Dreamworld - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Short Note: Tomorrow and next sunday I will be setting up a booth for Nicolekiss Boutique at Sunday Sundaes, in Third Mile Square old klang road. Click here for map.

Ahh.. gold coast.

gold coast skyline

Beautiful lovely blue sky. Tall resident buildings. Fashionable beautiful people.

Stuart and I decided to take a lovely ride out of town to Dreamworld - the biggest theme park in Australia.

dreamworld logo

Just take the bus TX2 from Gold Coast and head for dreamworld or sea world. Shouldn't cost you more than AUD7 one way.

wet and wild bus ride

When you reach Dreamworld after roughly two hours, pay AUD66 for an entrance fee and you will have a full day of fun till 5pm! yay~

dreamworld receipt
price for two

You can get wet so remember to bring some dry clothes, or raincoat.

Draw out your route on the map so you know you won't repeat the same route twice. And off you go for a fun day out with your buddy. :D

dreamworld map

Overall, Dreamworld on a weekday... is... pretty... dead.

dreamworld entrance

It was so quiet, I thought I have landed in a haunted theme park.

am i in a dream

There were not really many people, which was a good thing cause that meant we didn't need to queue for long for most the rides.

Like the Tower of Terror.


And then, suddenly, I spotted it!!

No, not the dreamworld clown.

clown in dreamworld

Which looked pretty dodgy btw.

It was there! Standing pretending to be innocent and ignorant of his own existence.

ibis stalking

I saw... saw... an IBIS!

God! Won't they leave us alone! They're everywhere!

We went to the petting zoo to pat and feed some baby animals.

me and pet food

Like a kid.

little kid

Pun intended.

cute kid

It was so adorable I almost wanted a kid of my own (pun unintended).

I even fed a black sheep. It was so woolly (haha, as if it's cottony). ^^

ba ba black sheep

Makes me wanna sing the song ba ba black sheep.

feeding black sheep

Feeding these creatures were so fun. They will come and nibble at your hand as you hold the dry grass, while doing that you pat them on their heads and they don't even care if you sooth your hand down their woolly back.

Some were too cute to resist. Begging you if their puppy dog eyes to feed them.

feed me lama face

Or should I say, lama eyes.


Oh, since when the emperor turned white.

lama face

I even patted a big white cow. :D

cow and me

me and cow

And saw some ducks eating cow dungs too.

bullshit face

Didn't your mom teach you never to be so full of shit? (pun again omg, lol)

ducks fighting over bullshit

I saw an Emu!


Next year when I return to Sydney, I am so going to try out some emu meat. I heard there's a restaurant there that serves Emu pizza.

Hugged a frog.

hugging froggie

The frog looked as though it was "manja-ing" back at me. Awe~~

Then you know what I saw? I saw.. saw....


No it's not a kangaroo.

It's a wallaby.

me patting wallaby

They're much smaller in size.

My favourite animal of the entire petting zoo, however, in this!!!

coach and owl

OMG, isn't that the cutest little thing!!!

Mini Snow Owl. OMG. SO CUTE.

snow owl

I shall call it Hedwig's sister (Harry Potter's owl if you don't know who Hedwig is). Awe~~~~ (everybody go awe~)

And I've always wondered how a dingo looked like. When I was young, I always thought dingo was an insult term to others, like stupid or idiot. You know, like ding dong, which actually means "crazy" in Thai.


Dingo is actually a wild dog, and it's pretty cute.

After that we got hungry so we went to have a bit of snack at Catdog pizza shack.

catdog pizzashack

They even have a life-size cardboard imitation of the actual catdog house!

catdog house

And this is me trying to sneak in.

me and clown

Doesn't this statue remind you of someone? (hint: scroll up)

After that, we decided to take it to the next level by attempting some thrill rides. You know, with a full stomach and all. ;)

tower of terror 2

This is called the Tower of Terror

tower of terror

Looks pretty scary huh?

No, we didn't go on that ride. Because I have a heart and I didn't think it want to fall out of my throat yet.

So we decided to go one something more thrilling.

biker thrill ride

Hah! Don't play play. This is very scary one ok! It's called the motocoaster. It's a bloody thrilling scary roller coaster!

Just look at how scared we were.


This is just the begining...

Look on..

As the ride became faster...

stu and me on ride

Told you it was scary ain't it? (I meant Stu's face, it's so scary looking ok~)

We finished our day at the park with a 3D movie and choo-choo train ride around the park, and boarded the last bus home.

On the bus, guess who I met?!



Ha ha... Patrick will always be Patrick.
(who doensn't like Spongebob the Squarepants?!)


19 kissed Nicole

  1. Silent Reader23/11/08 12:35 AM

    oh my.. spongebob... reminds me to watch an episode now..

    yea, who doesn't like annoying yet adorable spongebob?!

  2. motocoaster .. nice ..

  3. the tower of terror may looks scary but is really fun!!! the doohan motorcoaster rocks!!! i like it too!!! ur really enjoying urself there!!!

  4. http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=puns

  5. so nice... how i wish i was there..

  6. i went to Dreamworld a couple of years ago when they were no Spongebob's yet. I went on the Tower of Terror and omg, it was the best adrenaline feeling, ever!

    //ps: besides ibis, they were many hot japanese surfer dudes roaming around surfer's paradise in brisbane :) :) :) i was just staying across the road from surfer's paradise then. omg, i woke up every morning for a week to feast on eye candy :) :) :)

  7. back to aussieland again huh??

  8. Really admire you nicole, all the experiences you have....in short, your life's interesting..Keep up

  9. haha, i love spongebob!

  10. Look like a fun place to go but I not normally go for roller coaster ride as I dun want to fall my heart out of throat just yet.

  11. haha.. then there'll be a lot of your fans visiting your booth on sunday..
    may your stuff sold out that day ya..

  12. read this :)


    no pun intended!

  13. Yaya, i'm 25 years old but i still love watching spongebob! The Emperor's New Groove is also my favourite cartoon.

  14. Dear Nicole:
    The black bird with the crest on its head is a casawari, not an emu. It is smaller and prettier than the emu, found mainly in the rainforest in Northern Queensland.

  15. The motocoaster indeed looks very scary. When rides get too scary it really helps a lot if we close our eyes :) Then it'd just feel like a very bumpy ride. Looks like a really nice trip!

  16. I'm planing to go for a holiday in Gold Coast next year. Thanks for your info, hope it can help during my time there :-)

  17. OMG!! Hedwig's sister!! Sooo cute...

  18. err.... can i ask for a helmet for tat motorcoaster ride?

  19. Lol! Nicole. Thats not an emu. Its a cassowary. : )