Southern Thailand - Krabi, Nakhon Sri Thammarate

Ahh.... and it's back to Southern Thailand once again. I was in Krabi last year on a sponsored (and my first ever thank you) trip. If you want to read what I did in Krabi last year, you can read this and this. Two of the most amazing experiences I have so far in Thailand.

Just so you know sponsored trips don't come very often my way. Oh btw, I'm flying off to another sponsored trip to Huahin this Sunday, yay~! :D (oh, that's tomorrow)

So yes, this trip I've invited some bloggers and my trusty old pal cum photographer cum most-awesome-mobile-humansize-camera ever.... Andy to taste the Thai that is of Southern Thailand.

We look like we're on honeymoon in our flower rings.

So be prepared to be awed by his impressive photography in this entry.

And of course travelling with my favourite travel agent of all time - Mr. See Tho.


Who brought us to have the famous Duck Noodles in Krabi on our first day.



And to the hot sprint which I've already been on my previous trip.


Not to forget savouring some tropical fruits after a good old warm splash.


You ain't taste durian the proper way till you try eating one with chopsticks.


After living in Thailand for a while now. I finally realise what these colorful things found all over the country are.


I forgot the Thai word for it but it's actually like Ang Ku Kueh, sticky gel-covered glutinous layer on the outside with sweet fillings from lotus seed paste to red bean paste.

Sometimes I feel that it's too pretty to be eaten.

I can pretty much sum up this trip as a trip of glorious Thai food. I have eaten more Thai food in these 5 days than my whole life time of Thai trips (which sums up to about 3 months) since birth.

On the first day, we were brought to dine at a simply GORGEOUS Ruenmai Thai Restaurant in Krabi.


And Andy's photos did it justice well. Because this is probably the most romantic place I've ever dined in in Thailand.



Crossing forks

Which was enough to compensate the nuisance of mosquitoes bites.

The food, very thai. Read review here.

That night, and the following night, we stayed in Sheraton Krabi. One of the best hotels you can find in this southern region.


Unlike Sheraton in Malaysia (and no offence to Sheratons in Malaysia), Sheraton Krabi is one of the best 5 star hotels around. With buggies to chauffer you to your room and back, it's no wonder the room cost a good 6000 baht a night.

To top things off, they even have complimentary sweets waiting for us in the room when we check in that night.


Seriously, nothing like a good midnight sweet tooth cure.


The next day we went island hopping.


One of the famous drop off island is the Tub Island, where you get to walk on sea.

We looked like some refugees wtf

Fine, so it's two island connecting to each other and when high tide comes in during the day it creates an illusion that people are walking across the sea.

On the other end while I was taking a rest, Andy tested his Fish-Eye lens on me.



Yes they do make you look weird.

Read Nigel's adventure on island hopping and see another weird photo of me with a blue towel on my head.

We then went snorkelling in Si Island, where a lot of poisonous sea urchins lie. You know, to add "extreme" to the word "fun".


And finaly to Lady God Cave where we did some serious cam whoring.




Like a virgin? Andy, please.... *roll eyes*

See the white ghost ball that's been following us? No la, it's actually a speck of fog on Andy's cam.

Which miraculously disappeared when shooting at sun bathing hot babes

Btw, the two guys feeding the dogs there are really hot. Like UBER hot.


And no I will not pay 800 baht for your shirt.

side track a bit: This is my doing hotel inspection on Hotel La Playa on Ao Nang beach Krabi,


the hotel I stayed in my previous trip. Which I really love. Because they have elephant towels on their beds. :D


Back to main topic: second night, See Tho managed to blow our mind away with (well, I've been here once before so it's more like blowing their minds away) an evening at Ton Kao, a beautiful restaurant with its own pond and fountain and fields.




An evening such as this should always have a nice dress to go with.


And great company.


To camwhore with.




Or at.


"Does this look nice on me?"

Morning came, third day. We had breakfast at Sheraton before checking out.


I have always liked the dining settings in Sheraton Krabi, their presentation is always so impeccable.


Then we set off to tour the Royal Marine Reservation Centre (or at least I think that's what it was called), where you can look at fishes before lunch.


We saw an ambitious cat waiting next to a pool of baby sharks. Kel Li has the photos of these cuties.

"How can I break it to you that we should always aim realistically."

And also some pretty clown fishes.


That's right. Nemo. Don't you get peeved at how Disney has branded all clown fish as Nemo. It's like calling all mouse Mickey, or dogs Goofy, or silly blue fish Dory.


"Hello Nemo" wait, I don't think that's Nemo (different spieces).
"Hello cousin of Nemo"


Oh look, "star" fish.

Insert hard sell photo:


What? He's a sweet guy, can't I promote freely for my friend?

In the afternoon, we moved into (Changwat) Nakhon Sri Thammarate.


Here lunch awaited us at Taha restaurant.

I swear, I don't know how See Tho did it, but he did, each meal was better than the previous when we thought that we already had the best, and See Tho managed to pull it off proving to us he could find better food.

Even if it meant trekking into the jungle of Nakhon to hunt for these food.





Taha restaurant served one heck of an authentic Thailand food, I would say cuisine for not only this place served kick ass food, it has a fantastic location - by a gushing stream which really made the whole lunch experience a forget-me-not.



Nakhon Sri Thammarate (such a mouthful) is where you can find factories that produces everything from Mangosteen.

That includes mangosteen soaps, and natural dye fabric.


dye made from mangosteen skin


Here I found the beauty of Mangosteen wine. And you would not believe when I discovered that one CAN drink wine with durians (hey, what better way to eat the king and queen of fruits together). And by god mangosteen wine goes extremely well with durians.



It goes very well on its own too.


I repeat: I am not a druken!


10 kissed Nicole

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  6. Oooo yummie! Now I'm craving Thai food! Argh! Looking back, it was a great trip. Lots of fun indeed.

    Thanks Nicole for the great effort you've put into planning and organizing this trip.

    Thanks Mr See Tho for the sponsorship.

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