So far no one has seen her injured photo yet, so technically there's no proof that the women whom Chris Brown hit was in fact her, but what are the odds of both of them missing the Grammys together? Bless her soul, hope she heals and come to Malaysia soon.

Now I don't like to disappoint, but Melbourne wasn't exactly my favourite city in Australia.

*now don't kill me or stab me with a knife or both*

I mean, everyone has a few favourite celrtain things that tick their senses, it could be partying, it could be shopping, it could be agriculture; unfortunately tall buildings, unlimited shopping choices and plentiful of shops and restaurants and city life just ain't mine.

coop's shot tower

In fact, I like Adelaide a lot more, the people were friendlier, warmer, it's cozy, small rural town, small place with a big heart and lots of wineries and vineyards surrounding the place.

But soon found out that Canberra was by far my favourite city (to be exact, life in the snow mountains was what completely blew my mind off).

milo kids preparing to ski

But (there is always but)... I do love Melbourne for one thing. Their intensive selection of delicious dessert cafes, by that I meant specifically chocolate cafes.

Hence my one mission in Melbourne was the ultimate Nicolekiss Chocolate Hunt!


Ah hah!

With full on confidence and a determination that never dies, I set out in aim to find the best chocolate drink in the rich food culture Melbourne.

After 5 days of scouting up and down. I came down to three conclusions which I separately award the three best titles to.

So now~ *drum rolls*... The best chocolate drink in Melbourne Nicolekiss Awards!

Number 1!

Best Hot Cocoa Award

I don't care what you say or what you have tried before, this award can only belong to one and only one cafe in the whole of Melbourne. Brunetti takes the cake for the Best Hot Cocoa Award.

brunetti hot cocoa

This Italian rich mixture will set your sweet tooth straight. If you like rich, warm, hot cocoa, think of drinking chocolate mousse or syrup straight from your cup. One little cup is enough to last for one whole afternoon. Just remember to drink plenty of water after.


It was a rainy afternoon when I tried this cocoa drink, all the birds flocked in to take shelter from the rain. It's funny that the sparrows were cluttered to one side (like photo above), while the pigeons shunned to the other side.


Birds and their respect for individual's space?

cute pair
"We are the geek birds, we flock together."

The next award is my favourite award.

Best Ice Chocolate Award

Shout with me. "KOKOBLACK. KOKOBLACK!"

kokoblack sign

Yes I know Milo Ais (or Ice Milo) is the best chocolate drink in the world. But I BEG to differ. You know, I was naive like you were before, trapped under the well thinking that Milo Ais is all that! For a long time, throughout my puberty in fact, it was all that.

But until little naive Nicolekiss went to Australia and drank Kokoblack's ice chocolate!

drinking ice chocolate

Now little Nicolekiss has grown up to become big matured Nicolekiss who drinks the almighty ice chocolate in Kokoblack! Not little pre-puberty Milo Ais already. Little Nicolekiss has moved on!

kokoblack ice chocolate top

I tell you. ICE CHOCOLATE at KOKOBLACK is da bomb man!

holding a chocolate box

And their selection of chocolate desserts is fine~~~~~~

chocolate mousse
you just gotta try the chocolate mousse. chilled and rich. oh yum!

*If you don't agree with you, I don't want to friend you. hmph.*

Best Everyday Chocolate Drink Award

None other than Max Brenner.

kokoblack interior
"oh yea, I share the same love story as you do, whoever you are Max."

You know their specialty the hugmug?

max brenner hot cocoa

Well, I dedicate this award to this special drink on the hugmug list.

It's called Chocolate with Crunchy Waffle Balls.

It's not too sweet, not too bitter, not too creamy, you won't get turned off too easily, and the waffle balls just made it so nice to drink, you chew, then you drink, then you chew again.

By the time you know it, poof! You finished the drink, and you'll want to order for more. It's so addictive!

Hence the name of the award. You can just drink this everyday and you won't get tired of it.

preparing to drink

sipping milk chocolate

halo above my head

See the halo on my head? Real sunlight you know. *I am almighty*


15 kissed Nicole

  1. Nicole Chocoa & Cocoa AGAIN.....The taste of heaven after indulgence..Bet your BF die die oso must buy you chocolate on V-day :D

  2. You should try one more place, it's San Churros.

  3. Nicole and Faithful Readers,

    Anyone could advise me where can i get a hand on the hugmug around Klang Valley or Msia? I have been looking around for one, can't find leh.....

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. i agree that MB had good hot chocolate but you have to taste 'chokolait'.

    its a little chocolate place hidden away in the middle of the city.. a little hidden treasure :)

  5. omg i want to drink that!!!!!!!!!

  6. if i were to get my hands on those, i'm surely gonna fly to heaven...

  7. OMG the ice chocolate , chocolate mousse and Chocolate with Crunchy Waffle Balls really makes me drooling to the max. Thanks for sharing! *hugs*

  8. wow looks pretty enjoy~~~
    anyway happy Valentine's

  9. Chocolate shall be your Salvation!!

  10. whoaaaaa...looks yummy!

  11. You'll look good with my lips on yours.

  12. Haha I sat the exact same spot as you sat at Max Brenner haha

  13. Maybe you should try Delicious's Death by Iced Chocolate.. It's the best Iced chocolate drink i've tried in Msia.. =)))

  14. FYI: Max Brenner is a figment of 2 smart marketers' (or 'smarketers', why not?) imaginations. Alas, there is no bald Jewish man with a penchant for all things chocolate. Well, perhaps there is, but his name is not Max Brenner, and the legend only lives within the hyped metabolisms of the thousands of Asian students who frequent the cafe like their parents do Yum Cha. Personally I prefer the Yum Cha, and the best hot chocolate is in Sydney, at Bather's Pavillion. Even Bono went there, (I was there, true story) because "he still hadn't found what he's looking for" (the last part was made up, can you tell?) :)

  15. just wondering,
    you're working as what Nicole? cos i found out that you travel so much, and that makes me wonder..

    i like your 'job'. can go any places you want.. fun huh...

    im a bit jealous of you..

    wish i could have a job like yours..