13 Year Old Daddy Kid

What is wrong with this world when you have a 13 year old daddy?

After having his virginity given last year to a 14 year old who has claimed to have slept around with few other teenage boys, both 13 year old Alfie Patten and 15 year old Chantelle Steadman became parents to baby Maisie earlier this year.

But damn.. despite everything that just seems wrong, Alfie is sure the cutest daddy.

photo by the Sun

He is loyal and responsible at his age too.

Quote from Daily Telegraph:

He told The Sun: "Other stupid boys are lying, saying bad things, like they have slept with Chantelle too.

"But I am the only boyfriend she has had and we've been together for two years, so I must be the dad.

"When she found out she was having a baby, I asked her 'Am I the dad?' and she went 'Yeah' so I believe her.

"I didn't know about DNA tests before, but Mum explained it's when they do a swab in your mouth and it tells you if you're the dad.

"So, if I have that, they can all shut up. But I don't really care what people say. And I don't like them being bad about Chantelle."

photo by the Sun

I know it's eww... But what done is done.

So everybody say awee~~~~~


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  1. I agree, for a 13 year old he takes responsibility like an adult. Heck, even adults themselves sometimes run away from problems like this. At least we must give him credit for that.

    Although I do pity him, to be a dad so young. He can't really experience his teenhood freely as much as other kids his age. :(

  2. i've read this too..was really really shocked when once i saw this piece of news... i was wondering whether the gal's parents is gonna sue the boy of rape but apparently, everybody seems to support this 13 year old dad... and umm...the gal looks kinda old though... but the dad really looks so cute......he looks a bit like justin timberlake

  3. Responsible and loyal?

    Just imagine what the society and world are coming to, when children at the age of pre-teen starts to become parents, when they themselves still need to ask for pocket money and should be enjoying the fun of childhoodship.

    Where is the morality?
    Yah, he doesn't know it cos he haven't even attends the moral education lessons yet.

    What done is done, perfectly right. And when it is wrong to be done, then should have pointed it out as a precautions for the others out there.

  4. And 2 more teenagers claimed to be the one who really "planted the seed"!

  5. i am 25 but still don't have a girlfriend, this boy only half my age already have a baby. haiyaa!!

  6. What was I doing when I was 13? Still dreaming....

  7. honestly, this happens everywhere nowadays, yet he is the lucky one who gets to be a father in his .. iwhen i said lucky,he really had hit the jackpot... well, he has decided something for now, just imagine his daughter is going to be 18 and he is like what, 31??? haha... possibilites~

  8. Responsible? You've got to be kidding me.

  9. As a parent myself, I dare not say that this boy being "responsible". If he is responsible, he would finish his school, graduate and find a job, earn enough money to buy at least milk and nappy, and then start having kids! He can't even afford to pay anything for that poor baby, and now... it becomes the burden of government, his parents, and a faithful tax payer like me.

  10. is a scam. they just do it for money and better story.

    check this out;

  11. This story make me wanted to say ewww....and awwww.... confuse..!

    But if this story realy made just for money ...well I said... THANK GOD!!!!!! :-X

  12. to Jimi above,
    u don't have a gf because ur prob a pimply face loser...

  13. Hmmm its not the first time I hear anyone becoming a parent at the early age but man thats too early. At least he wants to be responsible and doing the right thing

  14. He barely hit his teenage years and he already has his own baby. I think I didn't even know what's a penis when I was 13, let alone sex. Kudos to the kid though for being there for the baby. But that might be because of his innocence...

  15. Hasn't confirmed yet whether this boy is the father... the girl has been sleeping with many guys!

  16. whats happening in our society?
    people, hu they are, defines wher they grew up..are we not educated in our homes??

    whoever the real father is, everyone must learn from it, that being a parent is not an easy job..