What I was doing last night and Blog Calendar

Hogging up the laptops (note: plural) and wifi at home of course.

I know I know, I'm supposed to be posting my travel entries. But I couldn't resist blogging about what I was doing the whole last night. Most of the time spent loading the bloody page.

500,000 free seats

And not just one page.

airasia sites
5, wanna fight that? hah?!

No, this is not an ad. But I simply want to talk about what I do three times a year at midnight.

Last year during the Airasia Free Seatings Promo (which was in August), I was awake at 2am in the morning hogging the pc of my cousin in Canberra, booking flights to Australia and the rest of my trips this year (up till August so far).

Oh, btw, since this is a travel blog. I have set up a calendar (agenda) on the right side corner of this blog. Can see? You can track my travel schedule for the whole year round, at least then you will know where I will be and when I'll be flying off again. In case my off-date entries confuse you of my whereabouts.

my blog calendar
Pls ignore my pimple face

Neat huh? I think so anyway.

Anyway, at 11:45pm, I was already seated in front of my laptop awaiting the final moment, god I could even hear my own breathing. Kan Jiong.

At 12:00am, I was clicking furiously away at the laptop. Selecting dates finding the 0 fare for countries that I have not been to and wanted to visit this year. Oh yea.. I love booking for travel flights, makes me high.

The site was SLOWWWW as HELLLL, you think that after so many years Airasia would have anticipated the crazy surge of traffic during the free promo period and super upgrade their server or something.

Though it's been better, despite lagging like crazy, the site did not shut down like it did one time years ago due to server down.

I come upon India, which was giving out really cheap fare.

cheap fare to india

It wasn't free seating for further countries like India, Australia and England, etc. But I reckon RM469 for a return fare to India was bloody good. Could have been better though, don't you think?

But what everyone was up late this night this promo was for ONE and mainly ONE thing.

The flight to London.

As of I.

It's the first free seating promo for London flights and I was already planning to visit Europe at the year end this year. Not know what kind of price they would be offering, I had been anticipating for this promo for days now.

After waited for so long, selecting the right dates, filtering the more expensive dates, settling for the cheapest date fare, I finally come to this result.

cheap fare to london 1

It's HOLY SHIT!!! AirAsia has officially set a world record!

cheap fare to london 2

No where else in the WORLD can a budget airline offer a flight service all the way from SEA to London at the price of less than RM1500!!!! It's insane. I mean, RM1500 is the freaking price to pay for a return flight to Melbourne on a particular cheaper flight fare day. Not across HALF the globe!

You know what that means? That means now the British only needs to pay freaking 280 pounds to fly to Malaysia and back!!! God damn it! That's like going for a fancy dinner for two in London on a weekend night with your darling!!!

ARGH. Why am I earning ringgit?!

Now if you REALLY want to see a record breaking fee!

Don't scream,

don't shout,

don't faint!


cheap flight to melbourne
Ok, I took back whatever I said about Airasia don't give RM0 fare to Melbourne.


RM111. That's like ONE bloody fine dining meal in Malaysia for ONE person!

Le sigh~

I guess you must be thinking I already booked the flight right? WRONG!

Oi, I need to save up for Australia and New Zealand trip again la this year. Finally going back there to graduate! Yay! Congratulate me. So I guess I have to leave the booking to a later date. Besides, I thought the promo to London would give me such a cheap fare like less than RM1000 or something. LOL

Since I wasn't booking the flight now, I decided to look into another favourable destination I want to visit this year end.

ho chi minh


I guess...


8 kissed Nicole

  1. i had 7 windows open

  2. haha i was waiting for the 0 fare to london also last nite.. but the cheapest only rm499. ~sighhh
    but hey, this time it's slightly higher. previous promo the total only rm1387.

  3. yes i was booking the flight to Bali until 3.30am in the morning... 0 fare and it cost rm70 for the airport tax only! SOOOOOOO CHEAP!!!!

  4. how about during summer time, around august?? is the flight cheap too??? i heard that its bloody expensive to take flights from uk to malaysia... around 700 pounds i heard...

    i wanna go back home... T_T

  5. Hi all,
    1st time doing this free seats thing, am quite confused about this matter.
    I wanted to book a return KL-Melb, and I saw the the availability shown is yellow squares (which means limited, not taken). However, when I tried to book, it cost be thousand plus AUD ?!?!?!
    So can anyone tell me how to get the "free seats" pls?
    Thx heaps heaps.

  6. lucky you...i only be able to get 1 way zero fee....

  7. The RM111 to Melbourne is damn cheap. I guess I should stay up late next time to compete with you for the cheap tickets, LOL!

  8. you pay too much for traveling. I get paid to travel. But I dont get to choose my destination. My boss does. now freezing my ass off in Malaga (Spain) at night.