It starts in Meeeeeeeeee!

So as I was doing the research for Shine contest thinking what to write and to understand the mechanism of it. It was the day after my food poisoning so I wasn’t really in the “reading” mood. I logged on their website to see what could be found there.

And ended spending more than 1 and a half hour on the website itself playing with the various applications they have. It’s really fun. And unlike any other boring contests you usually find, this is actually very informative, fun, education and in a weird way, inspirational.

3d shine

First of all, the site will bring you to a 3D virtual world Shine created, where you can participate in the contest they have, or use the green maneuvering button to go around the third dimensional green field.

While running across the field, I bumped into this lady, who’s said there to be one of Malaysia first female commercial pilots. Wooo..

pioneer female pilot

First thing that went through my mind: “oooh… hot chick.”

So I click on her to know more about her (if only it applies in real life).

defying gravity
Oooh… she’s hotter with her hair down.

Reading all these stories are really kinda inspiring, especially they are all females, makes me proud of being a female really.

Later I chanced upon a TV in the middle of no where.

coming across shine tv

I switched it on and continued to be inspired by the commercial they made for Shine.

shine tv
That’s Malaysia No. 1 Female Rock Climber you’re looking at.

The TVC is really worth watching as it does makes a Malaysian stand proud like Salfarina Mohd Drus on the cliff in the clip.

After that I climbed onto the hot air balloon and the site brought me to the gallery page. Here I get to read some of the entries that have been submitted.

shine contest
Ohh.. I think I saw someone familiar.

After reading a few, I decided to submit one myself. Hey, three winners get to win RM15,000 each k?! Not to mention the 10 finalists get to walk away with RM1,000 each! That’s some amount they’re giving away there. Submission ends 9th November 2008.

shine contest entry

They don’t have kiss mark so I have to make do with heart stamps.

Within few minutes (though it clearly stated in the site the entry won’t be published till 24 hours later), after writing my aspiration, I saw my proud creation at the top of the gallery.


No I won’t show you what I write. You have to log into to read, and then rate me k.

Okay la… I WILL show you what I wrote la.

But rate me the best k?

nicolekiss entry

Unlike many voting contests where contestants will give EVERYTHING they got, get their family, friends, buy loads of participating products just to get themselves to win the vote, Shine took a wiser option by letting the judges of Shine themselves (the three Shine personalities, senior management and executives from Dutch Lady) review the originality, uniqueness and inspirational value of the entries.

The voting, will be the NEXT step you should do, whereby you place your vote for the most inspiring finalist of your choice and stand a chance to win RM6,000 worth of shopping vouchers. (wah se.. nowadays voting also can win so much).

Though you don’t need proof of purchase to submit an entry, you do however, need to be 18 years and above and a Malaysian.

Just so you would like to know, my inspiration for my aspirations came from these kids. :)

kid and baby at angkor
In Cambodia

burmese kid
In Burma.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Thanks for sharing. It is really cool to know our country has such an interesting and cool happenings. However the site doesnt work well on my safari(mac)... the pop up page after i clicked certain things, it is jes white blank. I do get to read about the climber but the green tea and register pages are blank. And i dont find anything else i get to explore/fill in a help requests... :) I will try again next time when im on a pc and give u a vote. But, do u think you would have a 2nd wish? a more 'nicolekiss' type of wish? :))

  2. Don't you have a bf???

  3. I saw you in One Utama while having my dinner today.