My Slimming remedy - almost

After five weeks in Australia, my waist line grew tremendously in length, in fact, because I’m pear shaped, it’s more of the hip and thighs that I’m worrying about.

I couldn’t even fit into my oh-so-hot Levi’s jeans anymore. T_T

One of my most used slimming remedies is green tea.

And I don’t mean green tea as in this!

kit kat green tea

Or this!


Or even this!


I mean drinking the tea itself, GREEN TEA green tea.


I don’t know why but for some reasons, drinking lots of green tea manages to suppress my hunger, the flavor of it makes me consume more liquid than I normally do; which is a good thing, because it helps remove toxins in my body and prevent water retention.

Trust me about those water retention problems. I have it every month with period. And I do gain 2kg overnight. -.-

Blame it on water retention

Normally I cut down on my food intake, not completely, but I watch what I eat. Do more exercise and eat more fruits.

However, the hardest part of it all was to control my sugary intake. Being a sweet tooth and an extreme chocolate lover, I CANNOT live without chocolate, living a week without it will take my life away (it used to be a day, but thank god age catches up and I think I kind of grew out of that extreme sweet tooth phase).

But there are days when I really cannot take not having sweet things in my mouth. I drink yoghurt drinks.

Not just any yoghurt drinks though. I always go for the Dutch Lady 0% fat yoghurt drink (note: 0% fat :D). There’s also self made smoothie which can’t be attained all the time since I don’t normally bring my juice extractor and blender wherever I go. So pre-packed yoghurt drink is the way to go for me for a long time.

DL 0% Fat Yoghurt (AE)

And I don’t mean just one. I usually stock up.

DL 0% Fat Yoghurt

This drink was introduced by my brother to me, well, indirectly. He loved yoghurt drinks and every time he stocked up in the fridge, I would steal a sip or two (or a glass or two, la la la). I’ve grown extremely fond of the strawberry flavor.

Anyway, if you’re a lover of Dutch Lady 0% fat (yay!) drinking yoghurt, there’s some very useful news for you. (well, not useful literally, but useful in the sense that.. well.. you’ll see)

The Dutch Lady 0% fat drinking yoghurt now looks like this…

light bulb

Haha.. Kidding.

That’s just a metaphor. It’s actually called Shine now.

ohh.. my strawberry baby has raspberry inside… I like raspberry~

Or if you prefer, Shine 0% fat drinking yoghurt to be exact. So if you couldn’t find your usual favorite yoghurt drink, look for a white “shine-y” bottle.

And you know what? Ironically, the new version contains green tea extract. Talk about perfect for my slimming procedure. :D

I’m very taken by this new design though. Whitish, loud, and fruity~

But I just found out recently, after moving to Bangkok, that that THAT…

THERE’S NO SHINE IN BANGKOK!!!!! (Or so far that I have searched!! OMG SOB!)

milk product
No where to be seen!!

milk product 2
Nil! None!


I called my mom to post some in a parcel to me but she said I was crazy! What kind of mother calls her daughter like that?!!!

I NEED MY YOGHURT DRINK! Someone send to me can? Anyone? Someone? Some body?

My levi’s jeans is calling to me. T_T


32 kissed Nicole

  1. wow.. i'm actually first to see this.. i'm here like seconds ago.. then i reload new post ady!hahaha

  2. ooo I remember those super big bulbs!

  3. hello ooO OO oooooo ? milk kills remember ? even before china put poison into it, milk is the number 1 killer for heart disease... something to do with collestrol and saturate or not saturate fat ... i like ur old banner better, why ? going front to TV as host soon ?

  4. I like to drink yoghurt too! But haven't tried SHINE yet.

  5. aww...wat a pity they don't have it there.

    but I didn't know they changed its name.

  6. Nice posting, my love. good pictures and sharing - i love all you love, green tea-chocolate tooth paste:P-yogurt!
    the last time i heard we should only consume organic yogurt (at least those who claim they are organic/imported type) or best of all, we should grow yogurt ourselves... it is the most/real healthy way.

  7. jst make sure the yogurt does not contain melamine...

  8. Nicole, you need to have sexual intercourse with me to slim down.

  9. No address how to send? :p

  10. Woah.. obsession with yoghurt drinks? is it reli nice? my friend said it is but i never tried it before. lol..

    Btw.. nice new layout~ =D

  11. haha ...
    i prefer nestle bliss yogurt

  12. Slimming down is sure the hardest thing to do especially when u have ur *ah hem*, u just intend to eat more you always do. As for me, i'll try eat different food in one day but in small portion. Or you can always buy fibre supplements. It helps you to digest faster.

    psst, your new header look gorgeous!

  13. Green tea is good for health as it contains antioxidant. It will not damage your stomach, hence it will not causes gastric.
    Huh? NO Dutch Lady shine in bangkok? Maybe it is not popular in Thailand? Give me your address. I will try to send some to you if you want me to.

    my email Or you can message me at my FB account.

    Hope you are doing better today. Cheers!

  14. You scared me. Ohhhh my you scared me. Now how much of this stuff do you need. Let me run to the nearest bank and get a loan so I can buy all that you need.

    Take a long, long walk, drink lots of cold water, breath deeply and think happy thoughts, you deserse to be happy. Other things don't make us happy, we make us happy. Come on, be happy, please.

  15. how abt you show us ur figure n we decide?

  16. Green tea Kit Kat???

    Where did you find them?

  17. Wow, I didn't know green tea Kit Kat existed! (nor Haagen Dazs, but then they often come up new flavours for ice-creams)

  18. Does it really works? :0/

  19. Its good to keep slim and beautiful but pls dun diet till u r a "lidi"

  20. u fucking materialistic woman..

  21. I like your main blog photo got a lot of feel to it. Is it from a photo shoot with some magazine?

  22. I just baught Apple+Aloe Vera flavour.

  23. seems that my magic spell on the Haighs' Truffle is working out..hahaha..

    ahya..Thai got so many massage centers...find those that can squeeze all your fats

    Enjoy your trip to the NorthEast..= )

  24. hahaha females tend to gain weight in australia. green tea is awesome. :) and those alien babies on ur palm, they are gross! eeeew.

  25. XD LOL.. Nichole, you sure are crazy..
    Hey, what green tea do you drink for your "slimming remedy"?? what brand? I'm curious! am thinking of getting one too!

  26. Hmm, normally I like yoghurt drinks but I don't think people will be too enthusiastic about dairy products right now, what with the melamine in milk scare and so many products using milk powder or dairy extracts manufactured in China. For the time being, am sticking to plain green tea and good ol' kokokam :)

  27. I don't mind to send you but by the time the yogurt reaches you, you got to learn to speak Thai to doctor as I am sure you will be poisoned by me or... rather the spoilt yogurt. ;p i enjoy reading your blog and keep up the good work.

  28. hey, nicole...
    i oso need a remedy to keep fit! >.<
    coz im adding fats into my tummy until end of this year and waiting to grow slim when i'm back to my uni life next year!
    for me, slim or fat is not important but as long as our body is in healthy condition, it's ok liao!

  29. Yeah I totally agree on the green tea thing — it does help to suppress your appetite and make you crave less for munchies.

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    My name is Chaw,female.
    I'm also now in China, but actually from myanmar(Burma). I 've already read about to myanmar from your blog,it's cool. My mail is or
    I love all your photos and I would like to be friends with you,ok?