You are now in Sing... no wait, Indonesia, no wait, Singapore.

On a flight to Singapore not too long ago,

35,000 feet above sea level, (or maybe not that high)

with my phone on silent mode (I know I was supposed to switch it off, but yea.. you know~),

I received a text on the plane while crossing the (tiny) ocean connecting Singapore and Malaysia.

welcome to indonesia

No wait~ What's this?

stay connected from indonesia

Shit. Am I on the wrong flight? O Shit shit... wait... but that can't be~~ *look around*

*Five minutes later*

singapore text

Bloody hell, that deym Indonesia line very strong right? Flying from Malaysia to Singapore also can interrupt.


26 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow! Haha, that's funny...

  2. Selfish retard. If the whole plane had plunged into the ocean, we know who caused it.

  3. I think the rule is that you are only no allowed to switch on your wireless electronic device (handphone, laptop with Wifi on,...) during the plane taking off and landing time. Rest is ok.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

  4. to anonymous@12:51pm,

    yes!!!! u r wrong, just like nicole.

    pls be more considerate when human lives r at stake. goodness!

  5. Hey Nicole you are seriously not setting a good example to all your readers out here by switching on the bloody phone while on the flight

    What are you trying to prove by keeping the phone on? Is not that anybody on the ground will able able to reach you anyway.

    Is rather selfish act and a show-off. I hope you do not repeat this mistake again and be more sensitive next in your actions

  6. Nicole, that's the last thing I expected from you as you are a world traveler and you should know the rules, why cellphone is not allow...etc. In USA, before you step into a hospital, you have to turn off your cellphone. Why? come on you know the answer, same as we turn off cellphone when on air. There is no case where cellphone cause a crash yet, but the radio picks up the cellphone radio wave. If you are a pilot, you don't what that to happen right? Just don't do that again please. You are a role model to many young kids out there so just set a good example not bad one.

  7. hi Nicole, if you still want your phone on for whatever reason, such as song, game... you can always set it to Flight Mode.

  8. nicole,

    it was actually proven that mobile phones *are* capable of messing with electronic instruments in the cockpit because the radio waves it emits is strong enough to disrupt it.

    which is why, if you need to urgently need to make a phone call, you can use the phone provided in flight. flight engineers have wired the phone so that the waves it emits would be directed away from the cockpit and only emit from a certain part of a plane that would not affect the electronic instruments. even though it is expensive, it's a safety precaution that is invaluable.

  9. not to defense nicole here (her intention is :| ...),
    but seem that MAS is the only airline support in-flight cellphone/PDA service in Asia!

    From TheStar:

    yes, Now Everyone Can Talk (in-flight)
    and it's getting scarier to fly with MAS :p

  10. ok, ive seen and heard fone ring tones goin off durin flights, which is really annoying, but i heard from a fren of mine, who's a pilot saying dat fones being on during flights don't cause too much interuption, at least not too much till the plane crashes and stuff, he said it's jz annoying, but not life threatening, if not, im sure the flight attendants would have made sure and took every1's handfone and keep them till the flights over, but nicole, try not to do this often :)

  11. Hi Nicole and everyone..

    I have been reading your blog for quite sometimes back.. I decided to contribute in this discussion cos i know what happen to your mobile phone SMS. Btw, i work for an operator in sg.

    Your mobile phone has the capability to detect for the strongest mobile network signal and logon to any network it detect as long as you are not in your default network (Maxis i guess). As you are landed in Changi airport, you will very likely to cross through Indonesia network as your plane are circulating before landing.

    The flight instrument might be messed up due to the mobile signal. But it certainly wont crash your plane. An experienced pilot will be able to spot the problem and rectify it. Anyway, if you are not seated near to the cockpit, it wont affect the flight at all. But still, keep it safe so that everyone have a pleasant flight.

  12. well said eDDie :)

  13. This was suppose to be a funny post and someone kept bombarding her...ok...maybe she is wrong for keeping her hp on throughout her flight, but she and other passanger are safe and sound now... so its alright to add a comment once and remind her for her mistakes, but don't keep on bashing her on her blog..she's got feelings...

  14. yeah, pls switch off that mobile phone whenever you are in a plane. Although u won't cause plane crash, but still, it's better to be safe than sorry....

    Be considerate. Switch it off.

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  16. if every plane can be crashed by switching on the phone, the terrorists dont have hijacked the plane. be rational people, learn more before say something. rule number one is dont write anything when angry. is signal noise what we called. interruption only i dare to confirm. the captain surely overcome the problem but be upset since there someone dont follow the rules. if just one or two phone is switch on, the situation is safe but is all switch on the phone, it would be major disaster.

  17. Hahahaha
    To all the anonymous-es...

    I think Nicole is having fun reading your comments already... :P

    Turning on a phone yes will interfere with the flight instruments. And no, it will not crash a plane. We are advancing in technology people!!! Read and learn!!

  18. To smart alecs i.e. yapthomas & jimmywong,

    No. Anonymous like us are not that stupid to think that by leaving the mobile phones switched on will cause any plane crash. It just that we all agree that what she did on that flight is really uncalled for. She is in a god damn flight and there are rules to follow. Imagine if not one Nicole but more and more people are acting like her,then what's going to happen next. What was she thinking?

  19. Just wanna clarify. We use Flight Level 210 (21,000 feet) and Flight Level 220 (22,000 feet) for flights between KL and Singapore.

  20. be considerate and fair to other ppl.

  21. smart alec! wow... thanks!
    did I say she was right?
    indeed she was wrong... i don't need to tell her that. you all have...

  22. Wow, its kinda dumb that you peeps dont do any proper research huh? Mobile signals in "modern" planes no longer affects anything or should i say, completely everything on the operations on the plane, other than pissing off your neighbor and imbeciles like anonymous.

    Anonymous, you should be more considerate and rational before you open up your thoughts.

    Think before you speak!


  24. while i'm pretty sure that nicole didn't and won't be able to crash any planes with that stunt, it's pretty much a dumbass thing to do imho.

    not wanting to be overly critical, but it isn't that hard to switch it off or turn it to flight mode.

  25. Anyway, a rule is a rule. Just be considerate.

  26. it could be that Nicole forgot to turn it off. maybe she thought it was, well you know, in the excitement of travelling. right?

    yeah I agree, the indonesian mobile networks are really strong. but then again, they have to cover kalimantan, sumatra, java and bali and then some!