I appeared in Vogue!!!

Short note: scheduled post again


nicole on vogue!

Can you believe it! My photo that I took for FHM went onto Vogue coverpage!! I'm a cover girl!? *squeal in disbelief and faint*

I didn't know how it happened. It started off with me submitting my photo to the magazine and never really expect anything.


Next thing you know, they got my photo on Vogue!

Not only that! They started producing posters and pasting them in New York city!


They even have shirts with my face on it printed out!


My god, I can't believe they even started painting graffiti of me on the wall!


and the ground!


Remember some of the lip sync videos I was producing ages ago, they compiled it and made it into a CD! And even got Paris Hilton to market it!!!


I saw this kick-ass big ad poster of my CD on a building construction the other day, I nearly fainted.


It was all too overwhelming when I saw myself on a billboard!!!


Now even Victoria Beckham is worshipping me!


Her husband idolised me so much, he even tattooed my face onto his oh-so-hot body!



Maybe that's a little getting out of hand. Haha.

No la, none of the above photos are true la. I didn't appear on Vogue. It was all photoshop!!

OMG my photoshop skill is so awesome.

Actually that's a lie too.

My photoshop damn sucky ok.

They were all from this site actually.

It's a very cool site. You just upload your photos and you will appear of David's hot hot hot muscular toned body. *drool*

Some of the other photos I manage to compile from the site are these...

it feels good to be worshipped in some ways~

Now gallery is just weird.

In your eye~


This is rather realistic.

But I DO NOT sit like that okay!! (Legs kang kang one)


31 kissed Nicole

  1. cool site, I made a few photos... LOL

  2. Nicole, i love photofunia.com.......Thanks for tellin us... Enjoy ur stay at Thailand...

  3. Wow! wow! wow! U r very good at photoshop. U did pulled wool over my sexy eyes. Anyway U look good girl.

  4. hahahaa...at first i thought its true u know that you're on vogue!anyway looks fun, im gonna try it.

  5. Woot 1st. Haha .. at first i thought that you really appear in the Vogue's cover but after i saw the other pics. =.=" Know got something d haha. Anyway, u looked pretty in all of them. They are kinda realistic.

    Nice nice. Now i m gonna check it out too. Thanks. :)

  6. Hi nicole,
    i am ur loyal reader, but never really leave comment here, but this time i cant help it...
    you did fool me. lol :)
    but its not really a surprise if u appear in Vogue u got the look ...
    but at beckham body? errr... no..

    have fun there..gosh u have all the energy...

    take care and happy traveling bring more stories ok


  7. Lol nicole, nice =) everyone is doing it, I am gonna to have mine

  8. OH MY CHEEEEEZE! That's awesome photoshop technique! it looks so real!! except for the paris hilton one. :p

  9. LOL! I kena tipu for a while.. at the begining.... CIS. =S

  10. u chee sin jor is it? after sometime spend in bkk... :D how's life? ...take care yea

  11. haha, good one, you nearly had me there =D

    havent dropped by for a long time... just only saw your new blog header pic... i liked the old one better though, the one where you were kissing a strawberry? looks cuter & sexier, in my opinion =)

    gonne go try out the site now, and make myself famous too, hahahaha

  12. u got me, Nicole. I did really believe that u were on Vogue :)) But not the 2nd and the following... wakakaka.... good try, better luck next time :))

    I still love your kiss berry banner - will u get it back soon? and I really DO NOT LIKE the current one

  13. Little kang kang ok lah. Look sexy...:-).

  14. that's so cool....im gonna do one for my blog....lol

  15. Nicole!

    You are hot!!!!!!!!!

    u r featured on malaysiatonight.blogspot.com again.

  16. yup...tested them out and my friends all laugh at my pretty weird photofunia skills...enjoyed them but its took out lots of my time testing and matching every frames...

  17. nice photo editing skill..

  18. For once, I thought you are really on the cover page of Vogue!

  19. Thanks for sharing Nicole... I really have fun editing my pictures.

  20. nice one! first i thought it was real, until i see the rest of the pics below. hmm..something must be not right. some pics look quite convincing though. hehe. have a nice day!

  21. I think you are too full of yourself :)

  22. Boss, you very free is it? LOL.

  23. Salute to the advancement of technology.....at first by seeing the title, I sort of believing....ya!Anyway, the work seems to be quite real. Haha...have fun!

  24. self indulgence?

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    Some ass just copied the way you blog. See here --> http://www.purplemay.blogspot.com/ .Kick their ass...sue them!
    Keep up the good blogging! Love your style :)


  26. thanks for the site! and by the way, u look pretty there :)

  27. That was totally cool! Thanks for sharing the site!! Hahaha.. good fun!

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