Shh… let me tell you a secret

Warning: not for the faint hearted

Today a mail came in.

delivery package
My first parcel in Bangkok!

I bet you never guess what it is..


Haha! Of all the things!

It’s my very own Whisper Ultra pads!

posing with whisper 1
Chance to camwhore

posing with whisper 2

Now do I have my sanitary pads sent all the way from Malaysia? Because so that I can use them for my next period,duh! Whisper, if you don’t know, is one of the oldest brands of sanitary pads around. And they know best of what a woman need or does not need, we don’t need damp leaky pads that’s for sure.

me with powder paste all over
That’s how I would feel “down under”, minus the smile.

One of the worst feeling when I was travelling during my monthlies was to walk for hours on the road and then suddenly, I felt this icky sticky feeling between my legs. I tell you (guys), it feel like you’ve just peed in your pants and your pants are all wet the whole day. It’s not the best feeling.

Which is why the most important feature in a pad, is good absorbency, and double protections system (ok, that’s two features). You know, the part in a pad that you always see on commercial ad where there’s this deepen line in the pad?

deepen line

THAT helps prevent the over-flowing blood from stepping over its border and keeps you feeling clean all day!

Am I being too detailed? Good.

And THAT, my friend, is how Whisper can keep me clean and dry all day long, no matter what I do. For girls who have never tried Whisper and don’t really know the difference between a good pad and a bad pad, it’s time you do.

It’s a HUGE difference. I use to buy those cheap branded pads of names I’ve never heard of, and my god, not only it doesn’t work like a blood sucking pad it should be, it even made the parts around my thighs itchy!!! You know, as in, they have itchy wings. They tend to irritate your skin.


Anyway, enough grossing you out for a day.

If you are reluctant to believe what I say get some Whisper now and try some for yourself. Then buy a cheap one and you will KNOW the difference!

The last message was intended for girls, but hey, if you Guys are interested and want to try out…

*turn on Russell Peter’s tone*

“whatever makes you happy, you know”.

Ps// voting of best story starts 3rd Nov – 16th Nov, be sure to vote online with shopping vouchers worth RM50 each so you will be among the random 200 people to get rewarded by Fly FM.

Disclaimer: this advertorial is brought to you by Whisper, with Whisper’s duo protect, feel as clean as you would after a lovely bath! Have a Happy Period!

posing with whisper 3
I'm so happy~


17 kissed Nicole

  1. gross! XD

  2. I never use Whisper before.But i will try them for my next period!:P

  3. Why don't you describe in detail your poo-making as well. That would be just as engrossing and tasteless. There are just some bodily functions that do not need to be elaborated upon. No lady would speak of it. Don't you know that the Queen never farts?

  4. Hmmmmm!!!! wat a secret???? Anyway thanks for whispering into my ears.

  5. why don't you use tampon?

  6. Wow that was erm very educational. Also one reason why i'm greatful to be born with a "Family Jewel". I wonder if Bangkok sell any "Whisper Ultra pads"? oh well.

  7. The first sanitary pad with wings!

  8. why don't you show us how u put it on?

  9. hahah, yeah i was going to say. how come you don't use tampons??? they're so much better than pads!!

  10. nicole, the ones in thailand are cheaper. but from there lah

  11. the packaging doeesn't look like malaysia's one...?

    i've been a loyal supporter of Whisper Ultra Thin Wings pads for ages...they're mega-comfortable and so thin!!

    And then... i started wearing tampons... can't go back to pads anymore! =D

  12. just noticed there's a small thai text on the top right logo.. saying "whisper ultra" in thai o_O

    then again, the other parts are in bahasa...

    i's confused o_O

  13. Awwwwwwwww thats so cute! In Europe and the U.S.A. Whisper pads are called "Always Ultra". Its really cool if ladies use pads!!!! I really like Whisper/Always Ultra pads!

  14. how you can order from malaysia

  15. i always use whisper pads.
    It makes those days comfy.
    Whisper rocksssss!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I love you with your pads! You're lovely