ai yo.. why so many scandals la...

tsk tsk tsk..

First this one sleeping with that, then that sleeping with the other one, then this one blab about that one sleeping or flirting with that and that one with another one and suddenly everyone's sleeping with everyone and everyone hates everyone because everyone is gossiping with everyone and now no one trusts anyone anymore.

Then this one leak info to that one and that one will leak more info plus salt and pepper to others and everyone started their rojak sambal belacan and then this one don't want to be friends with that one or vice versa because that one believe what this one said about N person according to the previous one who heard from the first one.


Don't forget the self-righteous people who think they are above all with their immaculate English hanging out in their bond-tight cliques whom they share dirty secrets with and assume that they are everyone and those who responded are the world.

Nay, a speck. Aren't we all... just a speck.

I need some Thai hand massage.
Quote from someone noble once: "bloggers really have no ethics".

This used to be such a sanctuary. A peaceful place. Now it's littered with bugs and insects and disgusting maggots.

Bangkok is so peaceful as compared to these.

Riot? What are you talking about?
We have inner peace here.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. owh my dear. everywhere has these cases anywhere. u probably just dont know about it. well, good thing too :)

  2. wat u expect nicole? not only bloggers did that... our suppose to be role model also shooting each other, one got accused got buttf**king and another one got accused having anal relationship with a mongolian... can i say, malaysia is doomed?

  3. washing dirty laundry in public.... you're right, 'tsk, tsk'.