Coaster Fun Facts

Saw this at the back of the beer coaster in a Canberra pub.

coaster fun facts

Topics to talk about when you're drunk so you appear sober and sophisticated.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. oooo..those really are some facts... now only i know that marilyn monroe has more toes than we've got...but that makes me wonder, how on earth did she wear high heel shoes??

  2. Mythbusters busted the 3 second memory of goldfish urban legend. They can remember for longer than that, they used a maze with food reward to prove it.

  3. Tis the first time I am commenting on your blog =p
    Btw, I went to the same Yumcha restaurant, ate the same food, and with the same guy, in your first pic!!! Lol. Jon his name is.