Nicolekiss Guide to Basic Breakdancing

Not by me.

Let me introduce a lovely girl I happen to know.

Guys, and ladies ;), this is Caryn.

caryn doing the kiss pose
doing the Kiss pose

20 year old breakdance extraordinaire.

Yes, she is a girl.

cute caryn

And a pretty one too. Very fit at that.

Don't be sexist, who says girls can't breakdance. Some of the amazing young breakdancers I know are girls.

Anyway, one day I managed to convince Gerald to learn breakdancing from Caryn.

So being the sporty him (wow!), he obliged.

Guide to breakdancing Step 1: the L hands

let me show you

Put both your higher elbows left ON your left squatted leg (let your leg supports your body weight). Note: your hands should be in L shape, constantly.

teaching gerald how to move

Step 2: Lean forward

When your higher elbows are probably placed on your legs, casually lean your WHOLE body forward (very important!), at the same time stretch your right leg lifting your left leg and body off the ground consecutively, with your hands as a support instead.

moving up

Step 3: Let go

Let go of your legs (not hands!) from the ground. Be brave, this is probably more challenging part for most people because we're so used to using our legs to support our weight instead of hands.

begining step

When you're able to sustain a balance. Stretch your right leg out straight.

This is a very important factor: Do NOT remove your L-shaped elbow position and do not detach your higher elbows from your left leg, for now the left leg is using your hands instead for support and balance.

almost there

While you are doing Step 3, don't forget Step 2 for they should happen simultaneously. So while your legs are stretching out and off the ground, your body should lean all the way with your head rested nicely on the ground.

Final Step: Lift it

Now that you can maintain balance with your head nicely supporting your balance and hands your weight,

there u go

you can lift all the way up to the sky. Pushing more weight on your hands and head.

And now, you have achieved a basic freeze.

full stand mode

If you have come as far, Congratulation!

Now if you're keen, you can move onto the more difficult freezes.

caryn extreme step

Continue to bend your straighten right leg over your head and to the right, while lifting your left leg upward. Lean your entire left shoulder down on the ground to fully support further weight.

Or even try a turtle freeze.

caryn final step

it's the same concept, L-shape hands, both on floor, support against your chest and lift yourself up. Girls with big boobs might find this a bit.. hard to achieve. *eh hem*

There you go, your guide to basic breakdancing. Experiment and have fun!

ps// Gerald failed in breakdancing, he got lost when switching his legs and hands


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