Skin Problems

Short note: Omg, I thought today was Tuesday already. Damn it, posted on the wrong date. Sorry guys but new entry will only be posted up tomorrow after lunch k? More travel entries then :)

Let me tell you a bit about my skin.

french maid nicole

It’s oily.

Or should I say, it was oily.

No, not that kind of oil la.

Being a girl, my puberty hit me rather late, not late in my teens, but early in my twenties. My first pimple appeared when I was 23 (that’s just 1.5 years ago). And last year, it started popping like those breakdancers popping on a smooth marble floor.

starry face with indications

But not before it evolved from oily, to well, really nice, and then following the pimple, became confused and not sure which skin texture it wants to go for.

Professionally, they call it combination skin. Or oily T-zone.

Strangely, yes very strangely, my skin became rather nice again since mid last year. It could be due to all those diving and constant exposure to sea water. Who knows, they always say sea minerals are good for skin right?

HOWEVER, because I’m always on the go, and as much as I try to apply sun block whenever I were to step out of my room/house/hotel/condo/hostel, I cannot 100% stop the 1001 external elements that are set out to destroy my skin.

yo face

Constant exposure to the sun, pollution in congested cities, dust (the density of dust in Cambodia, like holy macaroni!), and all the direct UV rays from my travelling down under (the big HOLE in the O-zone layer in Australia, oh yea, that helps -.-)

When I ZOOM in at my nose, I was shocked to no ends, though not totally unexpected.

OMG pores
Call me OMG-my-nose-looks-like-the-moon queen.

It was time for some emergency actions.

First, in order to remove all dirt from your pores, you need such a product called exfoliator, or face scrub. It’s like gel/cream with many little fine particles inside so when you rub it against your nose or T-zone with some water, it will rub away all those dirt and black- or white-heads stuck in your pores.

Blah blah blah…

Well.. let’s not go into details. (I’ll leave it to next time)

garnier facial scrub

So then you pores will be clean and tighten.

Then you will need this mask, which says to deeply purify pores for 7 days, at least twice a week (for my condition).

self heating sauna mask

Wow, self-heating sauna action.

Does that mean my face will become lobster after this?

lobster face

*Stay tuned for my after-application*


10 kissed Nicole

  1. the last photo reminds me of Hellboy.

  2. how much this brand pay u to post this?

  3. LOL.. Hopefully don't LOL.. (Last pic)

  4. omg... your last photo kinda freaked me out for a bit. haha~

  5. gosh,lol!perhaps its hellgal..jkjk...nice edit ont the last pic, haha;-)

  6. Not to worry, Nicole dear.
    You are still the prettiest in the world!
    I love you still... haha :)

  7. lol! I think I saw nuffnang post a advert for that Garnier (PureA) Scrub wash thingy not long ago. I went... eh? that's the scrub i use. My mum intro it to me. She said it's very good and indeed it is. It smells nice too. :D love the smell.

    I think there are 2 types of Garnier scrub wash. one is Pure and the other is PureA. The mask I never seen before tho. is it good?? if yes i wanna go buy too.. heheheh..

  8. age defience by heaven skin care is brilliant for fixing acne overnight.

  9. i used heaven skin care and my skin looked young and spot free , thanks