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*update* Short note: There's no update today in this blog. Because this advertorial should still be up. But hop over to my food blog there's an update there today! On the second best place to have dim sum!

You know, after my COME CLEAN story I’m sure you guys will start feeling very differently about me. LOL. But it’s ok. You’ve watched all the Dramedy Promo on 8TV.

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Catch Whisper Dramedy on every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, starting tonight!
I personally would like to watch the series. Can someone please record the episodes and send to me in Bangkok?!

If you have not, then it’s time to switch on the TV.

Anyway~~ here’s YOUR chance to Come Clean and share YOUR secrets with your best friend. Oh.. and get rewarded for it.


I’m not going to force you. I know I can’t. But I have ways~~~

There’s this contest that Whisper is throwing that will send two people to Bali for an exclusive spa holiday, for a little price. That is.. to… you guessed it, reveal your secret with your best pal. It could be funny, inspirational, dirty clean and interesting.


Yay! Don’t you just love contest! Anyway, the winner and his/her partner/friend/one family member will be sent to Bali for the ultimate getaway. And this is what you need to do:

Register yourself at to

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Share your story which you have never revealed (reveal is the keyword) to anyone before but your friend.

“psst! I tell you, his pee pee is.. tee hee… so.. hehehehe”

If your story is one of the best stories chosen, you will be invited to air your secret LIVE (yep you heard me, either you spill it or you don’t go to Bali!) on the radio and your stories will be uploaded on from 3rd - 16th November 2008 for public to vote. The story with the most votes wins.

Oh.. the first 50 entries will receive Whisper hamper worth RM100. So chances are pretty high.

No more “Ai ya~ won’t win one la, so many entries, one Holiday only! You think so easy meh?!” Ei, 50 first entries is a lot of chances le, especially when it involves writing such a “troublesome” contest. (Ya la, for you readers, even sending an email with four words “I want to win” is troublesome -.-)

For more info about the contest, you can go to to check out more.
1.Register yourself from 13-31st October
2.Cast your vote between 3rd – 16th November, Fly FM will also randomly reward 200 listeners who vote online with shopping vouchers worth RM50 each.
3. Winners will be announced on 17th November


Remember, it’s a secret~~~~~ not.

Here’s a flyer for you to digest.


Disclaimer: This contest is brought to you by

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With Whisper’s Duo-Protect.

Feel as clean as you would after a lovely bath.

Whisper Ultra gives you cleaner and drier protection even when you suddenly stand up and experience a gush. That is because Whisper has a revolutionary duo-protect system that absorbs in the middle and protects you at the sides.


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  1. hi..

    nice blog.

  2. Now if it's Whisper hampers they are giving away, I really wonder what use they will be for a guy....

  3. First, I didn't think either one of you were ugly as a child, secondly, yes your both very hot. Youve gone to the far end of hot to unaproachable hot. The good part is, from reading your blog people can tell that not only are you hot but you have a great, easy going and aproachable personality. On top of all that your sweet the hugable sweet type. Youve just got it all. We all love you.

  4. can always use it to clean the table or stop leaks. roof leaks

  5. hey, this competition sounds very interesting. btw, Nicole, can you help me? I would like people to know more about my blog and read it like all you fans...hehe....

    P.S- We met before during this years Chinese New YEar at Mallaca. I am Aldrin Tan's cousin also a fan of yours(well, after i met!)

    If you could help me promo a little bit, I will be very thankfull!!!!!!! *kiss*!! haha!

  6. Just wonder how much you're paid for promoting this contest in your blog. Nothing comes free, right?