Last Dinner and Leaving Guangzhou

It was my final night. And as usual, the last leg of any journey I embarked on has always managed to stretch my purse paper flat.

Hence I decided to stay in and feast.

No actually I do enjoy my dinner time alone in my room. No fuss no hassle.

And what is going to China without trying some of their most eaten meal by bachelors all around.

Instant Noodle.

instant noodle

But being a girl, it's never enough having just ONE plain meal. A reason why I love korean food. I like varieties, if you know what I mean?

So I got myself some pre-packed "za4 cai4" (pickled vege).

zha cai vege

and a "cha2 dan4" (egg broiled in herbal tea)

tea egg

Not forgetting, for there will always be space, the dessert.

candy floss peanut dessert

Some sugar floss peanut thingy. I used to love this when I was young, not knowing what it's called apart its nickname "dragron whiskers".


There you go. My last dinner in Guangzhou. Damage: RM7 (the egg was RM1)

instant noodle with ingredients

Pretty darn healthy if not for the processed and instant factors.

I even had Panda for a post-dessert dessert.

panda dessert

you know, to keep me going in the night when I pack.

panda cookie

What? You never heard of a post-dessert dessert?

This was my room which I stayed for a good 4 nights in Guangzhou.

orange room

It's the youth hostel just by the river banks where all the pubs are. It's not exactly in the centre of town but it's accessible - a RM0.50 five mins ferry ride, taxi or underground.

Eh hem... Guangzhou.. is really the place to shop. One of my favourite shopping paradise is Hai Zhu Guang Chang, which really reminded me of Chatuchak market in Bangkok. You will find anything wholesale there but I found it rather frustrating because unlike the Thais, Chinese aren't the friendliest people to haggle with.

So yes, after four days of shopping.

*cough* This was my room on the last day.

messy room 2

Hey, I was staying alone. I have the right to untidy.

messy room


Morning came and I called for a taxi from the reception (taxi were difficult to spot in this area).

on the taxi

And on the way I was driven to the bus station to Shenzhen to catch my flight.

hai zhu bridge from far

I passed by the Hai Zhu Brige which was really quite a view. It was the bridge I walked on previously when I visited the wedding street.

haizhu bridge

15 mins later I arrived at Hai Zhu Ke Yun Zhan (Hai Zhu bus station) and was ready to purchase my ticket to Shenzhen.

haizhu bus station
I know I was pretty last minute, but aren't I always?

This was when the drama started. They issued me a ticket on the bus which was departing in 1 minute! So when I pulled my luggage running towards the gate, the bus had left. They then said they'd put me on the next bus to Hong Kong and said I could get off in Shenzhen.

When I reached Shenzhen, they dropped me off at the custom border connecting to Hongkong. I tried to ask for direction but no one was willing to help because I was a Chinese. And they didn't give a damn that I was lugging my luggage around in the middle of no where under the hot scorching sun.

After panicking that I might miss the flight, I walked to the custom, spotted some custom officers and started speaking in English (out of desperation) in hope that they would know I wasn't a local and when they could not understand me, I immediately switched back to Mandarin and said first hand: "Sorry I'm lost, I'm not a local and I don't know my way around, can you please help me".

They asked for my passport to check if I really was a foreigner. The moment they found out I was from Malaysia, FIVE officers, two girls and three guys, came to my rescue. And worked together to help me get on a bus that came in from Hong Kong that's heading towards Shenzhen airport.

Such is double standard.

But the drama didn't end there. On the way to the airport, having relaxed finally, I took out my phone and saw a message sent from Airasia, informing that the flight to KK (my flight) has been canceled. And if anyone has any question, please contact 603-xxxxxxx.

So panicked I did I called the number to ask what was going to happen to moi! and moi flight! It kept going into this auto machine whereby it asked you to dial 1 for English, then wait.. then dial 2 for something else, then wait again, then after that it would tell you that all the operators were busy. WTF?!
(a month later, the phone bill came and that call costed me RM50!)

Arrived the airport I did and when asked where AirAsia counter or office was, NO ONE understood me. Bloody Chinese female airport ground crew didn't even know what Airasia was?! (they have EVERYTHING in Chinese)

With the amount of foreign visitors they have a year flying in and out of one of the busiest airports (Shenzhen) in China, they have no blinking idea the English term of AIRASIA (which btw, is called "ya4 hang2" in Mandarin).

*huff* *puff* *huff* *puff*

SO! After half an hour of running back and forth the two connecting terminals, being sent by this crew on this terminal to the other end and by another crew of the other terminal back to this end, I finally found myself in the YA HANG office.

airasia staff handling flight cancellation

Where already an angmo passenger was making a BIG fuss of the cancellation of flight.

