I took these on a small road trip to the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia.

road of great ocean road
After Rain

They're now my droplets collection.

Nature's Tears

droplets and leaf
One of Each

droplets and leaves
Droplets and Leaves


Then my fav,

after rain
On the Edge


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Arrghh, your 'road photo' reminds me of the road going to my kampung.. exactly the same...nah, i started to miss the kampung oredi.. lol..

  2. dear nicole, it's been a while since my last comment on your site but i still vist your blog every now and then. maybe u don't remember me, i am kay from muar, and i got a very touching msg from you 2 years ago, and i never have any friend , never celebrate my birthday..etc etc.

    Anyway, i am still a very "alone" person in the past 2 years, and actually get very fat and depressed becos i am getting close to 30 yet zero achievement. After reading so many of your travel post, it make me want to go out to travel again, since my last journey to europe in 2004. I am starting my journey in coming april, will walk through the major city in china (of course via our lovely airasia). and, just travel,left the work the world behind me for a while. give myself some spaces to figure out a lot things.

    I feel i am mumbling nonsense thing now....but i just got ticket booked yesterday, so i feel like to leave you a msg, that , you're an inspiration to me, or maybe many more other girls out there.

    Take care and let us conquer the world LOL :D

  3. Your droplets pictures are just wonderful!

  4. very lovely blog !!!
    I will follow u .... :)

  5. I love those cute crystal pearl on every leaves...!:-)