DIY Crystal Soil Plant

Short Note: Thanks everyone for your concern towards my toad-like hand, it's healing now THANK GOD.

Oh... so the fish is called Mola Mola. I've been wondering about that. :D Anyone knows where I can spot one of those underwater? :D

Have you ever seen this bean?

think of you bean

It's called a Magic Bean.

Was very popular a few years back, claims to be technology from Japan, though now I would assume China produces large quantity of these. You can get it from Sunway Pyramid.

The magical thing about it is that it will grow into a tall bean plant (by tall I mean 6 inches tall) with the letters/wordings implanted on the plant. Hence, Magic Bean.

There are two ways to plant this bean. One of course is to put it in soil and shower it with water and love everyday till it grows.

The other, and more attractive way, is to plant it in Crystal Soil. Like these on my hand,

crystal white soil

Few months ago, before I moved out of my apartment in Puchong, I bought some and brought them home to plant my own homey love plants. :D

You know, go green. Trying to make the house a better living space.


(man that's a mouthful)

Step 1: Prepare a wine glass

crystal soil in wine glass

Of any size. Depending on your fancy. I like it big, hence a big wine glass. Put a teaspoonfull of pre-pack crystal soil into the glass.

initial stage of pink soil
I have two colours, so two glasses. :)

Note: DO NOT exceed the necessary amount, crystal soil expand 60 times its original size. A teaspoon like the photo above is sufficient.

Step 2: Fill water

filling water into glass

Filled the glass till it's 3 quarters full.

I used filtered water cause apparently, crystal soil works better with distilled water. And since I don't have distilled water with me, filtered water it is.

white crystal soil in water

Step 3: Wait.

Put it to one side and let it set. Usually I suggest you do it the night before and let it grow overnight.

developing pink soil side view

It works way much faster with hot water (probably only an hour or less), but if you're not in a hurry and too lazy to boil water, cold water is fine.

developing crystal soil

Important Note: Please insert your plant food at this stage (iodine, obtainable from florists)

Step 4: Wake up and plant!

This is the most exciting part.

And the most gorgeous.

When I woke up the next morning, I was greeted by the loveliest baby pink transparent jelly-like crystal soil in a glass.

pink soil in the morning

Both of the glasses were equally outstanding, especially under the morning light.

pink and white soil

I put less soil in the smaller glass (obviously).

Sigh~ why are crystal soil so pretty~

pink soil side view

pink soil

Now it's time to take your magic bean and gently push it inside the glass of jelly balls.

putting bean in white soil

Push it slighter underneath the surface.

bean entering white soil

*A bit further down., yep, further, a bit more, more, there you go, that's my girl*

bean entered white soil

Do the same with another glass. This time a Forever Ever After bean.

forever ever after bean

Final Step: Let it grow, baby!

finished product

The great thing about crystal soil is you don't have to water the plant every now and then. It constantly provides just the right amount of liquid to the surroundings of the bean, never drowning the bean or dry up. You don't have to water it as long the soil is big and round. :D
Else just dribble a bit of water on it if it's getting too dry.

bean in white soil

There you go, Nicolekiss' guide to "home" gardening.

Try it. Plant your very own DIY Crystal Soil Home Plant. :D

ps// it is advised to move the plant once it begins to sprout to earth soil if you want it to grow tall and strong


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  1. Only place to see the mola mola / sunfish is in Bali.

  2. hey, do write a post after the bean has grown! =)

    would love to see the end product

  3. That's cute. Looking forward to the sprouts

  4. Hey, interesting beans you got there. Which shop did u buy from sunway?

  5. hey, can show the actual plant photo? curious to see how the plant look like

  6. Can go to Bali if you want to spot a Mola Mola and the best time to spot it will be August till October

  7. quite grand plant u have there to live in a wine glass:p using a round small bowl would be nice:)

  8. Yeah, I second what Lin said :) I really wanna see what the plant looks like once it's fully sprouted! I've never seen anything like it. You don't get these in New Zealand :( When my friend goes back to Kuching, I'm going to make him bring me back some crystal soil and magic beans :D :D :D

  9. Happy to hear that you hand has recovered.. :)
    Btw, I've tried the magic seeds before.. Interesting.. :D

  10. Hopefully you can post a blog with pictures once it has fully grown. It will be very interesting to see how does it looks like when full grown. Thanks :0)

  11. Wow, I've never seen that before! I'd like to see the grown plant too!

  12. I know you'll get to see Mola-Mola in Bali. The best time to go see Mola-Mola is around Sept.

  13. My fren gave me an egg with the same concept but mine actually didn't grow at all after 2 weeks of my nurture... Sigh... Wondering if urs will actually grow...

  14. i had planted that bean a few months back .. and it got all big and twirly ..

    but i plant it in soil la .. dunno got different effect or not with crystal soil .. .

    i bought the beans .. like 5 of them .. can get them at asian avenue in sunway

  15. if not mistaken, the shop is called "i wish"

  16. me mum growed this kinda crystal soil when i was young. but i totally forgot about it until i read your blog. keen to grow them. by the way, the seeds looks cute...

  17. Which shop in Sunway Piramid can you find those beans? Plan to get them for my friend's birthday

  18. A very good idea indeed. I want to try. Will it be like Jack and the bean stalk?

  19. i have 3 glasses of crystal soil at my house haha...

  20. I want to see when the bean grows :-) can you post more pics?

    p.s: I like your new banner!


  21. That's totally amazing. I thought it was a melon sago dessert till I read more carefully. Awesome.

  22. ooooh i gotta try that babes!! that looks really nice. and those crystals are lovely.. i always like squishing them bwahahahha

  23. mola mola: the exact place to see them is in Bali, Crystal Bay.

  24. hey nicole, i've planted that before. and it turned out to be a crawler, its huge. I planted till it grew flowers and turned into pods..each pod containing like 10 seeds of those..i would love to show u the pic if u want!

  25. jenny: yes pls!! i want to see!

  26. wow! really nice! pls have some pics up when it has grown... I would love to see how does the bean sprout looks like. thks!

  27. I've sent the pics to your email...enjoy!

  28. do u know where i can get this?

  29. How in the world is this a DIY crystal soil tutorial? You are planting the beans in crystal are not making crystal soil, hence not a "DIY" at all.