Nicolekiss Exfoliates and Mask-ing

Now’s your chance to see my face totally make-up-less for more than 20 photos!
(cheh, not like I ever apply make-up when I travel anyway, you’ve probably seen dozens of them on my blog before)

unwashed face

Anyway, in this entry I am going to show you how to use Garnier Pure Scrub Wash and Self Heating Sauna Mask.

garnier facial scrub

As I have mentioned before, my face is less than perfect and with all the constant travelling, if I do not take care of my face I will probably look like an old crow in 3 years time. So what do I do to make sure my facial skin stays healthy and clean?

Apart from the normal washing and toner applying, one must exfoliate religiously every other week. And apply mask every other fortnight or month.

This is how you do it.

The Anti-imperfection scrub wash:

1. First you squeeze a coin size worth of scrub gel onto your palm.

squeezing gel

See the tiny particles, those will help you exfoliate your dead skin and white/black heads.

2. Then you apply them onto your T-zone and chin.

Splat some on forehead.

applying gel cream

Onto your nose as well.

applying on nose

3. Rub in circular motion

wiping face

This is to remove all the dirty particles from your pores on your face.

wiping nose

4. Rinse

splashing water
You have no idea how difficult it is to take this photo.

I’m trying to be professional.

5. and then, Sparkle!

clean mask after wash
I know I look weird. But this is the only photo I took after the wash. Heh…

Now this process has to be done religiously (note!), because flawless smooth and cleared skin isn’t attainable over night, and definitely not after one or two washes. Try it for a week or two or so, you will feel the difference.

After having not travelled intensively for a few months now, I feel that my skin has cleared up immensely and now I can take photo without make up with confidence. :D Oh yea~ liberating.

Now, the Self-heating Sauna MASK.

pure garnier mask

1. Squeeze a coin size worth (again)

mask cream

It’s whitish, thick and creamy.

self heating sauna mask
No, don’t think otherwise. I’m not playing with dirty stuff.

2. Apply on T-Zone.

Start from your forehead.

applying mask on forehead
Doesn’t that look like a heart shape?

Then move onto your nose.

applying mask

And down to your chin.

applying on chin

putting on mask

put more mask

One packet is actually enough for two (which I were to find out later), so you can either find a sister friend to do your mask ritual with, or squeeze half and save the rest for next time.

I decided to find a partner.

casey doing mask

What? It’s a unisex practice.

3. Wait for 3 minutes.

Have a 3 minutes nap (If that is even possible).

doing 3 mins rest

When you feel that you skin starts to burn, don’t panic.

You are not having an allergic reaction (or maybe you are, who knows, no I’m kidding, you’re not), it’s just the self-heating mask at work.

casey doing his 3 mins
Casey doing his 3 mins too.

acting cute

chuc huc casey

He seems to be enjoying the mask.

4. Rinse after 3 minutes.

casey examining himself
Casey examining himself

casey looking at himself
“Goodness, I look gay”

Slowly wash off the mask off your face. Don’t dirty the basin.

casey washing mask off face 1

casey wash mask off face

5. Wipe clean and smile.

casey clean face

Fuu wa… Feeling refreshed!

Just like coming out from a sauna room.

after mask

Look at me sparkle! :D

clean face

I love being a girl. We get spoiled by all these fun stuff sometimes I think skincare company does earn a bundle from me alone.

I do recommend the mask. It’s so fun to do and I love the refreshing feeling it gives me after. Half the fun is also doing it with your friend. So faster go get your Garnier now.


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  1. the pic with water splashing onto your face is really pro... that means your photo taking timing is really good...

  2. Aaahh.. share with boyfriend Casey. Where were those photo taken? You are currently living in Malaysia and he in Australia. I reckon you two met up some where.

  3. wow...u still look so pretty without make up on !!!

  4. Hey nicole,
    adviseable to use the scrub and mask once a week?

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  6. Nicole has "NATURAL beauty" =)))

    Good job posting this pics up!

  7. looks like you photoshop your "after" shots a bit. :p

    is that your bf? looks cute.