Nicolekiss Boutique is Officially Launched!!!

*see the banner has been added to the sidebar* *points right*

Yes. Moi boutique!! It's here, yes click here. Now. Here. Right here! here. Yes right here.

Support it people!! For this is the NEW BOUTIQUE in town. What's more?!

It's Free Delivery for ALL items to Malaysia & Singapore!!!
(Additional charges for international shipping.)

Yes! FREE. What you see is what you pay! NO HIDDEN cHaRGEs!

Here are the range of products you'll be seeing in Nicolekiss Boutique.
1. Baby Pout
2. The Love House
3. Kiss Me Down Under
4. Sweet Kisses (this is the main product of NB btw)
5. Like a Virgin
6. Oh-So-Cute
7. That First Date
8. Just a Peck
9. Elegance

I'll copy and paste what each product is here. You can find them on the site as well.

Baby Pout
Baby Pout consists of all baby accessories and fashion. Make your toddles adorable today.

The Love House
Create your dream home with your love ones with Nicolekiss' Love House collection. Items of The Love House are decorated or scented candles, candle sconces, modern crockery, exquisite cutlery, couple pillows, love mugs and etc. Have that intimate love life you've always wanted

Kiss Me Down Under
Revamp your bedroom life with this sexy night wear collection: lingerie, kinky uniforms, babydoll silkwear, etc. Kiss Me Down Under, as the name suggested, will spice your love life off the roof!

Sweet Kisses
Pamper yourself with Sweet Kisses. From delicate earrings to quirky necklaces, frost yourself with this classy collection of jewelries. You'll find your life more interesting with sweet kisses. ;)

Like a Virgin
Are you feeling pure and innocent today? Like a Virgin series consist of everything WHITE! Experience that very first kiss, touch, embrace all over again with a piece of heaven on earth.

Entry the fairyworld of Oh-So-Cute and be enchanted by the cutest things on earth. In this range you will find lolita costumes, cosplays, perk-me-up gifts, props, etc. You'll never get bored to be young again!

That First Date
With this collection, your will set the perfect impression on your first date. That First Date targets female consumers around 15 to 30 of age. TFD includes tops, dresses, skirts, etc, for all gorgeous ladies.

Just a Peck
Following the range of That First Date, you'll need Just a Peck to make this date perfect. Dress up with bags, eyelashes, kinky stockings, cosmestic products and you're all set to go!

This is added last to categorize all the delicate, more refined, classy pieces together. What you find here is everything appropriate for Gala Dinner. ;)

yes... I know what you are thinking.

You are not the first person who can't wait for Kiss Me Down Under series to come!

I know you want to be kissed down under, but can you go through Like a Virgin, That First Date, Just a Peck and Sweet Kisses first?!

Be patient la~ ai yo..

But in the mean time, let me show you some of the cool cool products on sale on Nicolekiss Boutique now!

Some of the HOT items (and very personal favourites ;) ) are.

White Cloud Kiss

SKN0005_close up 2

Heavenly Kiss

Black Golden Kiss
SKN0003_ side

White Beauty


FD0005_close up
I know what you are thinking. Don't even say it! This is 'Like A Virgin" series ok!

Or even the Black Beauty

Or Pink Gorgeous

Now, it's not all just wearable items. Nicolekiss Boutique also have something for your home. It's all under The Love House series.

At the moment, Nicolekiss Boutique has some lovely lovely candles for sale.

When I say lovely,
I mean CUTE LOVELY CUTE, like these...

Couple Teddy Candles

Cute hor~~!!!! They're quite big. 4 inches tall.

Or these very unique love shape candles in a cup.
LHC0003_ side view

LHC0003_ top view
Won't they just make the cutest addition to your home?! Got other colors too!

To make ordering things SO MUCH easier! There's this Order Form where you just fill in your details and items you wish to buy, pay via Maybank (for Malaysians) or Paypal (Singaporeans, Australians and the rest of the world) and done!

Just await your items to arrive at your doorstep. NO DELIVERY CHARGES (for Malaysians and Singaporeans)! Do check your junk mail as confirmation email and payment details might end up there.

Delivery might take 7 days to 21 days depending on where you are.

I know the site is a bit empty now la. Have patience! I have SO SO SO MANY MORE AMAZING SUPER KISSY products coming along! In the mean time. SUPPORT NICOLEKISS BOUTIQUE!!! yay~~~ *twirling in joy*

*muaks* *muaks* *muaks* *muaks*
*muaks* *muaks* *muaks* *muaks*
*muaks* *muaks* *muaks* *muaks*

and *muaks*


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  1. congrats on the launching!
    acctually i have been there before but it was empty, so now i get it.. :D

  2. Congrats Nicole! u made those necklace urself ah?? look realli nice :)

  3. congrats on the new launch.

  4. dresses are expensive.

  5. congratulations on the lauching!

    looking fwd for more designs :)

    p/s: loved the header, btw

  6. Hey. Was wondering if you could the stuff that you are selling. Since customers cannot try them on before buying, seeing it on someone else's frame would definitely help :)

  7. i am wondering if ur dresses hv sizes and measurements? one size fits all issit? hehehe

  8. Congrats Nicole :)