The Proper Dive

Few months ago, shortly after my China trip, I organised a blogger media fam trip to southern Thailand.

Which is of course the first ever in Malaysia to have a bunch of bloggers going on a fully sponsored bloggers only media familiarization trip (short for Fam Trip) to anywhere out of Malaysia.

The bloggers were of course put in the best 5 star hotels and served the best Thai cuisine you can find in Southern Thailand. It was blissful.

If you were to flip open the page on November issue FHM upgrade travel section (slightly around the back), you will find a picture (courtesy of the amazing Andy) of this guy taking a dive from the cliff in Krabi.


Which I call... The perfect dive.





So, a bunch of us decided to attempt the perfect dive, from the boat (because we are not dare-devils and we do treasure our lives, or you could just call us pussies, I'm fine with that, not sure about the other two guys).

Andy being funky

I realized that each of us turned out to have a personalized dive of our own.

First there was me.

The girly dive.


At first glance, you will instantly realise why I name this dive - Girly Dive. Apart from the fact that I'm a girl of course (or woman, or lady).

The diver tenses his/her legs, arms wide spread, and jumps from a standing position to reduce impact when hitting the water.



Andy, however, performed what I call the Rescue Dive.

A dive with two hands clap together directing at the sea with a ready-set-go position.


And then like a snake launching at its prey, he will stretch his body horizontally and leap swiftly in an arch angle into the water.



Minus the angled V shape legs.


The Rescue Dive usually follows after the subject who's just performed the Girly Dive, who usually will be screaming hysterically from drowning.

Finally, we have the WTF dive. (kids, do not try this at the beach)

The WTF dive requires the most stamina and courage to perform. It is one of the most difficult and highly skilled dives to carry out. And the diver of this dive is none other than our eating guru - KY.


You will require a pair of strong sturdy frog-legs to perform the WTF dive, to start with, you need a leap higher than normal dive, if you are diving from a boat and not a cliff. Unlike the perfect dive, the WTF dive is a thin line from perfection and can usually end up in a most awkward position.

"I can see my butt from here"

"grrr.. i'm astronaut!"

and landing in the most painful position.


"argh! where my limbs went?!"

As fun as it looks. PLEASE, do not attempt the WTF Dive under any normal circumstances.
(it's called WTF dive for a reason)

Next up, Nicolekiss moves into Southern Thailand. Beaches here we come!



6 kissed Nicole

  1. owww.....the WTF dive is sure to hurt like hell. hahah

  2. Girl U r Mermaid NOT. Anyway u did try yr very best to splash water.

  3. KY is a brave lad! Not because of the WTF dive which landed him flat on his back (foolish bugger) but for wearing that pants while diving. Didn't it slip off during his dives?

  4. bloody bananas. KY's dive has got to be seriously painful.. dangg!

  5. Deym! I miss those times! Make me wish I m on the island again. Shoot! My legs should have been straight during entry. Darn. Need practise.

    KY! Lets do it again!