New Banner October 2008!

Short note: this is a scheduled post. Nicole is down with fever.

The previous banner as everyone would know, was not exactly a clear one.


Though I love the banner, it was time to move on to a better banner! *point up* :D

What do you think? Is it ok? Not bad? Not too shabby? Pretty bad?

I have come out with a few designs before settling for the current one. My photoshop skill isn't as good so there is a limit to what I can do *shrug*. But I am still learning. :)

Initially it was without background, but decided it didn't match my blog theme, hence I chose a random background to match it with.

Nicole 201 banner 2

The current using banner was my second product. It's a self-drawn background, random brushing with several colors.

Nicole 201 banner 3

Then I figure why not de-saturate myself, in contrast with the background.

Nicole 201 banner 4

Or maybe with a more prominent background. Build up more contrast.

Nicole 201 banner 5

After that I got lazy. So yep, that's about it.

I thought it was pretty good though I have to admit it's not the best. SOOO... here something for you guys to do!

Take this original cut out photo, and see if you can produce a better banner than me.

Nicole 201 banner
Click for 840 pix size.

Who knows. If it's really good and I really like it, I might use it as my new banner and plug your site (if you want).

You can send the product to


13 kissed Nicole

  1. Why not black and white more sensual and sophiscated.

  2. why not black and white gray surrounding. More sensual and sophiscated.

  3. Might give it a try when I can find the time. It's a nice photo.

  4. All are great. Just change it every week with a different one. We would luv to feel u differently.

  5. wooo nice i like ...
    fwah just see the banner can nose bleed

  6. so, u suck at photoshop?

    haha, not meant to offend, is juz the series name.

  7. The new banner looks sassy :)

  8. Down with fever? Hope you will recover soon!

  9. Did they photoshop your chest? It looks very unnatural and flat

  10. Rather prefer your previous banner cos the lastest one looks a piece of dead log.

  11. I definitely prefer the old header. It has a more down to earth feel, natural and simple.

    Simple being the key word here, I think simplicity is the best way to go about.

    As for the header that u are using right now. The skin, especially at the shoulders look very fake, something looks wrong with the tone and texture of it. But i do like the paint brush background tat u have done, among the other backgrounds, it is the best option.

    The original picture is already good. The background is simple and brilliant enough. Because with that plain background, u create a focal point towards your face and body.

    with distracting backgrounds, u create too many focal point that really destroys the design. Simplicity is authentic!

  12. wonder if you got the banner design that i sent to your gmail.


  13. your previous strawberry banner was superb. the current one can't match it no matter how much photoshopping you do.