The Cost of Travelling

This conversation took place a min ago.

Shawn says: have u ever calculated how much u will save if u didnt travel ?

Nicole says: I calculated. not much difference actually. considering if i didn't travel. i'll probably spend money on rentals and stuff

Nicole says: and also on entertainmetns like karaoke or buffets

Nicole says: or fine dinings.. which is like once a week or something

Shawn says: yeah

Shawn says: me too

Nicole says: and phone bills

Nicole says: and tolls

Shawn says: those are killer expenses lor

Nicole says: and petrols

Nicole says: and i don't have any of those when i travel. no phone bills. no tolls. no internet fees, no water or e bills. no entertainment fees. no rental. no petrol

Nicole says: now u calculate how much i saved by travelling.

Shawn says: true also

Nicole says: man i can write a book


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  1. same thinking here.

    sometimes i will think, how much will i save if i didn't travel.

    er...maybe yes, i might save a little bit.

    but, at least, no regret in life.


  2. haha,first time heard this theory...sound so true...

  3. "Opportunity cost" (economic term) of travelling...LOL

  4. Nicole, I should go for more travelling also! Must fully utilize my dSLR lol! Anyway, enjoy your travelling!

  5. Introduction to the theory of "The Cost of Travelling" by Nicole. Very interesting for me....haha!!!
    We'll can practice it.

  6. Vincent Kok11/2/09 9:30 PM

    LOL Nicole... u're so darn true!! 1st time reading it .. it didnt make any sense... but... after reading it again.... wow... I wonder i can travel like u do?

  7. hahaha...well, this is really one way to save money... but i normally don't succeed in saving much when travelling...

    but i really admire your ability to travel the world alone...

  8. eh?? Where is the HK story?? Not yet ahh??? LOL..LOL..


    check out the blog

  10. Have to agree what you guys say. But one thing for true is we cannot leave our responsiblities behind to travel so extensively like you. I would love to, but I can't...

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  12. then where u get all your money for traveling?