Oh .. he wasn't complaining about the cancellation, but more so that they didn't have flights to KK nor KL to KK on that day (they have to KL though) and refused to pay for their extra night stay even though it was the airline's responsibility.

OMG look

Sigh.. Poor caucasians. such is innocence towards the makings of developing country's system (since when our service cared what YOU think, you think this is first world country huh? look at our corruption).

miss wedding joke

While I waited patiently for the rest of the passengers to finish their turn, I kept peering out the door to check on my luggage outside (no space inside). You know, in fear that someone might just "casually" pushed it away.

lonely luggage

So in the end. I opted for the flight back to KL that night instead. And with the 8 hours I have on my hand.... well...

starbucks mocha

There's always starbucks and wifi. :D


23 kissed Nicole

  1. I tell you, the Chinese are quite a bunch of fuckers sometimes.

    So uncultured, their driving skillzzz are worse than Malaysia's finest.

  2. How much did the hotel in Guangzhou cost? It looks pretty decent. Ya Hang eh...I shall remember that when I take AirAsia to Shenzhen or Macao (though they probably speak English in the latter).

    Heh, double standards indeed. Always happier to help foreigners. :)

  3. Hi Nicole!

    Just wondering which hotel/motel you stayed when you were in GZ / SZX?

    Links would be great!


  4. i thought they're a bunch of fuckers MOST of the time? =.=

    anyway, i do miss guangzhou too~

  5. I hate you for always making me hungry :0(

  6. Hey, I never knew that Panda was like that inside! (I'm all for post-dessert dessert, though ;P )

    That's the drawback of low cost airlines...if a flight is cancelled they won't do much for you. More expensive airlines have to keep up their they sort of have to make sure you're okay.

  7. As you venture round the world in uncertain times, there are risks, whatever you plan can turn over, every next move you must think, What if , else, then.
    In this economical melt down globally, many uncertainties ahead. Stay put and change .

  8. Sometimes its the unhealthy ones taste much much better than unhealthy ones.... especially those instant things...

  9. did u purchase a travel insurance? u can't get rid of the time wasted but at least u can claim back some money, for your phone bill!

    once i lost my money at Huang Shan town. When i got to the police, firstly i told them i'm a foreigner (so they will attend to me more seriously). funny this is, the young policeman scratched his head and told me, he never handled such a situation (for a foreigner) before.

    ended up i taught him, what to record (e.g. my passport number is a must). he even asked me to translated my address in malaysia into chinese. really an OMG!

    but good experience though.

  10. Could you tell me why they treated you like this? I mean, when you say that you are Malaysian only they treated you well. I could be under a shell here.

  11. Could you tell me why they treated you like this? I mean, when you say that you are Malaysian only they treated you well. I could be under a shell here.

  12. Hei, Nicole, can I ask you why did they treat you like that and only when you say you were a foreigner from Malaysia only they helped you but when you were Chinese they didn't. I'm not in the know. Please do tell !

  13. maybe u shld consider not taking budget airline/ airasia anymore.

  14. wow....what a journey huh.....if me in your position i'll be completely blank and panic all the way hehe

  15. i know how lame some countries can really be...anyways, always a fun time reading about all your fun times and fusses you go through and yes your roo m was so meesy!! like sial!! lol...jk! bye, take good care!

  16. That looks like a pretty classy room for a youth hostel. Though I must admit, the one I stayed in in Beijing was rather nice too. Awful coffee, though, so I can understand your relief at finding a Starbucks (even if it's very pricey).

    Glad you got back safe and sound eventually.

  17. I am sorry to hear what had befall on your journey home, but, I must admit, I can't help laughing looking at those picture you post!
    Great entry, you add an excitement on my boring office day.

  18. Hi Nicole, totally irrelevant I know, but where did you buy yr brown top from? I've been looking for a turtleneck like that for ages, but somehow, never found any that is like the one youre wearing. Sharing is caring! ;) Many thanks!

  19. ah.. poor thing, 8 hrs waiting is not too bad really. So low airfare budget airline comes with low customer service, that make sense. I agree that Thai traders are much friendlier to haggle with, some Chinese traders there are really rude, they'll pester you to buy the goods and if you don't, they'll curse at your back.

  20. Wahh.. You're so brave..I think I'll just squat there and cry for help :D

    Do they charge you for the flight to KL ?

  21. u travelled all to way to shenzhen from guangzhou to catch a flight?

    how far is that?

  22. how far is shenzhen for guangzhou?